Season 39, Matchday 22/22
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Welcome to the new Feed Me!

Finally, FM's new site is heer! What started out as an idea about 6 months ago is now a reality and is surely the biggest milestone to date in FM's 16 month history. The site as you see it now though is just at the beginning of how it will develop over time; being on our own server means we're not limited by anything and we aim to take full advantage of that. There are already new features implemented that will make life much easier for everyone involved with the league:


Automatic Lineup Management

Gone are the days of posting in a topic to add a new member to your team or to cut someone and then having to wait for an admin to confirm it.

Signing a player will now be done through the Free Agency section. Any player a captain wishes to sign should register to the free agency and once they have done that, the captain can make an offer which the player can confirm. Once the player confirms they're automatically added to the team's lineup and forum group without the need for admin confirmation (#lazyadmins).

A captain can cut a player from the Captain Area of their team's page. Just select the player from the list, submit and they're gone!


News Area

Sometimes we get some really good posts on the forum like season previews, gameweek previews, gameweek reviews that everyone loves to read even if they don't particularly agree with the opinions of the author. The problem with posting articles on a forum is that a forum isn't designed for news, it's designed for dicussion and so the articles eventually end up getting lost or don't get enough exposure in the first place, both of which makes the author wonder if they've wasted their time. With the news system we want to encourage anyone to write an article about anything relevant they can think of and have it displayed to anyone who visits the site. Not only will it be displayed on the front page but articles can be categorised so they won't get lost in future. Relevant news will be pulled onto the league table pages, fixture pages and team pages so whether your article was wrote yesterday or 5 seasons ago, it won't be lost.


More to Come

As said earlier, this is just the beginning and there's a lot more features that will be added in future. There are areas of the site that haven't been done yet (user profiles for example) but we thought it's more important to get everything up and running and then finish little things off later. In future there'll be a number of competitions running and hopefully they'll have actual cash prizes from the excess donations we get *cough*


Anyway, enjoy. If you have any problems post them below or on the forum.

Posted in General on Wednesday 21st Nov 2012, 22:55 by noj 28 Comments
big ups jonni
Posted on 1st July 2013, 10:48
William the Conker
Posted on 29th January 2013, 16:53
denchhhhhhhhhhhh big up jonni
Posted on 24th November 2012, 00:27

Next week, please plan a day to take your department to lunch at Chez Alvin, on the company account, to thank everyone for all their hard work.
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 23:53
Dear Theodore,

Thank you so much for your assistance during our office move. You and your staff really came through, proving what it means to be a "team player". The extra effort you all put in was really appreciated.

Next week, please plan a day to
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 23:51
Well done Jonny! Cheers
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 19:32
Give that man a pint (or several). Great work and on schedule.
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 18:30
Thank you very much jonny, nice job you done here
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 16:11
nice job :thumbsup:
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 16:11
@Mick - The chat-box is under the community aka forum section.

I'm not sure if anyone other than myself and Iks have this problem but we're unable to log in successfully through the home page of the forum, the only way to do so is through the community
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 15:40
Wp Jonny
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 14:58
Great job jonny :o will get used to this site pretty fast :D
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 13:45
Main site looks wicked, bigups to you all. good shit.
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 13:45
Looks nice!
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 13:19
wheres the fuckin chatbox
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 12:05
it confuses me, but i like it. (:
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 09:39
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 07:58
George Best

Loving this new site jonny. The 'My Team' section especially is awesome, easy and clear way to see upcoming fixtures etc.
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 01:51
Now to make a plugin that makes it look like the old site....
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 01:05
Really well done XD
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 00:59
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 00:39
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 00:34
jonny, brilliant website. looks the part!

good job, we all appreciate it x
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 00:20
Excellent work all!
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 00:14
Yerr it's alright ;)
Posted on 22nd November 2012, 00:06
Thanks Jonny, we'd be nowhere without you <3
Posted on 21st November 2012, 23:40
Jonnnnnnnnnnny <3

The site is brilliant, you've done an amazing job.

Thanks for all your hard work
Posted on 21st November 2012, 23:24