Team disbands and Player bans

Re: Team disbands and Player bans

Postby Hannes » November 29th, 2020, 10:09 pm

masa was judged guilty for macro usage in official game Season 29, Matchday 14 Fourth Echelon - Smokin' Aces, match will be credited defloss for SA (or replay match if 4E captain wants to; without masa being eligible to play) and masa is banned to play next three matches of SA.
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Re: Team disbands and Player bans

Postby Gary » April 2nd, 2021, 5:06 pm

The following players have been banned, effective from today. They are probably all somehow related, but I would suggest changing your password at the first opportunity as I am aware of a data breach concerning another haxball league where a couple of members have gained access to user account login credentials. I think there is only a risk if you use the same password on FM as the other league in question - HCL.

Pedy - gained access to a "data dump" of login credentials from another league and repeatedly paid hackers to decrypt passwords of admins and other FM users, as well as threatening that there will be consequences if I ban him. Either it's linked to the above where he will pay 100s of euros to gain information, or has something planned for attacking me.

Norb - gained access to admin login credentials on FM site, which I suspect is linked to the above, but I'm unable to prove the link. I just know he logged in the account instead of reporting it - possibly used it to gain IP addresses, but I can't see any activities relating to it.

supermazhine - I have received reports of screenshots showing him admitting to DDoSing other Israeli members, whether directly or indirectly via "friends" like last time, and also threatening to DDoS.

I find all of this really childish. Genuinely amazed at the lengths some people go to over a game.
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