Season 19 New Team Applications

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Re: Season 19 New Team Applications

Postby Hannes » May 3rd, 2017, 2:49 pm

Deadline added: 10th May 22:59 PM GMT (23:59PM CET)
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Re: Season 19 New Team Applications

Postby Sheva24 » May 5th, 2017, 4:12 pm

Browning [IT]
Sheva [IT] C
Capitan Fenomenozzh [IT]
Galvan [ISR] Co c
Vizman [ISR]
EneA [IT]

I want to be a captain because i think we have good experienced players, we qualified in the Champions League winning the league 4hax4 , for this i think i can do very well here
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Re: Season 19 New Team Applications

Postby James Roriguez » May 10th, 2017, 3:04 pm

S.S.C Napoli (150x150) (16x16)
line up:
Luca [IT]
James Rodriguez. [IT] Capitano
Robben [IT]
Henrique [IT] Co-Capitano
davizinho. [IT]
James Roriguez
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Re: Season 19 New Team Applications

Postby Nero » May 10th, 2017, 6:13 pm

Ron wrote:Team Name - Vatreni

Team Name - Vatreni


Logo -
TS3 icon -

Image Nero (Captain)
Image felix (co-captain)
Image Alfas (co-captain)
Image aBs
Image bobo
Image FiĆo
Image Kante
Image Stubla
Image Bruno Mezenga
Image Aguero

Since Ron decided to transfer captain badge to me and felix and therefore quit playing international haxball leagues due to personal issues, I will make this new application with hope we have chance to play here^^
I want to be captain cuz I enjoy spending time with this team, we know each other and communicate on daily basis so haxball is a nice hobby to all of us. As I said, I will manage team together with felix (same as Croatia national team) and with little help from Alfas. We made slight line-up changes, but players like Froz, Dead, Fuel ... are always welcome to join and play with us when they catch more time for haxball!
In our team we are all active (Facebook or ts3), during evenings at least 4-6 (sometimes all) of us spend time on ts3 and chat or talk via microphone. We have no other league since we finished all our league seasons we played in, but we have some experience in EU haxball. Hosting is not a problem at all for us since we have 2 best hosters (bobo - and aBs - aBshost, the owners).

Good luck!
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Re: Season 19 New Team Applications

Postby Maldo » May 15th, 2017, 11:52 am



Teamspeak3 icon:

Image Maldo (Captain)
Image gio (Co-Captain)
Image William (Co-Captain)
Image B ull
Image Sven Bender
Image Terquila
Image ALAN10
Image Owned
Image Altidore

We are an active team, we play a lot together and we can say that we represent the Italy National of Haxball. A lot of players there played at high levels like me, gio, William,Altidore and others and you can see that we reach the Semifinals of last HCL (losing just 1-0 in overtime against Stiff Winds, the winners of HCL). Just this, we think we can do a great things on this league
I know deadline was 10 may but until yesterday we were in division 1, i think admins can understand.
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