Round 2 review: Div 1 & 2

Round 2 review: Div 1 & 2

Postby Zola » January 18th, 2019, 2:27 pm

Here is the review for Round 2.
Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to Socrates for assistance :)


8 matches were played Thursday where we saw plenty of goals. A few teams recovered from first round losses and one player managed to score from his own half. This is the review of round 2.

Division 1
FEAR vs Excellents 1-1 (0-1)
Excellents had to wash off their 1st round defeat against Skins as they faced FEAR who started their Division 1 campaign with a goalless draw. The game started with Excellents being the most aggressive team and that paid off close to the 3-minute mark. FEAR-captain aMp shot the ball into the net of his own team securing Excellents a half time lead.
Second half was not a minute old before aMp helped his team back into the game. After a great pass tricking the polish defence he found GirlontaR who beat lajz in goal with a nice shot. Both teams went for the win but lacked the final precision, so the game ended 1-1 securing FEAR their second draw of the campaign and Excellents their first point.

Guns N’ Moses vs Gladiators 4-1 (1-0)
LaggerMet's team didn't manage to score in the first round but that was no problem Thursday when they faced Gladiators. Vak gave his team the lead after 20 seconds and his goal was the only one in the first half. Gladiators tried to change the game at halftime by bringing in 2 substitutions as mtr entered in goal and Styl came on as striker.
It didn't help much as Guns N’ Moses kept their momentum from first half. After a minute Vak found SAKY who with a well-placed shot beat mtr in goal. Only 15 seconds later it was the other way around as Vak was the one scoring this time from a SAKY pass. Gladiators did get a consolation goal when Styl found Gio, but it didn't help much as Vak sealed the game with his third goal securing a 4-1 win to Guns N’ Moses who are now on 4 points.

Slappers vs INSANITY 0-0 (0-0)
INSANITY started their season with positives and negatives as they managed to avoid conceding but at the same time couldn’t score. Thursday, they tried to change that against Slappers who had to recover after a 0-2 loss in the first round. Mistyk almost gave his team the lead halfway through the first half but his shot hit the post. Both teams had a solid defence and with good performances from both goalkeepers it was 0-0 at halftime.
Slappers tried to stir things up by bringing on B4D4SS replacing vegeta. Ferg seemed to have ping problems but it was his team who was closest to getting the lead. His side had some great chances but didn’t manage to beat a well playing SAYKO. INSANITY took some more control towards the end. The pressure didn’t end with anything and at the final whistle the score line said 0-0. Clean sheets for Entony88 and SAKYO and the second 0-0 match from INSANITY in this campaign.

Division 2
Disneylanders vs Invincible 2-4 (2-3)
In the streamed match of this round Disneylanders tried to keep up their great start after winning 5-0 in their opening match. Invincible on the other hand had to recover from a narrow loss. Invincible got the lead after a great finish from SuarezN7. He intercepted the ball after a spamduel and managed to score from his own half. Impressive! A minute later SuarezN7 was the assister as joji doubled the lead for Invincible.
Disneylanders also wanted to take part of the action and so they did when Masa scored with 2 minutes left of first half. That didn’t shake the opponents who scored another great goal after a cheeky SuarezN7 assist found Nikolazio who got the ball behind Masa who took cover in goal. The first half action didn’t end here as Disneylanders refused to give up. In the last 10 seconds Duke got on the score line after a great pass from KROL. 3-2 lead to Invincible in a very entertaining first half.
Scoring wise the air went out of the balloon in second half. Both teams tried to score, but the cover of the defences was better and harder to break down. Eventually Invincible managed to get a goal as Nikolazio and SuarezN7 combined well. This time Nikolazio was the assister. SuarezN7 is now on 4 goals in his first 2 matches. Rest of the half ended without goals so after 2 rounds both teams are on 3 points.

Super Kickers 2018 vs Pablo Haxobar 0-4 (0-2)
Starting the season with a loss both teams had much to fight for this Thursday. We hadn’t passed the 1-minute mark when Super Kickers 2018 had a great opportunity getting the lead. The defence of Pablo Haxobar had a blunder leaving goalkeeper Sero07 alone against 3 players. That didn’t bother him, and he saved the attempt from Rooney TM. Great goalkeeping where Sero07 kept his head cool but also poor attacking as you simply must score in these situations if you want to win games. After great chances to both teams it was Pablo Haxobar that got the lead in first half. The ball ended at Herna who shot it behind Nagato and Nicinho both defending goal. A nice goal from Herna. Hannes followed up about a minute later with another nice goal after some great work from salamini.
The defence of Pablo Haxobar looked better in the second half not leaving many chances to Super Kickers 2018. Herna sealed the victory in the last part of the game after a pass from salamini who got his second assist of the game. The Finnish player also scored himself in last seconds giving Pablo Haxobar the fourth goal and a much-needed win. Super Kickers 2018 still haven’t scored in this campaign.

