Season 24 New Team Applications

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Re: Season 24 New Team Applications

Postby sEKA » January 2nd, 2019, 6:11 pm

Team Name: 4fun
Logo: Image
TS Logo: Image
Image sEKA (C)
Image Nero (co-C)
Image HamšikI0
Image stublash
Image asd
Image Melooo
Image S p i r i t
Image Piko

Why you want to captain: I am an old player who managed to captain a winning squad trough two different Croatian leagues several years apart. My team had some adventures in Haxball Champions League which wasn't the best one, but we did our best and played some nice matches. I had some good friends in Croatian circle with Nero, HamšikI0 and asd + after with a german great guy and player Melooo, so I decided to check up in here and try to make a team who can join the FM league. Stublash, Spirit and Piko joined us recently, probably trying the same as I do, make a not bad and friendly squad who can manage to join in here and maybe make an impact. We were creating this project for some time and since we see now time for registration is closing, we decided to make an application with finished squad in here. I would be honored to captain this group since we have a squad with 2x players for each position, a nice vps host and since this is a really friendly squad I can talk about everything, not just haxball ^^
Happy New Year to everyone and have fun in haxball and life! :drunken:
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Re: Season 24 New Team Applications

Postby rakı balık » January 5th, 2019, 2:33 pm


rakı balık
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