Season 34 New Team Applications

Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby Whitee » April 18th, 2022, 5:11 pm

In this thread new teams can show their interest if they would like to join the FeedMe League for Season 34.

However, we can't guarantee that any team that signs up will get a place in the league.

Season 34 will begin: tba

Code: Select all
Team Name -
Logo - (150x150)
Lineup - (add countries of players + captain and co cap)
Why you want to captain -

1. Make sure you have access to decent host
2. Have a squad of active 5-12 (recommended 8.) players → remember to edit the lineup in your application post according to keep it up-to-date
3. Don't have ragers in the team
4. Make sure your players have a good internet connection

A channel will be made for your team in the new teams section on - pm Hannes, Gary, Whitee or any TS Supporter.

Deadline: 28.05.2022

If you have any concerns or questions, please pm Hannes, Gary, Whitee or GirlontaR
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby Daaf » April 18th, 2022, 10:39 pm

        Cosa Nostra

Image Daaf ©
Image Sunset
Image cosmo ezeć
Image Eme
Image Markkanen
Image Wilbekin
Image wozal

Why you want to captain : This team was formed in 2014 in the Romanian forum(FRH). Since then, Cosa Nostra hosted many important players like Feint, Schnuppel, Yannex, Kivi, Mamba, DayreX, Prof.MARKUS, DrG, naho, JULYANftw, chiri. Even though many of them are retired now, we have many achievements in other leagues(Haxtrick, YeS, etc.) and also a semi-final appearance in the Haxball Champions League. However, it was never brought to the Feed Me Community. This is why I would like to be captain here for this team and I believe we can be part of the Feed Me Community and be competitive as other teams.

Additionally, we are playing in FRH(Discord league) and at the leader position there. Also, we have a few good VPS hosts and all team players have very good internet connections.
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby Al1s » April 20th, 2022, 2:05 pm

Team Name - Dawgy Dogs

Logo - (150x150)

Lineup -

Image Al1s ©
Image ramos :king:
Image Sw1zy co-©
Image sara
Image Ado
Image Maddude
Image Mix

Why you want to captain - Hi, I'd like to apply with Dawgy Dogs as captain and share with you some quick inf. I think I can finally say that i've passed the "toxicity test" for some seasons now and i'm mature enough to understand how to lead a team, which I proved it already in other leagues such as Nordhax and BFF. Dawgy Dogs is a team that was created with the people i like to play with, realizing that the most important thing is to have fun. Feed Me is and has always been a target for every haxballer interested in big and I would like to be part of it with my own team. Gl to every1 signing up!
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby Meyzi » April 20th, 2022, 2:10 pm

Team Name : Skip
Logo :
Lineup :

Image Meyzi ©
Image NÔVA ©©
Image Aldrich
Image Clinical Striker
Image PiperSalvia.
Image skrej
Image Spartacus

Why you want to captain :


We are a group of friends and playing together for about 2 years. We started to play for eHaxball and Haxlife communities then we moved to Feed Me and Haxball Champions League as a team with our stable lineup.

2 seasons ago we decided to take a break a bit but after that, we discovered still we are playing together even though we don't have a spot in the Feed Me league.

Last season we started to manage Skip60 with NÔVA and our mission is to have a great time together with our friends and also create a competition for this league again.

Hope you can consider our application as I really love the opportunity again to be a team captain in this league.

Have a nice day!
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby DEL » April 21st, 2022, 3:19 pm



Image DEL (C)
Image Schúrz(CC)
Image Rassvet
Image KHAA
Image xea
Image reachels4
Image Ariza Makukula
Image ants

Why you want to captain : Me and my teammates, we have played in several leagues together with me as captain and played with different teams in this league. I am a responsible person and this time we wanted to try a challenge together here so we decided to apply our own team this season. We are pretty active with our squad and playing every night. It is always a great pleasure to captain a team in such a prestigious and long-lasting community. I think we will add value to this league since we are all competitive, looking for more seasons to play together here and be an established FM team.
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby Ter » April 22nd, 2022, 2:01 pm



