Season 30, Matchday 24/23
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
El matador ANY ST 12th Apr 2021 Looking for team for the new ssn
contact : ts or …
Kesso ANY ANY 16th Apr 2021
nuri ANY ANY 19th Apr 2021 l
sw1zy ANY ANY 16th Apr 2021
Ter ANY ANY 11th Apr 2021 The Best.
Vistex ANY ANY 9th Apr 2021
Aluf12 GK GK 8th Apr 2021
Aztecas GK GK 10th Mar 2021
Chespo GK ANY 9th Apr 2021
chiri GK GK 22nd Feb 2021
Levaldo GK AM 25th Mar 2021 e
Mish GK GK 17th Apr 2021
mos GK AM 14th Apr 2021
mtr GK GK 13th Apr 2021 The Best Gk after Ter.
Pzz GK GK 16th Apr 2021
Rp M GK GK 15th Apr 2021
scratch GK DM 18th Apr 2021
zed GK GK 22nd Apr 2021 best japanese gypsy spammer
Copan DM ST 16th Apr 2021
gio DM ST 25th Mar 2021
miso DM ST 25th Mar 2021
Muris 9 DM ST 21st Apr 2021
De Ligt AM ST 21st Mar 2021
Dopamine AM ST 25th Mar 2021
Hype AM ST 25th Mar 2021 A lad from Greece looking for a team. Feel free to …
Jeffrey AM ST 8th Apr 2021 wanna play for pablo haxobar next season <3
jovetic AM ANY 12th Apr 2021 xxx
kabor AM ST 16th Apr 2021
Krzysiu AM DM 12th Apr 2021
NASCAR AM ST 16th Feb 2021
vera+ AM ST 9th Apr 2021 AM
blv ST DM 12th Apr 2021 lookin for good team
Classy ST GK 9th Apr 2021 looking for a decent team that is filled with play …
crsss ST AM 19th Apr 2021 sa fac laba pe voi
Fivt ST ST 15th Apr 2021
franov a ST DM 20th Apr 2021
Laki ST AM 11th Apr 2021
Levitan ST ST 16th Apr 2021
Maddrip ST DM 19th Apr 2021 The drip striker is back baby.
prez ST GK 12th Apr 2021
stylebender ST ST 12th Apr 2021