Season 30 New Team Applications

Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby Hannes » December 14th, 2020, 8:22 pm

In this thread new teams can show their interest if they would like to join the FeedMe League for season 30.

However, we can't guarantee that any team that signs up will get a place in the league.

Season 30 will probably begin: 17th January 2021

Code: Select all
Team Name -
Logo - (150x150)
Lineup - (add captain and co cap)
Why you want to captain -

1. Make sure you have access to decent host
2. Have a squad of active 5-12 (recommended 8.) players → remember to edit the lineup in your application post according to keep it up-to-date
3. Don't have ragers in the team
4. Make sure your players have a good internet connection

A channel will be made for your team in the new teams section on - pm Hannes or Toon.

Deadline~: 03.01.2021

If you have any concerns or questions, please pm Hannes, Toon, MrP, or Whitee.
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby EdinsonCavani » December 14th, 2020, 11:03 pm

Team Name GegenPressing

Logo (150x150) Image


Image st1rling [Captain]
Image mast1no [Co-Captain]
Image memph1s [Co-Captain]
Image b1gione
Image g1nohax
Image lok1z
Image kab1r

Why you want to captain I play with these guys every day on multiple games, we would like to play haxball again with a chill attitude, most of all because this game gave a lot to us and this is our way to honor it, we're all captains of the same team, so yep I'm the captain only on the paper. I've only to add that we don't use teamspeak (we can use it on matchdays if needed), we're all active on our discord, if you're looking for me add Bandikoot#9300, that's my account on discord, good luck to everyone for this new team application
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby Carla » December 15th, 2020, 9:48 am

Angels | Haxball Movie (Trailer)

Team Name - Angels
Lineup -
Image ENDÉR (Captain)
Image cothalc (Co-Captain)
Image chimie (Co-Captain)
Image Aztecas
Image Parasinus
Image alone
Image Reeds
add more later

Why you want to captain - Hi again! I wish to be captain because i've got this experience. We are on the 5th team application on FM with same players and more. Maybe we've had a few cancers lately but it's frustrating to apply 4 times and not be accepted and we apologize. This team is since last 2 years and we played in other leagues like CRO TOP, HaxLife, FRH, growing up as players and getting chemstry, where we've won titles like u know. We've had a good behavior towards each league. I know how it feels for an admin when your league is going down because of some rage quiters, or some players who aren't respecting the rules. I own one and this helps me to understand this.
Here we also need to respect the same rules from that league in order not to put the league in a difficulty and we are concious that we need to show that we deserve a place in this league. We don't want to get in trouble, we are here to play and do our best! We think that after 3 seasons in other leagues, we have gained experience and we are finally ready to step forward and to prove that we are not toxic. We are active, we have a VPS playable host , we want to own whatever it takes to join this league. I think we are a complete team and we understand each other very well. I hope the 5th application will be the lucky one on getting the chance in this community. We would like to play in FeedMe and we promise that we will not disappoint anyone!
If we played in other leagues without problems i can assure we can play in Feed Me too!^^
Good luck for all the teams.
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby SamirNasri » December 15th, 2020, 5:20 pm

Big Foot


Line Up

Image Nasri (c)
Image FAKY
Image 'Yuma
Image Becker
Image Linde
Image Calvary
Image gosens!

Dear FeedMe Admins.

We are here to apply our team.

As a player:
I played on Portuguese league 3 seasons. And also played here on FM for 2 teams. Played on HCL 2 times, one with a croatian team and 1 with Big Foot

As a Captain:
I managed a team on Portugues league 5 years ago. Also managed our team BigFoot in Bulgarian league and HCL.

