Season 27, Matchday 21/26
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
5AM ANY ANY 19th Mar 2020 I'm captain on thehax, there you can see my c …
Alyéss ANY ANY 24th Mar 2020
DJ Krmak ANY ANY 8th Mar 2020
DrG ANY ANY 24th Mar 2020
Gamer ANY ANY 13th Mar 2020
LEXAL ANY ANY 23rd Mar 2020
siwabessy ANY ANY 3rd Apr 2020
veil ANY ST 29th Mar 2020 I'm not gay wallahi
Vivirí ANY DM 6th Apr 2020 active
Asus5 GK ST 5th Mar 2020 for fun. :) I have experience
Aztecas GK ST 2nd Apr 2020 great gk skills and reflexes,4x is ez for me as gk
Edinson GK ST 6th Apr 2020
Enigma GK AM 27th Mar 2020
Flaviu GK ST 21st Mar 2020
FTorres GK GK 9th Mar 2020
Lindee GK ST 30th Mar 2020
I am looking for a pv club
Maldo GK ANY 8th Apr 2020 one and only
Massive GK ANY 19th Mar 2020 ?m looking a new team ? have experience
Pogba6 GK GK 26th Mar 2020 …
Rp M GK ST 25th Feb 2020
S p i r i t GK GK 28th Mar 2020
Soul GK ST 31st Mar 2020 active and good team pls
TaliscAa GK ST 7th Apr 2020 active
tim GK GK 9th Mar 2020
Xey GK ANY 3rd Apr 2020 Mr. is back
Zorci GK ST 5th Apr 2020 Looking for a team, I can play everywhere but pref …
9mm DM ANY 25th Mar 2020 I want to have chance to be in a real team, so ple …
n0r DM GK 7th Apr 2020
Rapid DM AM 7th Apr 2020 best in region :)
solaro DM ST 6th Mar 2020 yessiiir
starball DM AM 25th Feb 2020 i want be good in haxball + active
WOOO DM ST 6th Mar 2020
zède DM GK 2nd Apr 2020
7EGACY AM ST 28th Feb 2020
B4D4SS AM GK 2nd Apr 2020 GK or AM you choose. In GK I keep 100% clean sheet …
Badcers AM ST 31st Mar 2020 since 2012 :))))
CHANCLA AM DM 7th Mar 2020 I never really participated in a 3v3 competition b …
chuckdog AM ST 31st Mar 2020 feed the chuck
House AM GK 19th Mar 2020 ..
Lord9 AM ST 21st Jan 2020
Nextmarinho AM ST 31st Mar 2020
omi AM ST 31st Mar 2020 been on and off of this game. Somewhat good at pas …
Piccolo AM ANY 28th Mar 2020
Potant AM GK 23rd Jan 2020
Red AM ST 11th Mar 2020
sprite AM AM 5th Apr 2020
Teddie AM AM 7th Apr 2020
Temani AM ST 6th Apr 2020
aven ST ST 6th Apr 2020 here
blejd ST DM 30th Mar 2020 i can play ST , i am playing on thehax
Creep ST AM 1st Feb 2020
Fire ST AM 25th Mar 2020
Grose ST AM 5th Apr 2020
ImpeCabLe ST AM 4th Apr 2020 Back to work. Looking for experience in 4x4 or 3x3
Isaac ST ST 27th Mar 2020
keetlock ST AM 3rd Apr 2020
kyOOO ST AM 5th Apr 2020 Just looking for team
Luffy ST ST 4th Apr 2020 .
Multi ST AM 6th Apr 2020
rauk7 ST ST 25th Mar 2020
S4RA ST DM 29th Mar 2020
shin9808 ST AM 5th Apr 2020
VEK1NG ST DM 25th Jan 2020
vivre ST ST 21st Mar 2020 cmon
Zeus9 ST AM 28th Mar 2020 Yo been playing for like 6 years with some breaks, …