Season 32, Matchday 10/26
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
El Drago ANY ANY 26th Sep 2021 alu nelu alu nelu hai la joc
Jacpoz ANY ANY 14th Oct 2021
villain ANY ANY 16th Oct 2021 borrie
99HAX GK GK 26th Sep 2021 im better than fivt
Maddude GK GK 24th Sep 2021 Coaching staff Bencher for titles pls
Mish GK ST 14th Sep 2021
Ramos4 GK GK 18th Sep 2021 Gk de elita
Vidalo GK ANY 19th Sep 2021 free baguette
Alek DM GK 18th Oct 2021
franov a AM DM 18th Oct 2021 better than ur ex player
heart AM ST 9th Oct 2021
hyo1 AM DM 14th Sep 2021 ;)
Kai AM ST 23rd Sep 2021 More Than Pride
6ixx ST AM 26th Sep 2021 ?
Afro-jack ST GK 7th Oct 2021 best first touch!
Car_go_Boom ST GK 25th Sep 2021 Im pretty new to this so i might need some help
eRjon ST ST 17th Oct 2021 eR
Essien ST ST 23rd Sep 2021
Ezeq ST AM 7th Oct 2021 have big experience :)
Ferg ST ST 8th Oct 2021
Ilconte- ST ANY 15th Oct 2021
KonaHaxball ST GK 10th Oct 2021 Good player
Laki ST AM 19th Oct 2021
Layzan ST AM 14th Oct 2021 Participations in HCL and Portuguese competitions, …
Milanista ST AM 2nd Oct 2021
Moralész ST ST 20th Sep 2021
Muris 9 ST DM 30th Sep 2021