The team:
Big Foot is a team created in 2019 for a group of friends who love Haxball and who have the responsability to play all the games, no matter if we win or if we lose, we keep going, because this is a game. Our team is composed by experienced players who already played on FM before, but also new, active and talented players who want to have a chance on FM league.
We played in Bulgarian league(reaching the 3rd place) and Haxball Champions League (reaching the quarter finals)

When we join a league, we play until the end of it. And in fact we have finished all league where we played before,
creating a good and peaceful environment with every teams and players

We want to show the FM admins that every captain/team needs a chance to show their capability to manage a team and to prove that Not only the known ones are the ables ones. So every new team deserves a chance

Sorry about my english :)

Thanks for your time,

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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby doliprunee » December 15th, 2020, 5:26 pm

Team Name: FC Baguette

FR doliprune (Captain)
FR DEMON (Co-Captain)
FR Ants
FR Paredes
BA Defender

Why you want to captain ? I participate in a lot of leagues especially all the French leagues, I am often the captain because I am serious, good guy, funny, I get on well with my players. We want to gain more experience on the map, my players are motivated, I am too and I feel able to be captain of a team where all the players are my friends.
Good luck to everyone who would like to join the league !
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby DiMiliano » December 15th, 2020, 6:18 pm

Team Name - Imperial
Image DiMiliano ©️
Image champi ©️©️
Image Scorpion
Image Aluf
Image Gold
Image ster
Image Wenell
Image Mus

Why you want to captain? I want to be captain because I am a responsible man. We're playing everyday in some games including HaxBall. We are not toxic or have a bad personality and we want to participate in the FeedMe League.
Good luck to all of the teams!
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby Flaviu » December 15th, 2020, 9:26 pm



Image Flaviu(Captain)
Image veil (Co Captain)
Image Lyreco (Co Captain)
Image Efeh
Image ramos
Image Niser
Image Lewa
Image Modric
Image gσσgℓε♥
Image Al1s
Image splyce
Image Norb

Why would i like to be captain ?
Hello again dear friends , i`m back again with my team application , it`s becomed a tradition :)) , now where do i start? oh yeah , why you should accept me as a captain. As previous times when i applied , i said i`ve been in this game for a very , and i mean very long time (August 2011) , and yet i am still here. I`ve been captain i think in most of the EU Leagues , such as CRO Top , Haxlife , BG , Portugal . Also outside the europe in Brasil. I would love to be captain in FM , to finally realise my ultimate goal. This is to be captain here in Feed Me , well i would like to win HCL too xD. But let`s take it step by step. Hannes & Gary , and who ever is anymore who decides. You guys know me. I`ve been here for a long time. Ysed to be commentator from time to time , i aint gonna tell you about my previous past (The Legend Killer- Ryan McCarthy). I think if i would be accepted in FM , we would be probabily with same mentality as Ajhax and Jds , that guy even if he`s team is not on top he`s one of the oldest around here , and he`s still got it. #RespectJDS. If i am gonna be accepted , i am gonna buy our own vps to play the official games. For those who know me , i am more mature , turned 23 in 10 december. Working on day , Active on Hax from 18-19 cet. For all my team players , let`s do it guys let`s break the curse.
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby Alekos » December 16th, 2020, 5:56 pm


TS: [aN] Image

Image Alekos Captain
Image palmo Co-Captain
Image Barca Co-Captain
Image Suki
Image Buxton
Image FIVT
Image Pera
Image Uxie

Hey everyone,
I've been playing Haxball for a few years now and was able to gain experience from it. I already won in season 14 Division 2 and in Season 15 Division 1 with archNemeses. But after that - nothing more. So after seasons i didn't play anymore that much. Some months ago i met a guy called palmo - a good, talented player who is (more or less) new to Haxball. He reminds me of me when i started - passionate, enthusiastic and trying to get better. He brought my motivation back for Hax.
So i played a lot with Barca and him and we decided to create this team in Season 28 which wasnt't as successful as we wanted. Sadly Barca moved to Spain this year but he will be still forever in our heart (maybe comeback one day?). Nevertheless palmo and I continued playing and decided to revive archNemeses, like a last ride to get on top.
The former captains of archNemeses (Barca and jasko) did already a good job but now it's my turn. With palmo on my side we select players we want to play with and win as much as possible.
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby BUFFOИ » December 17th, 2020, 12:41 am



