Season 24 Stream Schedule

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Season 24 Stream Schedule

Postby socrates » January 10th, 2019, 2:52 pm

Streamtimes in CEST: (Changes possible)

The streamtimes are official times for the matches! If you want to play at 21:00CEST (regular match time) opponents captain have to agree AND you need to inform some supporter as early as possible so a replacement match can be found. Therefore, if you're planning to wildcard a match, please inform me as early as possible aswell.

Please check the correct time for your match.

Day 1 Sunday 13th January
22:00 - H2K vs Bronze4Life

Day 2 Thursday 17th January
22:00 - Disneylanders vs Invincible

Day 3 Sunday 20th January
22:00 - Trailer Park Penguins vs archNemeses

Day 4 Thursday 24th January
22:00 - Bronze4Life vs Angry Bulls (Cup) (Changed to Skins vs Seeders)

Day 5 Sunday 27th January
22:00 - Storm Wolves vs White Walkers

Day 6 Thursday 31st January
22:00 - Disneylanders vs Ajhax

Day 7 Sunday 3rd February
22:00 - archNemeses vs Seeders (Changed to Balls Be Flyin' vs The Chosen ONE)

Day 8 Thursday 7th February
22:00 - Guns N’ Moses vs Angry Bulls (Didn't play)

Day 9 Sunday 10th February
22:00 - FEAR vs Blue Panthers

Day 10 Thursday 14th February
22:00 - Trailer Park Penguins vs Disneylanders (Cup) + archNemeses vs Seeders

Day 11 Sunday 17th February
22:00 - Guns N’ Moses vs Skins (Changed to Blue Panthers vs Insanity)

Day 12 Thursday 21st February
22:00 - Pablo Haxobar vs The Chosen ONE (Didn't play)

Day 13 Sunday 24th February
22:00 - Guns N' Moses vs Seeders

Mid-season Break

Day 14 Sunday 3rd March
22:00 - Bronze4Life vs H2K

Day 15 Thursday 7th March
22:00 - Seeders vs Trailer Park Penguins (Cup) (Changed to Guns N' Moses vs H2K)

Day 16 Sunday 10th March
22:00 - Excellents vs FEAR

Day 17 Thursday 14th March
22:00 - archNemeses vs Trailer Park Penguins (Changed to FEAR vs Slappers)

Day 18 Sunday 17th March
22:00 - Invincible vs Ajhax (Changed to Balls be Flyin' vs H2K)

Day 19 Thursday 21st March
22:00 - Super Kickers 2018 vs The Chosen ONE

Day 20 Sunday 24th March
22:00 - Seeders vs archNemeses (Changed to FEAR vs TPP)

Day 21 Thursday 28th March
22:00 - Seeders vs archNemeses (Cup) (Didn't play)

Day 22 Sunday 31st March
22:00 - White Walkers vs Disneylanders (Didn't play)

Day 23 Thursday 4th April
22:00 - Bronze4Life vs Invincible (Didn't play)

Day 24 Sunday 7th April
22:00 - Blue Panthers vs Slappers (Changed to Ajhax vs White Walkers)

Day 25 Thursday 11th April
22:00 - The Chosen ONE vs Pablo Haxobar

Day 24 Sunday 14th April
22:00 - Blue Panthers vs Angry Bulls (Changed to Blue Panthers vs Guns N' Moses)

Day 25 Thursday 18th April
21:00 - Cup Final! - Guns N' Moses vs archNemeses
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