Elite69 vs The Chosen ONE 0-3 (0-2)
In a faceoff between 2 Czech captains Elite69 had their first match of the season against The Chosen ONE who won their first game. Elite69 started with a high pressure but Vidalo did a great job keeping the ball out of the goal. Instead it was The Chosen ONE who got the lead after a minute where aprendiz beat Popi in goal. The new Feed Me team doubled the lead after an own goal. A MartYK-shot hit Ferry who had no chance preventing the deflection and a halftime lead of 2-0 to The Chosen ONE.
Elite69 subbed off Popi at halftime who was replaced by Forsbi in goal. He scored an own goal only seconds after Elite69 almost managed to get the ball past Vidalo. Forsbi did a great job forcing an aprendiz shot to hit the post but eventually he was unable to keep the ball out of the goal. An unlucky own goal from Elite69 giving The Chosen ONE a 3-0 lead with only 2 minutes left of the game. None of the teams scored any further so Vidalo got his clean sheet and his team is off with a perfect start with 2 wins in the first 2 rounds. Elite69 start their campaign with a loss.

Bronze4Life vs White Walkers 5-1 (3-0)
White Walkers had their first game wildcarded, but they were thrown into the fire against Bronze4Life. After some spamming in front of goal Muris 9 gave his team the lead after the 4-minute mark. Only seconds later he doubled the lead after a poor kick off from White Walkers. Bronze4Life wasn’t done yet and Vrank gave his team another goal after a mistake from goalkeeper Soul.
In second half Maddude replaced Muris 9. He could watch his teammate Vrank scoring his second of the game after a great attack with some quick passing. A minute later White Walkers made another mistake leading to a goal as their boxing offense didn’t seem to work properly. That gave Maddude an opportunity to score in an open goal and the multiple top scorer and top assister in Feed Me didn’t miss. White Walkers did get a goal in the very end as Rose shot it behind his own goalkeeper Hexucho. 5-1 to Bronze4Life and their second win in a row.

Ajhax vs Storm Wolves 4-2 (0-1)
Storm Wolves won their first game of the season so a tough start for Ajhax who had their first game wildcarded. We finish off the review with another goal-rich match. It was Storm Wolves that got the best start of the game as Bot88 gave his team the lead after a great finish. Ajhax-goalkeeper Hektor had some ping problems right before the goal but allowed the game to continue moments before Bot88 scored. No more goals in first half and after some half time discussions about host the second half eventually started in the same arena.
30 seconds in Ajhax was back in the match with a goal from jerix after a nice attack with good pressure towards subbed on goalkeeper Camechias. After the equalizer Storm Wolves took control even though both teams had chances to score. Ajhax was the first team doing so as Lyreco tapped the ball in after a nice attack with good passing. After the goal Bot88 made another change as Berg replaced Lisbon. He didn’t get the best start making a clumsy own goal giving Ajhax a 3-1-lead. Berg managed to undo the damage as he kept excitement in the match scoring to make it 2-3. The Portuguese team had chances to equalize but could instead see another own goal, this time from Camechias, giving Ajhax a nice 4-2 win in a very entertaining match.
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Re: Round 2 review: Div 1 & 2

Postby socrates » January 18th, 2019, 2:39 pm

Why is the ONE in capitals for The Chosen ONE?

Why do they say TCHO when it is TCO??

How do they win when they have so many ex-pablo players???

:scratch: :scratch: :scratch:

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Re: Round 2 review: Div 1 & 2

Postby Hannes » January 18th, 2019, 4:58 pm

nice review, enjoyed reading it. :thumbup:
Interesting bit about INSANITY opening with two 0-0, dont think thats happened very often in FM.
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Re: Round 2 review: Div 1 & 2

Postby Muris 9 » January 18th, 2019, 8:27 pm

Nice job Zola, and also nice timing.. not even a full day after the matches were played. Haven't got enough time to watch replays/goals so your reviews are really what some people need since it takes only 10 minutes or less to read everything and know about the other games as well.. hope you keep doing this until the end of the season!! :cheers:
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