Season 30, Matchday 24/23
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Midseason break 24.-29.6.

As most of you have probably already noticed, the FeedMe League is currently on midseason break. The next official matchday is on Sunday 30.6. which is also the first Day of the 2nd leg of the season.

This also means that players are free to change a team without being blocked anymore from the matches.*

Feel free to ask admins/supporters if you have any doubts about transfers or anything else.

* However, please make sure that the new players of your team are only eligible to play wildcarded matches from 1st leg if they haven't played for any other team during the 1st leg (see Rule 6.2. in 4v4 / Rule 4.2. in 3v3).

Also note that Free Agency will be closed on Thursday 1st  August at 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET). You can't join free agency anymore after this deadline and teams can only sign players who already have signed up for FA before the deadline.


Good luck for everyone for the rest of the season!

Posted in League News on Tuesday 25th Jun 2019, 20:38 by ATuntija 0 Comments