Season 26, Matchday 21/26
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
AZAh ANY ANY 1st Nov 2019
ballz ANY ANY 21st Oct 2019
DeanE10 ANY ANY 13th Nov 2019
fatcat ANY ANY 14th Nov 2019
Irrelevant ANY ANY 20th Oct 2019 .
moti ANY ANY 27th Oct 2019 zdr
Radu1 ANY ANY 4th Oct 2019 Free
rew ANY ANY 13th Nov 2019
vinicius jr ANY ANY 16th Nov 2019 milsugi
A1pha GK DM 21st Sep 2019
Alcazar GK ANY 6th Sep 2019
arianalbania GK ST 7th Nov 2019 ez
Chespo GK GK 24th Oct 2019
Hexucho GK ANY 4th Sep 2019
ImpeCabLe GK ANY 31st Oct 2019 If you wanna test me out or speak with me, you can …
KaLaJaN1 GK AM 14th Sep 2019
Kuroko GK GK 16th Nov 2019 Active
Mattia GK GK 17th Nov 2019
Maze GK DM 15th Nov 2019
qaz00 GK ANY 26th Oct 2019
Soul GK ST 14th Nov 2019 active and good team pls
Srojj GK GK 19th Nov 2019
Static GK ST 27th Oct 2019 Slow fat fuck toxic ex semi pro goalkeeper, wants …
TemplleGoku GK DM 5th Sep 2019 Mou daijoubu! Naze tte? Watashi ga Kita!
93killa DM ANY 31st Oct 2019
aMp DM ST 18th Nov 2019 ^_^ active
Arango DM ST 17th Nov 2019 oldie
dazL DM GK 12th Nov 2019
gov DM AM 31st Oct 2019
Jappo DM AM 27th Oct 2019 Im a noob
Pro9 DM AM 1st Nov 2019
Wirexia DM AM 26th Oct 2019 hello im free, i can play ST too
Alice AM ST 17th Nov 2019 team search
KySi AM DM 19th Nov 2019 I've been playing for a year.
A player with …
Michael Paget AM GK 9th Oct 2019
Mod AM ST 22nd Sep 2019
Rundstedt AM GK 23rd Sep 2019
Vivirí AM DM 15th Sep 2019
Beninho ST AM 7th Nov 2019
Drake ST AM 9th Nov 2019 backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
FAF ST AM 9th Nov 2019
GerrardHaxball ST ST 23rd Oct 2019
Iliess ST AM 20th Oct 2019
Lost PT ST AM 24th Oct 2019
Maestro ST AM 18th Oct 2019
milik1 ST ST 8th Sep 2019 normal player
Norris ST AM 5th Nov 2019
Rp M ST GK 20th Nov 2019
SebastiAn ST AM 29th Oct 2019 i'm back sign me
turya ST DM 14th Nov 2019
Иecraòs ST AM 31st Oct 2019 king is back