Season 34, Matchday 20/22
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View Image: simply the best italian after gio

Uploaded by ENZO7 on 29th Jul 2022, 14:05 Tagged Users:
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Dont be so modest enzo, you are clearly the best italian in haxball

Forza napoli mafia enzo
Posted on 1st August 2022, 12:22
I think u are the next coming of Jesus Christ ENZO7.
Posted on 30th July 2022, 13:30
idk, i didn't play when he plays but i can tell you gio that where you put it you put it makes the difference derrick just st
Posted on 30th July 2022, 11:39
nice move knk but u forgot Derrick Rose > gio
Posted on 29th July 2022, 19:37
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