Season 29, Matchday 20/22
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
franov a ANY ST 24th Nov 2020 no gk
SAINTJHN ANY ANY 26th Nov 2020
sosa ANY AM 8th Nov 2020 also gk
Splat ANY ANY 27th Oct 2020 the big time
Vivirì ANY DM 22nd Nov 2020 active
αgυεяσ GK GK 12th Nov 2020 test me
Allen GK GK 10th Nov 2020 carrier of guns n' moses
aven GK ANY 5th Nov 2020 best gk ever u seen
Edgajo GK GK 17th Oct 2020 SA
Fàbregas GK GK 18th Oct 2020
INVISIBLE GK DM 9th Nov 2020
Kao GK GK 15th Oct 2020
Vancu GK ST 6th Nov 2020 please test me and take me<3
vegeta GK GK 20th Nov 2020
miso DM ST 13th Oct 2020
ozzy DM GK 9th Nov 2020
7EGACY AM ST 10th Nov 2020
AlucarD AM ST 20th Nov 2020 AM, ST
Carillo AM ST 6th Nov 2020 ;)
erj AM ST 20th Nov 2020
Jeffrey AM DM 23rd Oct 2020 looking for a team which has -35 yeras old male ca …
Maestro AM ST 29th Oct 2020
mesa AM ST 7th Nov 2020 NA, been playing around half a year; want to learn …
sKuRrr AM ST 2nd Nov 2020
Calvary ST AM 8th Nov 2020 Mainly ST but can Play AM / backup it when needed.
davide ST GK 27th Nov 2020 I am discreet if you want you can test me
Ferg ST ST 26th Nov 2020 your local striker
juni ST ANY 14th Sep 2020 nothing
kid advancedini ST DM 20th Nov 2020 can play AM as well, but 3rd preferred position
klaud ST AM 29th Oct 2020 :D
kyOOO ST AM 2nd Nov 2020 Just looking for team
Lee ST GK 23rd Nov 2020
Luffy ST ST 12th Nov 2020 .
Manuel Jr ST ST 28th Oct 2020
MarcoReus ST AM 25th Nov 2020 best striker spain ever
milik1 ST ANY 7th Oct 2020 ss
Niser1 ST ST 24th Nov 2020
Répy1 ST ST 20th Oct 2020 best
skyr ST ANY 3rd Nov 2020 active, main position ST.