Season 17 New Team Applications

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Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby MrP » August 27th, 2016, 7:41 am

This is an ongoing thread for new teams to show their interest if they would like to join the league.

We can't guarantee that any team that signs up will get a place in the league.

Season 17 will begin: 25th September Preseason Cup

Code: Select all
Team Name -
Logo - (150x150)
TS Logo - (16x16)
Lineup - (add countries of players + captain and co cap)
Why you want to captain -

1. Make sure you have several decent hosts
2. Have a squad of active 5-12 (recommended 8 ) players
3. Don't have ragers in the team
4. Make sure your players have a good internet connection
5. Be active -> check out 2.
6. Be active -> check out 3.

A channel will be made for your team in the new teams section on - pm Hannes or MrP (not Hernández)

Deadline 24th September 10:59 PM GMT (11:59 PM CET)

If you have any concerns or questions pm Hannes, MrP, A.Tuntija or Whitee. (poke Hernández)
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby corn1 » August 27th, 2016, 6:41 pm

team name: Highlanders


corn (C) [UK]
Lumi (VC) [UK]
kol [IRE]
Iceman [UK]
Nub [LEB]
Prince [GER]

+ maybe some others

i was cap here for 3 seasons (seasons 3-6) and so was Lumi and may not have been a good cap before but I think I have improved and want to showcase that here. We want to give 4v4 another go and want to do so in the best league. The team is made up of players possibly unknown to the majority of the league, but I think it is important that newer players are given a chance in leagues such as this to keep the game alive and to keep the game fresh. We want to be somewhat competitive but for us it is more important that we have fun. We have played together before in Premierhax but since that league uses a draft system, it is very unlikely that we will all be together next season so we wanted to continue here and further develop ourselves as players and as a team. thanks for ur time.
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Piko » August 28th, 2016, 6:57 pm

Team Name : Illuminati
Logo : (150x150) Image
TS Logo : (16x16) Image
Lineup :
Piko (C) [DZ] (HOST)
umtiti (VC) [FR]
verratti [FR] (HOST)
SulOo [FR] (HOST)
Taziek [FR]
Snk [DZ]
Wayne [FR] (HOST)
+ more soon

Why you want to captain :
i can only say there is no captain between us we are a family we play together for more than 3 years c:
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Vaqq » August 29th, 2016, 8:08 pm

Team Name - Night Raiders
Logo - Image
TS Logo - Image

Lineup - (Final take or give 1 player)
Vaqq (C) Image
Fuelinho (Co-c) Image
Taziek Image
Beerus Image
Onkan Image
Xavinho Image
Marble Image
Klein Image
STriker (Co-c) Image
Zico Image

Why you want to captain -Having played haxball for a good part of 3 years under many captains, i believe i have learnt from the best what it takes to become a decent captain. Like corn, i also hope to develop and captain a mix of a players and attempt to construct a solid squad and most definitely give a chance to anyone who wants to play for us. I've been extremely active as of late taking part in 3 leagues, this will continue forward for seasons to come as will my team mates (everday multiple hours are spent for fsing). Thanks for reading
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Swift » August 30th, 2016, 1:43 pm

Team Name - TeamSwift

Logo - Image

TS Logo - Don't have it yet

Lineup - (final)
Image Swift (C)
Image Bliz (CO-C)
Image KissBerry
Image Makumba
Image Mish
Image Wildey
Image Cazorla
Image Deco*
Image Rabiot
Image Dalone

Why you want to captain -
Well, I've captained many successful teams in the past in leagues such as YeS, Haxball Galaxy, Haxtrick and Haxleague. Every single one of those teams have been successful with no problems. I have yet to captain in FM which is what I've always wanted to do eventually but I've never really been into FM up until recently. I've played in Ajhax, Fulam and Monstars and now I feel it's time to captain my own team in this league. I have been active over the past months and will be fully active during the course of next season. Also, my team is competitive with a good mix of UK players as well as foreign, and still more players are to be added. Again, I've been playing for two and a half years now, so i feel I'm ready to captain in this league. All the players in our team will be active so there will be no issues in inactivity! Another thing to mention is that none of our team are 'ragers' and will always stay in the team and play without complaints.

Thanks and good luck to all teams! :)
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Chees » August 30th, 2016, 3:31 pm

Team Name - Arsenal [ARS]
16x16 Image

Line up
Chees © [BG]
champion ©© [BG]
Mizzel [MK]
Luca [IT]
Even [IT]
OscarDaBagno [IT]

Feed me league is very popular in our society so we decided to make application with some good players. We want to join league because we want to try ourselfs in high level. We played with some teams who’s already play Feed me and we played very good, so I think that we can make some results in this league. Our members is very active, so we have a lot time to play. Also this is very fighting team and there is good connections between all players.