Lineup :

Image Ter (C)
Image -Renato
Image MaR
Image Wozal
Image kyOOO
Image GlaceN9
Image Talisca@@@
Image Naticooo

I want to be captain because i am inspired by aMp's work on FEAR, and i think i can do the same but with my own nation players, since i am basically a better version of aMp in literally every department of life. Thank you for reading, and also for your time.
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby Afro-jack » April 22nd, 2022, 3:07 pm

Team name: Kona
ts logo (16x16) Image
Line up:
Image Afrojack (Captain)
Image da (Co cap)
Image S1lkroad
Image Var
Image Tevez
Image philion (Antoni)

why you want to captain?
We are not type of guys which likes to play many leagues. I enjoy to lead the team and try to get the best from them, and i think Feed me is the perfect choice for us. My team is based on balkan's players mixed with respectfull european players. Whole team are grown people in team, so i guarantee there will be no problems with us, in organizing and matchday dealing. We are playing this game (public, leagues) since the very beggining of this game ( 2011,2012). I want to keep alive and represent Big 4v4 in my region with this team.
btw: if we join the league, we will sign more players in team.

(by Afrojack PS: i apologise for 32th season mess i did, it was not on a purpose, it was just one moment i screwed up with faking player. Sabyasachi was a Captain of team i was Co C (i joined in team somewhere on half of the season), i didnt have permission to sign players when i needed to, while sabyasachi was AFKing all the season. I think i served my misstake, with banning from season 32. It wont happen again i Promise. )
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby NİKOLAJ » April 22nd, 2022, 5:50 pm

Team Name : Banfield
Logo :

Lineup :

Image Mor ©
Image Pessi ©©
Image Schúrz
Image Kamil
Image timber
Image Karim

Why you want to captain :

Hi, As you guys know we are and old team and we have good relationship with my teammates.

I would like the opportunity to become a captain again as I believe I can create a reliable team with a good environment for new players to improve. Also I think I am established myself as a dedicated member of the community.

3-4 months ago we were not playing together for a while, our players played for other teams and we got some experiences from it including me. I started to be online like before, thats why we decided to create Banfield again with new and our old players.

I think we already proved ourselves because we played in this league 2 seasons and won some thropies too with my captainship.

Hope you can consider my application because we want to play together again as good friends!
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby stylebender » April 22nd, 2022, 6:37 pm

Team Name: La Flame
Image stylebender ©
Image HOUSE ©©
Image Levi
Image hps
Image Hide On Bush
Image Ramsey

Why you want to captain : First of all, I want to start with the fact that I had the opportunity to be the first Georgian Captain to feed me league, but due to some mistakes it did not go well , this year I want to try with the people, I have been playing with for more than 5 years and my goal is to correct that mistake and, most importantly, to have a serious result with the Georgian players.
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby ENDÉR » April 23rd, 2022, 1:58 pm

Official Site:

Image - Image

Team Name - Angels

Lineup -
Image ENDÉR (Captain)
Image coth (Co-Captain)
Image chimie (Co-Captain)
Image Pink Floyd
Image Aztecas
Image Parasinus
Image Répy
Image aven
Image Nazer

Why you want to captain - I want to go back to FM because I miss this game and I solved it with my studies and I have enough time to play with my friends. I played another season and I enjoyed being part of this league as a captain. I think I have been serious and now I can dedicate even more time to this game.
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby Johny93 » April 27th, 2022, 10:29 pm

Team Name - The Scapers
Logo - Image
I'm unable to minimize it to 150x150 while keeping transparent background, sorry
Lineup -
ImageJohny (C)
Imagemikkomeister (A)
Why you want to captain - We are an active team founded in 2014 in cz/sk league and our core plays together since then. We are mainly 3v3 team but due to lack of 3v3 leagues we are looking for new opportunities. All of our players are experienced and I'd say known (MELDA, Crawford and Boppa in particular, some old school uk players know wasp/corn for sure aswell). We are currently playing 3def in FRH where we qualified for HCL and our intention is to play FM and perhaps Nordhax aswell. We played 3def in Thehax for few seasons too. I believe we are all active and most of the time even mature guys who like to play haxball in their spare time.
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby Salvakol » April 28th, 2022, 10:54 am

