Season 30 New Team Applications

Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby Yeye » December 31st, 2020, 12:00 am

Team Name - Fucked Ups
Logo - (150x150):

Lineup -
Image Manuel Jr ©
Image Sairthus co ©
Image Edgar
Image Crawford
Image W. Rooney
Image zar1
Image Skrillex
Image Lee
Image Furya

Red - /colors red 60 FFFFFF 0080FF 141414 0080FF
Blue - /colors red 60 000000 CD04D4 16A3B3

Why you want to captain -
I want to be captain because I have experience in other communities with this team (organization charges and always being a leadership in my teams). I already did the captain in Fucked Ups and I know how to manage the team.
Our team exists since 2019 and we already played one season here in FM and 2 season in italian league.
we played in champions league too one time. I really hope we can have a place in this great community. cya soon ;) bye

Would you be interested in joining also in 3v3 league* Yes!
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby somalian 1 » January 5th, 2021, 1:13 am

Team Name: R!OT

Logo (150x150):
Image somalian (c)
Image Drix (co-c)
Image Splat
Image aeRo
Image Kl
Image arctic
Image Beninho
Image Maddúde
Image giggs
Image Yasuo
Image Hulk
Image Nabil
Image Ozil
Image Cazorla

Why you want to captain?

Hi everyone, first of all I’d like to begin by saying thank you for taking this application into consideration. R!OT are a UK based team with friends who have known each other for 5+ years, we have played together in various maps and leagues and are hoping to bring this activity into the FM community.

I believe R!OT would be an exceptional candidate and has a lot to offer this league, many of us have played in FM before and some have even captained, e.g. SWAGHAX led by Splat. We also have respectable members within the Haxball community such as Drix who is the main admin of the biggest real soccer league on Haxball (EFRS) he has also been an event organiser for the nations cup on RS for many years now.

Another point would be regarding our activity, since playing in multiple maps within the years we have never disbanded regardless of whether we are performing badly. R!OT made it to the EFRS (real soccer) masters cup final last season, and also the semi-finals in the BFF (futsal) playoffs and continue to play in both maps. We are recognised as a fair play team and polite to others around the league.

Below is a promo I made for R!OT summarising our performance in EFRS last season:

We really hope we are able to bring back an active UK team into the FM community.

Thank you for reading this application,

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