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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Norbii » September 4th, 2016, 7:31 am

Game of Thrones


TS logo: Image


Image Norbii C
Image Pain
Image Varela 18
Image Merk
Image OffSync
Image Chris
Image Dalone

Why you want to captain - First of all, because Pain doesnt want to be captain. Secondly we r playing on fm since ssn 7 (mostly (and together since we are playing on leagues), so we know how this league works. I tried lot of times to join with this team to fm in the past few months, but get rejected, so i just hope that we can get a chance once again here. Our behavior is perfect, we r not that players who r crying about ping or smth, and importantly, we have host too. The another important thing is that we dont want to be a team who play only on matchdays like most of the teams. So ye, lets say yes to Game of Thrones.
God bless our team.
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby -FabiooooSCP » September 5th, 2016, 10:32 am

Team Name - BLACKOUT
Logo - (150x150) Image
TS Logo - (16x16) Image
Lineup - (add countries of players + captain and co cap)

Image -FabiooooSCP ©
Image TIAGO ©©
Image Taipa
Image Cyndaquil
Image Akinfeev
Image Juan Mata
Image Mica
Image Pogba
Image Skinny
Image ZeroRullz

I want to be captain and enter this league because I think myself fit to hold office and not disappoint the organization, already have some experience in "guiding" teams, BO were 5 seasons of haxtrick, we are on the HCL, and were champions of the Portuguese league . We believe we can add something to this league that I think is the best.
Thank you and good luck to all !!
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Vukk » September 6th, 2016, 5:04 pm

Team Name -Vukovi
Logo - (150x150) : Image
TS Logo - (16x16) : Image
Vukk (BA) (C)
BHF (BA) (Co-c)
Falcao (BA)
Doktor Weiss (BA)
Bieniu (PL)
Beerus (IT)
MeteRespeito (PT)
Whitex (RO)
phenomeN (RO)
Pecik (CZ)

Why you want to captain - I founded Vukovi in 2011. We were gaining some experience by playing local leagues first 2 years. Finishing in top3 in them, I managed to got us into HCL v3 and v4 almost each season till now. Winning Haxtrick Div 3, and going season-by-season to Div1 in which we are currently playing, showed my excellent ability to manage team. My teammates and me are very responsible, respectfull and fairy.
Host will not be problem tho we have our server host.
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Ozil » September 6th, 2016, 9:37 pm


Ozil.(IT) (C)
Vardy (IT)

why you want to captain-I want captain becouse i want play this poupular league with my friend. THX FOR ALL.
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Lewa » September 7th, 2016, 12:22 pm

Team name : Cyber Zen

Image Martial ©
Image Rykon ©©
Image Tërror
Image alone
Image kazemir
Image gREAT
Image pAYET!

+maybe some others
Why you want to captain - I want to be captain because feed me league is very popular in our society so we decided to make application with some good players.
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Duke » September 7th, 2016, 7:31 pm

Team Name: Mighty Ducks


TS logo (16x16): Image


Image anglo (C)
Image Duke (co-C)
Image poneyl
Image Rooney1878
Image Stefan
Image Holtby
Image Mata

Why u want to be captain: This team was created 2 years ago by Jenzo and later i joined him to be a captain/co-captain with him for two seassons when we had a lot of good results especially here and later with a 2nd place in YeS esports.
Unfortunately Jenzo decided to finish is career in haxball and i managed this team until the end (some months later), now after i decide that i need something new and anglo (old member of Mighty Ducks) also we decided that create Mighty Ducks would be a good oppurtunity for we play together with some fun and also for get good results in this league.
I could do this aplications for any other league but i think this is at the moment the best league to play, in quality, in organization, in evertything comparing with the others active leagues at the moment and also because Mighty Ducks have a history in this league.
This team had always a good behaviour in all leagues that we participated and it will keep being like the same away.
We are ready for this challenge!

Thank you and GL to all teams! :p
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby moot » September 8th, 2016, 5:37 am

Team Name: Davaj Novy Mapku

Logo: Image
TS Logo: Image


Image moot (C)
Image SuarezN7 co(C)
Image Hannibal
Image Shamway
Image Ferry
Image ptichka
Image Browning
Image ScozHz
Image Sheva
Image too close
Image Papi14

Why you want to captain:

