Season 22 Announcements (4v4)

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Season 22 Announcements (4v4)

Postby Hannes » May 1st, 2018, 12:51 pm

League platform:
As already announced the league switches for Season 22 to HTML version of Haxball.

Amount of wildcards will be raised to -8- per team for league matches.
3v3 still will have unlimited number of wildcards.


The following announcements is for the 4v4 league only.

Season 22 on 4v4 league will start on the 6th May (1st Matchday for both Divisions)

League System
Platform - HTML
Stadium - Big
Time Limit - 7 minutes per half
Halves - 2
Days - Thursday / Sunday
Time - 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET) - streamed game 21:00 GMT (22:00 CET)
Relegations - Bottom 3 in div 1 go to div 2, top 3 in div 2 will be promoted

Platform - HTML
Stadium - Big
Format - 1st Round - Round of 16 - Quarter Finals - Semi Finals - Final
Time Limit - 7 minute per half (10 min for final)
Overtime goallimit: 1 and changing sides
Halves - 2
Days - Thursday / Sunday
Time - 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET) - 20:30 GMT (21:30 CET) if cup matches and league matches are on the same day (streamed game depends)

Cup 1st Round tba

The following teams have been accepted to be in FM for season 22:

Division 1 -
The Greys
Klub Emeryta
Mighty Ducks
Meh Squirrel
Trailer Park Penguins

Division 2 -
Pablo Haxobar
Balls Be Flyin'
Nightly Artists
Lucky Strike
archNemeses (new)
Blue Panthers (new)
OMERTÀ (new)
Team Lyreco (new)

Waiting List:


Signings / Transfer Window
- 6.2 Players can only play for one team in each leg. Once a player played for one team, he cant play for any other team during these leg. The first leg includes the Days 1-13, the second leg the Days 14-26.
- Free agency will close on the the 26th July (Day 22) before League Matches (players not allowed to sign up for Free Agency any more)

Staff / Jobs

A. Tuntija



Technical Help:

Fantasy Haxball:
pm someone of the team if you want to organize it

Goal of the Week Orga:


Stream Orga:

Contact Hannes, A.Tuntija, Muris or MrP if you want to help. (not Hernández)

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Re: Season 22 Announcements (4v4)

Postby Soul » May 1st, 2018, 1:44 pm

Gl to everyone, I can make gotw after end of june <3
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Re: Season 22 Announcements (4v4)

Postby Lyreco » May 1st, 2018, 1:44 pm

GL Everyone :cheers:
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Re: Season 22 Announcements (4v4)

Postby NaNi » May 1st, 2018, 2:00 pm

Since everyone can publish his own opinion , i will do it now :o . I absolutely dont know how the admins decided which teams get into this league but in my opinion, they did wrong decisions. To not accept Teams like Skins or Cyclones, where are more then active and very known players and accept teams like archNemeses( who disbanded last seasons, dont remember when, and now they again get in with 1 Application or Team Lyreco/Blue Panthers who werent that succesful at the Cup and didnt saw them that they are that active as Skins or Cyclones) is little bit weird. Nothing against the other teams but Skins and Cyclones were in Pre-SSN-Cup very good and Skins became 2.Place^^ the admins will say now "we thought about to take them but they took their application back in season 20&21 and so we couldnt decide who we gonna take" but to be serious, they took their applications in time away and this season they didnt because they were sure that they can play for some Seasons. All in all i want to say i respect the decisions of the admins but maybe to make the community better you guys can make a vote where everyone or atleast the Captains have the rights to vote which new Teams get into this league. Have a good afternoon all :D

PS: Maybe the admin team can give us an Explanation how they chose with which criteria the teams , thanks :scratch:
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Re: Season 22 Announcements (4v4)

Postby jasko » May 1st, 2018, 2:30 pm

Thanks for the chance and good luck everyone!

@NaNi I can't believe you're comparing the 2 archNemeses teams.. I took over that team at half season while being at the rock bottom and it was a team made of players in a way to just manage to finish the season without disbanding (which a lot cannot do or do not care about when their team is falling apart). Now it's a team with stable structure and decent gameplay, made of players who mostly played last season together in div1.
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Re: Season 22 Announcements (4v4)

Postby Gilbert » May 1st, 2018, 2:38 pm

Thank you for taking us on the waiting list :thumbup: We participated in the whole tournament organized and we was successful but we see that they are all nothing :x
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Re: Season 22 Announcements (4v4)

Postby Lyreco » May 1st, 2018, 2:40 pm


I think you should open your eyes about our activity. And what does it matter if we didnt do good in pre ssn cup? Isnt it about fairness and behaviour and not about how good or bad you are? I respect your opinion but I dont understand some points
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Re: Season 22 Announcements (4v4)

Postby Ron » May 1st, 2018, 2:49 pm

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Re: Season 22 Announcements (4v4)

Postby jelly » May 1st, 2018, 4:12 pm

good luck to all teams this season i hope you guys have fun and enjoy the new platform :cheers:
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