Season 18 New Team Applications

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Re: Season 18 New Team Applications

Postby Shamway » January 7th, 2017, 6:14 pm

Team name - Nighthawks
Logo - Image
TS logo - Image

Image Shamway (C)
Image Pompej (Co-C)
Image DeltyM
Image bocian
Image GaS
Image Vikythor87
Image Forsbi
Image Melda

In these unsecured time in CZ/SK community, I decide to move to the best and the most famous league. After two back-on-back finals with my team in CZ league, I think this is the best decision. Therefore, this team is created around experienced, well known and skilled players who always want to be the best. We also have a talented players who want to compete in international field. We want to rush through second division and as soon as possible play with the best players in Europe
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Re: Season 18 New Team Applications

Postby Rautovic » January 11th, 2017, 3:26 pm


Team Name: QuickSwans Reunited

TS-Icon: Image

Tag: QS


Image Rautovic Captain

Image naho Co-C
Image Mish
Image MartYK
Image Gamer
Image ogre

Maybe some Changes will be made soon.

Why you want to be Captain: Well, I have been an FM Captain and Supporter for almost 2 years, but then I quitted cause of personal reasons (job, own house, wife etc.) Now after I got plenty more time again I came back to FM and played in "MONSTARS" to keep fit again and afterwards I started playing with "QS" again.
Together we decided to come back to FM-League.
The Sign up came a bit late, but I wanted to talk to the other players before signing the Team up without being sure about it.

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