Season 30, Matchday 3/18
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Division 1
Skip60 vs Fourth Echelon
WANTED vs Angry Bulls
Stiff Wind vs FATALITY!
Smokin' Aces vs FEAR
Division 2
Sellers vs Above The Rest
Pablo Haxobar vs Balls Be Flyin'
Immortals vs Blue Panthers
HAI vs Coritiba
H.C. Moldavians vs God's Phobia
The Elders vs Ajhax
The Chosen ONE vs archNemeses
Spitfire vs Big Foot
Savage Hax vs Invincible
RED HAWK vs Number Nine
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  • 1 Point if you predict the correct Team to win (example: Predicted 4:0 and Result 2:1)
  • 2 Points if you predict the correct Team to win and also got the right goal difference (example: Predicted 2:0 and Result 3-1)
  • 3 Points if you predicted a draw correctly but with the wrong scoreline (example: Predicted 1-1 and Result 2-2)
  • 4 Points for the correct Prediction