Image Munzur (C)
Image zeuSCAN (Co)
Image welt
Image Sorlord
Image Cheaw
Image Parker
Image Just
Image Drewski
Image Kaplan
Image Matteo
Image Copan

Why you want to captain - We came together again with my friends with whom I have been playing for many years. We created this team to express ourselves better on this forum and to prove it. They saw the role of captain for me because they found me a little sympathetic and believed I could really do this job. I will do my best and be with the team. :)
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby gio » December 18th, 2020, 11:35 pm

Root Out



Image gio [c]
Image Baffo [co-C]
Image William [co-C]
Image n0ted
Image Alex
Image Sodasson
Image Torment
Image J.Fast
Image ExA
Image Shin
Image Ryzard

Why you want to captain: We're a group of friends that play this game together since 4/5 years, we already played in fm but we hadn't the opportunity to playing all together in a '' real our team '' since we were always captained by other players and we didn't feel good like this. We're a solid group, we enjoy stay together playing a lot of games and we want, after some years playing Haxball just to have fun, trying to back competitive with the help of other players that will surely help us to be stronger & finishing all the seasons without problems.
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby Maury » December 19th, 2020, 5:55 pm

Team Name - Spitfire

Logo - (150x150)
Image Maury Captain
Image Slòw Co-Captain
Image gOn Co-Captain
Image dav
Image S1lkroad
Image Barza
Image cRs
Image tuopadreinsifilidato

Why you want to captain
Spitfire is a team that was created in 2015, and i have been the team captain since then. We played togheter several season of ILH but nearly never played togheter in Feed Me, that's why i am creating the team. Every season of a league that we played has been completed: we have good chemistry, some of us won the u21 NC and played the Europe Cup.
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby Crush » December 19th, 2020, 8:42 pm

Team Name - Titans
Logo - Image

ge.Crush (C)
ge Hide on Bush

Why you want to captain:

: I want to be captain because i feel im responsible enough for this title, i like to take things serious and im giving 100% at every mission i take. i really enjoy playing this game, i'm playing 4 hours a day atleast haxball and i am very active in this team speak. I know how to lead others, how to inspire others and i am very friendly, i will do my best for my team and i will do whatever it takes for us to win! i know i am more than able to co-operate with other players, i think that me as being a captain can lead to victory and glory, espically when i am that active in the teamspeak. i am sure i will make the right desicions, also, i never blame my teammates, i learn from my mistakes and i am very passionate about leding, i can hold my nerves.
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby grünersamt » December 19th, 2020, 10:46 pm

Team Name -
Balls Be Flyin'

Logo -

Lineup -
Image grünersamt ©
Image Striker Eureka ©©
Image Anddy ©©
Image Allen
Image Nexx
Image Akhi Choppa
Image TotalPlayer
Image teddy
Image Kaya

Why you want to captain -
We are back and I want us to keep the balls be flyin' again.

PS -
What's about Hernández?
Hannes wrote:If you have any concerns or questions, please pm Hannes, Toon, MrP, or Whitee.
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby TaliscAa » December 20th, 2020, 6:55 pm

Name : MaD BeasTs | MaB |


Image Talisca@@@ ©
Image Wozal co-©
Image Glacen
Image TiggerFlex
Image Rajzo
Image gσσgℓε♥
Image bully


Image Lièds
Image Misaj
Image Necro
Image ter
Image Funny
Image Pombo
Image Talisca@@@
Image Wozal
Image HERO
Image MaR
Image TiggerFlex

Palmares MaD BeasTs

4v4 Division 1 WHF

Why you want to captain - Hello people of the internet, I come here (in peace) to explain to you why you should pick my team for next Feed Me season, even if i might not seem the most reliable person ever. I've been captaining this team in and out for 6 years, and even though i made some mistakes (as we all do), we actually were able to conquer 1 portuguese championship (WHF) with some players that were clearly not at the top of the food chain in the portuguese scene. We are a team that relies on friendship to continue on the road to accomplish our objectives, and we have beaten former top teams with this humble line-up, such as BLACKOUT (former HCL finalists and long-time players of this league). Thank you for using your time on reading my explanation, and, hopefully, we will see eachother soon in the league .
ps : Maybe i still put together 1 or 2 players to the squad..
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby Ter » December 20th, 2020, 7:34 pm

