Season 25, Matchday 19/26
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
Cede ANY ANY 14th Jul 2019
Gamer ANY DM 29th Jun 2019 mainly dm, sometimes st
Impaciente ANY ANY 28th May 2019 esketitttt
miske ANY ANY 2nd Jul 2019
SamirNasri ANY ANY 7th May 2019 ;)
Tali ANY ANY 11th Jul 2019
Yawn ANY ANY 11th Jul 2019
AlphaHax GK GK 28th Jun 2019 HE HE
Denizcarry GK ST 26th Jun 2019 3xhaxlife winner 2xhaxlifeplus 1xhaxlifefirst leag …
El Drago GK ANY 14th Jul 2019
JC7s hayki GK ST 12th Jun 2019 :)
Kissberry GK GK 30th Jun 2019
Kuroko GK GK 11th Jul 2019 Active
Maradona10 GK DM 24th Jun 2019
Melooo GK ANY 12th Jul 2019
POP GK GK 13th Jul 2019
reis GK GK 10th Jun 2019
Soul GK ST 8th Jun 2019 active and good team pls
Teddie GK GK 5th Jun 2019 Experienced Kebab |
Vivirí GK DM 26th May 2019
Edward DM ST 20th Jun 2019
ExT1 DM DM 13th Jun 2019
muteme DM DM 1st Jul 2019
ronaldoo DM GK 27th May 2019 I can play ST too.
Six1 DM ANY 2nd Jul 2019 gg
Daíc AM ST 13th May 2019 Played in v4 leagues between 2011-2014. I've …
kevin AM ST 14th Jul 2019
mango AM ST 16th Jun 2019 NA player
Mod AM ANY 30th Jun 2019
Oez AM ST 20th Jun 2019
Quaresmaa AM ST 15th May 2019 I can play AM/ 7 years of playtime

stublash AM ST 10th Jul 2019
youmzain AM ST 11th Jul 2019
ACoelho17 ST AM 24th Jun 2019 I play over more two years, and I play in a portug …
apex1 ST ANY 13th Jul 2019 tan tan tan tan tan tan tan
Blackc ST AM 3rd Jul 2019 i search a team
bodily ST AM 21st Jun 2019 Experience around 6ish months. I'm ready to t …
CHAMPION ST ANY 10th Jul 2019 active and cool
Cleeverley ST AM 13th Jul 2019
Eppoch ST GK 1st Jul 2019
LARKIN ST ST 8th Jul 2019
Lee ST GK 30th Jun 2019 :) :) :)
Leroy Sane ST AM 23rd Jun 2019 Im Good player and i am seeking team, i am from UK
Lewandowski_pt14 ST AM 27th Jun 2019
MOKEBE ST AM 12th Jul 2019 TEST ME :V
Nexon ST AM 13th Jul 2019 best
Nicodie ST ST 13th Jul 2019
SalvinHo ST AM 11th Jul 2019
vinicius jr ST GK 23rd Jun 2019
vivre ST ST 4th Jul 2019
Witsel ST ANY 19th May 2019 i iz da one
Zante ST ANY 26th Jun 2019