Season 31, Matchday 21/22
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
Bugra ANY ANY 25th Jul 2021 Takim ariyoruz,isinize gelirse :)) sizin icin Ingi …
nuri ANY ANY 17th Jul 2021 FREE
PRAXIS ANY ANY 13th Jul 2021
Saebyeolbe ANY ST 28th Jul 2021
Don Pavli Corleone GK DM 8th Jul 2021 Hello by Nicest guy on Earth , Special Hello to An …
google10 GK AM 3rd Jul 2021
Roy Jones GK ANY 19th Jul 2021 I will not fail you.
Discord: Eberhard #2992
SamirNasri GK ANY 13th Jun 2021 ;)
Tool GK ANY 16th Jul 2021 nigger
flyy AM ST 8th Jul 2021 looking for a div2b team, am/st, tryna get experie …
Vincent Vega AM ST 11th Jul 2021
Whiplash AM ANY 9th Jun 2021 one legged am
Witsel AM ST 4th Jun 2021 i iz da one
Yura AM DM 8th Jul 2021
Nexon ST ST 10th Jun 2021
RaidenleST ST ST 25th Jul 2021 hello i am the best futsal player pls take me dw i …
Shinzouwosasageyo ST ANY 4th Jul 2021 i'm the king of this game
vivre ST AM 18th Jul 2021 :)