Season 19 Stream Schedule

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Season 19 Stream Schedule

Postby Hannes » May 20th, 2017, 5:19 pm

Streamtimes in CET: (Changes possible)

The streamtimes are official times for the matches! If you want to play at 21:00CEST (regular match time) opponents captain have to agree AND you need to inform me as early as possible so a replacement match can be found. Therefore, if you're planning to wildcard a match, please inform me as early as possible aswell.

We will try to alternate Div1 and Div2 stream times in order to balance the later start times. Please check the correct time for your match. On days with Cup and League matches streams will start 15minutes later than usual!

Day 1 Sunday 21st May
21:45 MeMe vs Balls Be Flyin'
22:15 The Greys vs SWAGHAX

Day 2 Thursday 25th May
21:45 Serbian Haxballerz vs. BLACKOUT (did not play)
22:15 Ajhax vs. Fatamorgana (did not play)

Day 3 Sunday 28th May
21:45 FATALITY! vs Nightly Artists (Changed to FATALITY! vs. Balls Be Flyin')
22:15 Klub Emeryta vs Mighty Ducks (Changed to Morelucks vs. Husaria)

Day 4 Thursday 1st June
21:45 Quickswans vs Nighthawks (did not play)
22:15 Meh Squirrel vs Serbian Haxballerz

Day 5 Sunday 4th June
21:45 MeMe vs Nightly Artists

Day 6 Thursday 8th June
21:45 Klub Emeryta vs archNemeses
22:15 Quickswans vs Team Rocket (Changed to Nighthawks vs. FATALITY!)

Day 7 Sunday 11th June
21:45 Ajhax vs Quickswans
22:15 Night Raiders vs Pablo Haxobar

Day 8 Thursday 15th June
21:45 TurnUp Turnips vs Nightly Artists
22:15 SwAGHAX vs Mighty Ducks

Day 9 Sunday 18th June
21:30 Klub Emeryta vs The Greys
22:15 Ajhax vs Night Hawks

Day 10 Thursday 22nd June
21:45 Nightly Artists vs. Gladiators
22:15 Pablo Haxobar vs SWAG (did not play)

Day 11 Sunday 25th June
21:45 Serbian Haxballerz vs Morelucks
22:15 Meh Squirrel vs Night Raiders (did not play)

Day 12 Thursday 29th June
21:45 Rising Above vs Gladiators
22:15 Blackout vs Mighty Ducks

Day 13 Sunday 2nd July
21:45 Husaria vs archNemeses (Changed to Team Rocket vs. MeMe)
22:15 Quickswans vs Fatamorgana (Changed to Team Rocket vs. Nightly Artists)

Mid Season Break

Day 14 Sunday 9th July
21:45 Night Raiders vs Blackout
22:15 Quickswans vs Rsing Above (did not play)

Day 15 Thursday 13th June
21:45 Rising Above vs The Greys (Changed to MeMe vs. Nightly Artists)
22:15 Meh Squirrel vs Mighty Ducks(did not play)

Day 16 Sunday 16th July
21:45 Qickswans vs TurnUp Turnips
22:15 Meh Squirrel vs Pablo Haxobar (did not play)

Day 17 Thursday 20th June
21:45 Rising Above vs Quickswans
22:15 Pablo Haxobar vs Husaria

Day 18 Sunday 23th July
21:45 Fatamorgana vs MeMe (Changed to FATALITY! vs. Balls Be Flyin')
22:15 Meh Squirrel vs SWAGHAX (did not play)

Day 19 Thursday 27th June
21:45 Blackout vs Meh Squirrel (Changed to FATALITY! vs. MeMe)
22:15 Pablo Haxobar vs Meh Squirrel

Day 20 Sunday 30th July
22:15 Mighty Ducks vs The Greys (Cup) (did not play)

Day 21 Thursday 3rd August
21:45 Rising Above vs Fatamorgana
22:15 The Greys vs Klub Emeryta

Day 22 Sunday 6th August
21:45 Gladiators vs Fatamorgana
22:15 archNemeses vs SWAG
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