Season 24, Matchday 2/26
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Full Schedule
Date Matchday Comp Home Team Score Away Team
13th Jan 1 Division 1 Excellents 1 - 2 Skins
13th Jan 1 3v3 Skins vs White Walkers
17th Jan 2 Division 1 Blue Panthers vs Skins
17th Jan 2 3v3 Balls Be Flyin' vs Skins
20th Jan 3 3v3 Skins vs Slappers
20th Jan 3 Division 1 Skins vs Seeders
24th Jan 4 3v3 Pablo Haxobar vs Skins
27th Jan 5 Division 1 archNemeses vs Skins
27th Jan 5 3v3 Skins vs H2K
31st Jan 6 3v3 Bronze4Life vs Skins
31st Jan 6 Division 1 Skins vs Gladiators
3rd Feb 7 3v3 Ajhax vs Skins
3rd Feb 7 Division 1 INSANITY vs Skins
7th Feb 8 3v3 Skins vs Excellents
7th Feb 8 Division 1 FEAR vs Skins
10th Feb 9 3v3 Disneylanders vs Skins
10th Feb 9 Division 1 Skins vs Slappers
14th Feb 10 3v3 Skins vs FEAR
17th Feb 11 3v3 Elite69 vs Skins
17th Feb 11 Division 1 Guns N’ Moses vs Skins
21st Feb 12 Division 1 Skins vs Angry Bulls
21st Feb 12 3v3 Skins vs Gladiators
24th Feb 13 Division 1 Trailer Park Penguins vs Skins
24th Feb 13 3v3 Storm Wolves vs Skins
3rd Mar 14 3v3 White Walkers vs Skins
3rd Mar 14 Division 1 Skins vs Excellents
7th Mar 15 3v3 Skins vs Balls Be Flyin'
10th Mar 16 3v3 Slappers vs Skins
10th Mar 16 Division 1 Skins vs Blue Panthers
14th Mar 17 Division 1 Seeders vs Skins
14th Mar 17 3v3 Skins vs Pablo Haxobar
17th Mar 18 3v3 H2K vs Skins
17th Mar 18 Division 1 Skins vs archNemeses
21st Mar 19 Division 1 Gladiators vs Skins
21st Mar 19 3v3 Skins vs Bronze4Life
24th Mar 20 Division 1 Skins vs INSANITY
24th Mar 20 3v3 Skins vs Ajhax
28th Mar 21 3v3 Excellents vs Skins
31st Mar 22 Division 1 Skins vs FEAR
31st Mar 22 3v3 Skins vs Disneylanders
4th Apr 23 3v3 FEAR vs Skins
4th Apr 23 Division 1 Slappers vs Skins
7th Apr 24 3v3 Skins vs Elite69
7th Apr 24 Division 1 Skins vs Guns N’ Moses
11th Apr 25 3v3 Gladiators vs Skins
11th Apr 25 Division 1 Angry Bulls vs Skins
14th Apr 26 3v3 Skins vs Storm Wolves
14th Apr 26 Division 1 Skins vs Trailer Park Penguins