Team Name - Almeria



Image Salvakol C
Image PistonCo-C
Image Bullas
Image Jordao
Image Markovic
Image Erling
Image Skaii
Image nuno

Why you want to captain: My friends and I wanted to start a team, so we decided to make a team apply here. We have played a lot with each other and we know each other very well. Everybody in the team has experience with captaining a team, so managing the team won't be difficult. Besides that, one of our players has a vps available, so searching a neutral host for officials shouldn't be a problem. Overall, we are a team that is just looking to have some fun and we think FM is the right place for us.
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby Gamer » April 28th, 2022, 8:59 pm

Team Name - Angry Wolves
Logo - Image

Lineup -
Image Gamer C
Image toni Co-C
Image Isaac
Image Rs7
Image kyo
Image Oko

Why you want to captain - We used to play together more or less 1-2 years ago. We participated in Thehax, Haxlife and we were part of one of FM's team. We have started playing together again recently. Now we play as the same team in FRH and HCL. We decided to sign up for FM to be a part of this great community and to play more official games in the future.
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby Vivirì » April 29th, 2022, 12:25 pm

Team Name - aNc Outplayed

Logo - Image

Lineup -
Image piano player ©
Image vvr ©©
Image Canìca ©©
Image JLocke
Image rhove
Image Vapoor
Image Duke Dumont
Image diegzyyy

Why you want to captain - We're playing as a team from 1-2 years in several leagues and we never disband. We are kinda new in FM except someone but we are not in Big. Im pretty sure we could enjoy playing Div2 and for sure we will not disband cuz we are active and our goal is to have fun togheter. We already spent time on ts looking for fs but we never have the idea to create a team until now.
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby BUFFOИ » May 6th, 2022, 1:42 pm

Team Name : Outlaw
Logo :
Lineup :

Image BUFFOИ ©
Image Sorlord ©©
Image Munzur
Image Matteo
Image Parker
Image Cheaw
Image Splycee
Image Ulquiorra
Image Kaplan
Image Parker
Image Drewski

Why you want to captain :


As you guys know, We joined already this league in Season 30th as a stable and respectful team. We completed league 2nd place and up to Division 1. As a team, we decided to apply for this league again. I hope it will be a competitive season without defwin.

Good luck to everybody!
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby vranj » May 24th, 2022, 8:56 pm

Team Name - Western Wolves
Logo -
Lineup -
Image vranj C
Image aeRo - co - c
Image Sven Bender
Image Meyer
Image Allen
Image Kl
Image Per

Why you want to captain -
Actually I don't want to but I sadly had to... :fp: Since there's a chance that sven may have a call of duty during the season and may leave... Just kidding (but it's also real). Nevermind, let's keep going. I've never ever been captain before for any team in my whole career. This will be the first time and I feel ready for it now I guess. I am in the mindset of taking the responsibility that even if all of these players in the squad would leave the team, I still would find players to sign and keep playing for not letting you down. I just wanna do something crazy, you know. About the team; we are players that know each other for years and years and most of us played together more than couple of years so we have the synergy needed to work things out. We are good & mature enough to compete with other teams here in a friendly way. That's more or less the story, here we go. :popcorn:
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Re: Season 34 New Team Applications

Postby Hyuga » May 28th, 2022, 12:52 pm

Team Name - Joga Bonito
Lineup -
Image D10s ©
Image Edge ©©
Image Smith ©©
Image Barza
Image Balo
Image Edi
Image Papadopol
Image elite
Image Hassan

Why you want to captain - I would like to become captain because I believe that after 8 years playing this league, I can have the opportunity to play with my friends and try to win something.
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