Season 32, Matchday 23/26
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View Image: KROL gets raped by somalian HAHAHAHAH

Uploaded by eRjon on 22nd May 2020, 05:00 Tagged Users:
B4D4SS, Dark, KROL, Lyreco, Nocke, P4ER, Rizzoli, somalian1, Thief, Whitee
somalian is a legend, better than me and P4ER together
Posted on 22nd May 2020, 13:50
hahahahah dude u are a legend
Posted on 22nd May 2020, 05:09
Oh nooo.. i didn't want to do this but i keep my promises:

These are some reactions:

I also juked my son P4ER a few days ago, he is now my son but he is lucky it was not recorded:

You see why I always quit hax? it is unfair on the others, I am too god and I dont want to ruin everyones fun, this is why i stay in public and not play officials, because i am a good humanbeing and i dont like making people cry/

Shoutout to FOUVT <3

Posted on 22nd May 2020, 05:05
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