Number Nine


Lineup - (add countries of players + captain and co cap):

Image Ter (C)
Image Smurf
Image Mus
Image chiri

Why you want to captain - Because captaining a team is the way that gives me the most pleasure when it comes to playing this game.
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby Vichoexe » December 22nd, 2020, 11:06 pm

Team Name - Wicked Guys
Logo -
Lineup -
Image Vichoexe (Captain)
Image Buub (Co-Captain)
Image Bullas
Image Kamil
Image Cleeverley
Image Multi
Image Wenom
Image Hakut
Image elite

Why you want to captain - First of all, We are playing this game together since few years that's why we've got fully chemistry between us and each of us know our playing style clearly. Being captain is not that much difficult for me in this team because my teammates extremely know their responsibilies and duties. We would like to do fresh start on Feedme Div2 as old fellas within signing new top tier players. Our only goal is winning all games in Div2 and promoting to Div1. As a player being in this team and in this league was always enjoyable for me. As a captain i want to get that feeling with my own team being in this league.
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby ozzy » December 24th, 2020, 11:02 pm

Team Name - God's Phobia

Logo - (150x150)


Image ozzy ©
Image Eric Cantona ©©
Image sw1zy
Image Rénnon
Image turya
Image Laki
Image Natroff
Image SCЯ
Image LaggerMet
Image matthovic

Why you want to captain -

Hello everyone. I've been playing to FeedMe for a long time. FeedMe is a fun environment and has a good system and we want to be part of FeedMe. We wanna play, win championships and have a good time in here. That's why im applying. I hope it will be a fun season, good luck to everyone.
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby Punisher » December 25th, 2020, 2:08 pm

Istanbul Wildcats
Image C5 (c)
Image nysh (co)
Image Phami
Image Solar
Image Séan
Image kettler
Image campionleo
Image welt
Image Merlin

Why you want to captain: I, C5 is playing for a very long time, I've played in many teams, I have league experience in various 4v4 leagues but now I wanted to create a team with my friends and I want to experience playing in leagues as captain. I know the responsibilities of a captain. I'm ready to give my everything. Also I want to talk about my friends -team- We are very active, all of us is non toxic and friendly, and yeah as I said earlier in this paragraph my friends are very active which means we are giving a lot of time to this game and we want to be a part of greatest league ever FeedMe if you consider accepting us to your league.
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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby Rosemaryy » December 26th, 2020, 7:16 pm

Team Name: Above The Rest


Image Rosemary ©
Image Vanessa ©©
Image Gilbert
Image Wiaz
Image Jim Bartelsh
Image Enyalioss
Image moti
New faces will definitely be added to the lineup later.

Why you want to captain -

i would like the opportunity to become a team captain because im an old and experienced player for this league, also, i played in many teams and i met very special friends from this game. As you guys know, i'm one of the HaxballEU admins and that means i have some responsibilities for another league too, so i think if you can consider our application, i can create a reliable team for this league. Also and alsoooo, If we are accepted, it will be a nice adventure for me because i will be on the field as a captain for the first time in this league where i have played since season 11 as a simple player. I believe i can manage every situation very well!

About My Team:
We are a group that has known each other and played together for many years, that's why we want to play for fun in Division 2 for this season. We don't have any purposes for the future but we want to spend more time here than we are now.

Finally, i want to say i took care that the players are active while creating the team, this means we will not have any problems during the season.

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Re: Season 30 New Team Applications

Postby night » December 30th, 2020, 8:10 pm

Team Name - Sellers
Logo -

Lineup -

Image nightmare ©
Image Gamer ©©
Image ins
Image frenkie de jongeż
Image Vranj
Image Ziyech
Image Rs7
Image toni

Why you want to captain - Because someone has to :D I think I'm responsible enough to take care of that team which will be easy considering we've managed to gather reliable players in the lineup.
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