Season 28, Matchday 13/22
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
DrG ANY ANY 8th Jun 2020
kevin ANY ANY 18th Jun 2020
Musonda1 ANY ANY 15th Jun 2020
SamirNasri ANY ANY 25th Jun 2020 ;)
Vivirí ANY DM 7th Jun 2020 active
aven GK ST 10th Jul 2020 d1 team or top d2
Chespo GK GK 27th Jun 2020
Fyzero GK ST 22nd Jun 2020
Hexucho GK ANY 19th May 2020
Linde GK GK 28th May 2020 discord Linde#2024
Mauro GK GK 24th Jun 2020 REACT?ON GK
mcqueen GK GK 25th Jun 2020
Noqs GK ST 24th May 2020
pesomex GK DM 26th Jun 2020
Plax GK ST 21st May 2020
Relinquished GK ST 14th Jun 2020 dm me on dc eventaully
Rundstedt GK AM 24th Jun 2020
scratch GK DM 3rd Jul 2020
Soul GK ST 22nd May 2020 active and good team pls
Wenom GK ST 22nd Jun 2020 st or gk, cant am, backup player
Wiaz GK GK 27th Jun 2020 Hi
7EGACY DM ST 26th Jun 2020
cryf DM AM 18th Jun 2020 discord- armin#2749
Fritz DM DM 21st Jun 2020
Kamenitza DM ST 16th Jun 2020 Active
OrMekori DM AM 26th May 2020 playing for like 3 months.
Question DM ST 5th Jul 2020
tuca DM AM 30th May 2020 humble guy with 39cm bicep
arlind septent AM DM 6th Jun 2020 french player, playing haxball for fun.
I am acti …
Efeh24 AM ST 28th Jun 2020 .
El_Polako AM DM 16th Jun 2020 Polska
eleven AM DM 25th May 2020 best free agency AM btw
hop AM ST 21st May 2020 splat hates me
Jappo AM DM 23rd May 2020 Im a noob
Jeffrey AM ST 11th Jun 2020 i want to get my mom proud of me
Maury23 AM ST 16th Jun 2020 I play since 2013, for the first time i am trying …
REB AM ST 3rd Jun 2020
Schúrz AM ST 10th Jul 2020 100% free
shakurREAL AM ST 31st May 2020
Tsubasa AM ANY 19th May 2020
AlucarD ST ST 21st Jun 2020
bully ST GK 18th Jun 2020
Famous Mascarilha ST DM 17th Jun 2020
franov a ST ST 4th Jul 2020
GlaceN ST ST 5th Jun 2020
Grose ST AM 24th Jun 2020
hero ST AM 27th Jun 2020
Isaac ST GK 24th Jun 2020
Kivi ST ANY 13th Jun 2020 aN
kyOOO ST AM 6th Jul 2020 looking for team
Mela ST GK 1st Jul 2020 Georgia
milik1 ST ST 26th May 2020 active player
Nexon ST ST 18th May 2020
Poes ST ST 5th Jul 2020
Rajzojee ST DM 21st Jun 2020 Hello,im new here but i have experiences with play …
Reeds ST AM 10th Jul 2020
Riqqer ST ST 3rd Jul 2020 :D
shin9808 ST DM 15th Jun 2020
SIN ST DM 11th Jul 2020
vinicius jr ST ANY 1st Jul 2020
Zeus9 ST AM 24th May 2020