Season 39, Matchday 22/22
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Feed Me Interviews: Rachel


socrates: Hi Rach, are you ready for your detailed interview into your personal life and sexual history?
Rachel: omg i didn't sign up for that, ive been tricked :(
socrates: Ha ha, I’m only kidding - I’ll try to keep this strictly hax related :P
socrates:So firstly I’d like to talk about Starlights. As we approach the half way point of the season Starlights have done well but haven’t quite dominated Division2 as a lot of people anticipated. How do you feel about your teams results so far this season?
Rachel: Well, I've tried not to let myself get too disappointed tbh. I know that it can take time for quality players to get used to each other when they've never played together, and I guess it's really my fault that it is taking so long, we haven't practiced quite as much as we should, but luckily we're not doing too bad at the minute. Considering we haven't quite got up and running yet, 3rd at this stage of the season is pretty good.
socrates: Are you still predicting Starlights to win Div2?
Rachel: I'd be pleasantly surprised if we did :P
socrates: Who do you see as your main rivals to win the league?
Rachel: Err, there's so many :s I guess I'll go with the team I expect to win Division 2: Team 0815. But, everyone's a rival at the minute with it being so close.
socrates: Yeah, Division 2 is wide open at the moment - are you surprised at how well some teams are doing?
Rachel: Definitely, Seedstitch are having a great season - AM-99's doing a fantastic job there so well done to him! I'm also surprised at how bad Ajhax are doing, I thought they'd do pretty well so I feel a bit bad for them with how much effort goes into their training
socrates: Now back to Starlights you have an extremely difficult game against Soccerettes on Sunday :P
socrates: Are you confident going into this match?
Rachel: lololol >difficult
Rachel:easy 9-0 win
Rachel: kidding, it's gonna be our toughest match yet I think
Rachel: you guys have some great players and even if we manage to play well, it'll still be very close
socrates: Should be easy for us cos aeRo's back and he's gonna score 6 :D
Rachel: aero couldnt hit a barn door with a machine gun :>
socrates: lol
socrates: But seriously I’m sure it’ll be a great game – may the best team win :)
Rachel: yea good luck :)
socrates: Now as for yourself you seem to have finally settled down at one team. Nearly half the season gone and you’re still at Starlights!!! Do you see yourself staying there in the long term?
Rachel: haha i know right, it's amazing! i know i'll definitely stay here for this season but as for season 6.. if we fail to promote then i can't see it tbh
socrates: I’d like to briefly discuss the U21s team. It was a disappointing tournament for the U21s, losing 2 games then conceding a def-loss. Did you feel as though the team wasn’t ready?
Rachel: The team definitely wasn't ready, there just wasn't any motivation from anyone - no willingness to practice
socrates: I saw glimpses of some really good play from the U21s though. Do you feel any players deserve a place in the ‘Senior’ Squad?
Rachel: Usopp and Cheese definitely, i can't see anyone else up there in the next 6 months
Rachel: Depends on activity of the players in the 'senior' squad though
socrates: As these international competitions are played on Big Easy. How would you feel about FM switching to this format in the future?
Rachel: I'd love if we did, I much prefer big easy. Although there'd be problems with playing friendlies against YeS teams - playing with 3 def wouldn't exactly give us the best practice.
socrates: I agree - prefer Big Easy as well now. Will be interesting to see if we can convince the community to change format :D
Rachel:haha yeah, im sure we'll find a way :>
socrates: Now finally we have a question from Edgar Davids xD
Edgar Davids: Do you know how to use possessive nouns yet?
Rachel: mani pls
Rachel: aint nobody got time for that
socrates: :D
socrates: Would you like to do any shoutouts?
Rachel: just a few, big ups to juventino (ITALIAN/GERMAN ONE), bLaaaa, tien, schnuppel, CR7, santiago, haxer, benik <3
Rachel: BANKCHEL of course, although he never talks to me
Rachel: all the admins, just cause i have to otherwise i might get sacked :D
 socrates: haha
 socrates: That'll wrap it up I think - thanks for your time :)



Posted in General on Friday 14th Dec 2012, 19:42 by socrates 25 Comments
l0l peak
Posted on 6th July 2013, 14:40
u wud @banks
Posted on 18th December 2012, 00:36
Lloyd Banks
i find this easy to masturbate to
Posted on 17th December 2012, 17:52
big ez spits all over normal big blud
Posted on 15th December 2012, 19:23
Nah rach some peepols didn't post who they thought cos we pretty much decided already.

Arctic is #1 UK GK's you batties
Posted on 15th December 2012, 14:10
rising star
fm to big ez? u mad
Posted on 15th December 2012, 12:01
<3 thx
Posted on 15th December 2012, 10:26
big ez would fuck us up for champions leeg anyway.

>i was considered

Posted on 15th December 2012, 10:15
Wouldn't say so @ren
Posted on 15th December 2012, 01:53
wot about me im cummin up too
Posted on 15th December 2012, 01:00
'Rachel: Usopp and Cheese definitely, i can't see anyone else up there in the next 6 months'

Not Arctic then?
Posted on 15th December 2012, 00:22
he wasn't considered l0l
Posted on 15th December 2012, 00:06
if mlf actually got admin every1 on fm would leave for mosquehax

how was he even considered ffs hes the enemy
Posted on 14th December 2012, 23:31
Mlf you cannot be serious?? This is a online game, the whole thing is meaningless :barri:

Fank fuk sossij got admin not you
Posted on 14th December 2012, 22:47
but i dont like anyone other than my own team smh
Posted on 14th December 2012, 22:13
l0l not a bad interview :) could have done more shoutouts than just your own team tho :x
Posted on 14th December 2012, 21:36
Enough of that, more of this:
Posted on 14th December 2012, 20:39
Posted on 14th December 2012, 20:35
The main reason mlf is that it's more fun :)
Posted on 14th December 2012, 20:34

big ez is better than big
Posted on 14th December 2012, 20:28
Change FM to big ez just because of a meaningless international tournament?

not sure if srs
Posted on 14th December 2012, 20:20
wow rach i didnt say my name, I dont know you anymore.
Posted on 14th December 2012, 20:17
fk fort we wer m8s @rach
Posted on 14th December 2012, 19:56
lol so mani grammar and spelling mistakes

Posted on 14th December 2012, 19:54