Season 24, Matchday 13/26
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
ANDRÈA ANY ANY 2nd Feb 2019
rew ANY ANY 10th Feb 2019 Backup player
ronaldoo ANY ANY 17th Feb 2019 I'm a god.
sosa ANY GK 17th Feb 2019 i search team can play all positions but prefer am …
Vivirí ANY ANY 13th Feb 2019
-FabiooooSCP GK DM 17th Jan 2019 Portuguese
Alcazar GK GK 22nd Feb 2019 quite good activity now
AlphaHax GK GK 12th Jan 2019 MACRO
aryan GK GK 23rd Feb 2019
blood GK ST 27th Jan 2019
Calvary GK ST 2nd Feb 2019 good player goalkeeper and ST 4v4 3v3
easy0 GK ST 28th Jan 2019 king of goalkeepers xd
Edgajo GK GK 17th Feb 2019 SA
Eren GK ANY 31st Jan 2019
Fréas GK GK 22nd Feb 2019 im comeback,letsgo win (:
Isaac GK ST 21st Feb 2019
JC7 GK ST 9th Feb 2019 gk
Jcxrt GK GK 23rd Jan 2019 Pro Gk
Juan El Caballo Loco GK AM 25th Jan 2019 Team Search :)
kaim GK GK 10th Feb 2019
Kendrick GK ST 10th Feb 2019
kernoa GK ANY 22nd Jan 2019 I've been playing for nearly 5 years now. I&# …
Kissberry GK GK 13th Feb 2019
kurokozx GK GK 2nd Feb 2019
NatioN- GK GK 17th Feb 2019 I'm a good GK in 4v4, I play for a long time …
nono GK GK 2nd Feb 2019 best gk
Norb GK GK 24th Jan 2019
pata GK ST 20th Feb 2019 Hi, I am searching team. I am from the Czech Repub …
royal2 GK ST 31st Jan 2019
S p i r i t GK GK 17th Feb 2019
SC30 GK AM 9th Jan 2019
schwell GK GK 30th Jan 2019
Sir koi GK GK 23rd Feb 2019 GK
Soul GK ST 28th Jan 2019 active and good team pls
TaKa GK DM 16th Feb 2019 Spanish, player from 2012, love 3s.
Woodgate GK GK 7th Feb 2019 I play haxball for six years, I played in many lea …
bodily DM AM 3rd Feb 2019 Call me a prospect. I've been told my passes …
misoo DM ST 15th Jan 2019 previously known as Saviour, played in Flames
Ninfang DM ANY 30th Jan 2019
Raikou DM AM 14th Jan 2019 hp
duce AM DM 30th Jan 2019 Im the one you have been looking for!
Hisoka AM DM 27th Jan 2019
João Félix AM ST 8th Feb 2019 Aka Enzo, Portuguese
MANIAK AM DM 14th Feb 2019
Mozy9 AM ST 23rd Feb 2019
Ninoo AM ST 4th Feb 2019
Pwnato AM ST 17th Feb 2019 sodaz accettaaa :D
ReusPL AM ST 21st Feb 2019
Tortogol AM ST 27th Jan 2019 back baby
æce ST GK 3rd Feb 2019
Aeffchen ST ANY 13th Jan 2019 beast
belly ST AM 10th Jan 2019 make love , not war !
CRM47 ST AM 13th Feb 2019
de Jong ST GK 1st Feb 2019
DiasH ST AM 17th Feb 2019 I`m a good guy, ready to improve and meet nice peo …
Drake ST AM 18th Feb 2019
el cucuy ST ANY 7th Feb 2019 7
Kivi ST ANY 17th Jan 2019 haHAA
Lésniak ST GK 31st Jan 2019
macanache ST GK 7th Feb 2019
Mish ST GK 9th Jan 2019 Ello boys im again free :)
munir10 ST ST 18th Feb 2019 im active player
Nexon ST AM 12th Jan 2019
POP ST ST 11th Feb 2019
REBEL 7 ST AM 21st Jan 2019 RO
Sidney L ST ST 17th Feb 2019 Hi, i search a team. From Russia. skype: laymonka …
Skinny ST GK 31st Jan 2019
Styl ST ST 3rd Feb 2019 7
tet- ST GK 5th Feb 2019
Thief ST DM 17th Feb 2019 I'm sad to be blessed with this skill
vivre ST ST 15th Jan 2019 let me play
Wildey ST AM 20th Feb 2019 Sayonara
wwwwwwww ST GK 5th Feb 2019
Yobaka10 ST ST 30th Jan 2019 Greetings ;) my name is Yobaka and and I play as …