I have been captaining most of the teams I've played in. Me and SuarezN7 are the captains and founders of Davaj Novy Mapku when Haxtrick was created, before that we were captains of HaxTogether (a German team in YeS League). I used to be captain in the FM team Second to None when fr1sky quit at the start of the season. We are also playing as Invincible - a Bulgarian team that in the recent years have been always in the HCL group stages or beyond. Being determinated to win we would like to challenge ourselves and try to do our best in probably best league at the moment - Feed Me. All of our players are well known in the big leagues and have proven that they are serious and reliable members of the Haxball community.
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby kojo » September 12th, 2016, 10:23 pm

Team Name - Klub Emerytów
Logo - (150x150) Image
TS Logo - (16x16)
Lineup -
kojo (c) Image
Strzelec wyborowy co (C) Image
Notek Image
Milanista Image
Bartibis Image
Misul Image
Returning Image
Elky Image
Robu Image

Why you want to captain - i'd like to be captain just because we don't have any league 4v4 in Poland so we decided to create a team with well-known players from our country. Most of us plays 4v4 since 2012, you should remember ZaqHax Y/Z/X, Blue Eagles also. We've got 4 hosts, and we're not ragers [:)] . It'll be pleasure to play with the best teams in Europe
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Majstor za golove » September 14th, 2016, 7:44 pm

Serbian Haxballerz

Logo - (150x150)


TS Logo - (16x16)Image
Lineup - (add countries of players + captain and co cap)
Image Majstor za golove (c)
Image Kagawa (co-c)
Image grobar (co-c)
Image Kalou
Image Drogbeni
Image 601
Image Negazirani
Image Leverkusen
Image Rashford
Image Aguero
Image Brigate

Why you want to captain - First of all, I would like to stress that this is basically the national haxball team of Serbia. We are all experienced players and we all had competed in a bunch of both national and international competitions. They made me captain some time ago as I spend most of the time near the PC which makes me available on most occasions. We really like the format of your league (which is quite famous in the european haxball community) and would like to become a long-lasting part of it. Our not-so-humble opinion is that we should be a hard nut to crack for most teams. On the other side, it must be fun to play against some of the best teams there are and we hope to get such an opportunity. Best regards.
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Mamba » September 15th, 2016, 8:44 pm

Team Name - Hellraisers

Logo - (150x150) Image
TS Logo - (16x16) Image

Image Mamba C
Image Pizzi Co-C
Image naho
Image shaxlele
Image Lord
Image Gamer
Image Danny
* might not be final

Why you want to captain:
Mamba: I want to be a captain because I'm an active player and sometimes when I play in teams that are ran by other players some differences makes it harder to cooperate or makes one of two sides feel worse (sometimes both). For active players it's a nice benefit of being in control of your own playing time in league, when you don't need to question yourself if you will get to play tonight or not after spending evening or whole day practicing and getting ready for that match and etc. As you know I already had been a captain one season in this league and I'm pretty sure that I or my team in general didn't caused much problems also it was a long time ago and in this time I've gained alot of new experience as a player and as a captain. As a former captain of a team in FeedME, captain of national team, co-captain of Haxtrick & Haxleague teams, one of admins in Haxtrick and "kinda person who is responsible for some graphic artwork in FeedME and Haxtrick" I have guts to call myself a reliable fella. Admin team saw that last time, when my team faced some problems in second half of the season where somehow it was hard to find players on time, I still gave everything to make it possible to finish season succesfuly without any def loses. Now I can promise you a team which wouldn't cause any problems again like last time, also this time it's even better because now I have a very active and reliable co-captain helping me to make it count as a succesful effort. We have good pings in europe and decent hosts in my opinion, also we can get a server host from some of our friends if it's necessary.

Pizzi: My objective and the main reason as one of the co-captains in our team is to achieve the greater things in this Feed Me Community and get stronger relations as a team. The second reason is that experience is a big thing in this community where it helps you out alot, since experience effects your performance. '' Let me keep it short and sweet, Good luck to other captains.''
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Bruma » September 16th, 2016, 3:01 pm

sorry litter team won't be able to play
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby BrunoH96 » September 20th, 2016, 10:28 pm


Logo 16x16:Image


Image BH (C)

Image Pedrogol (CC)

Image Tortogol

Image Radamel Falcão UC

Image Terror

Image Givanildo

Image Chico'z

Image Funny

Image ImHero

Image aprendizSCP

Image MeteRespeito

I took the iniciative to be captain of this team because i can convince them with my innovative style to play the game to stay active on haxball,which anybody can see ( the ones that actually want to see and don't want to be a copycat of opinions of others),with the quality of our players (some in my opinion best that europe has ever seen on an haxball field), it's very good for the game in general,and besides our quality in the field,we have quality outside the field aswell,with a german host on our possession to avoid much time spent on finding a host that fits us and our opponents (since the country that i live in isn't located on the center of europe) and ppl that are fair for the situations that u need to be fair to a good-functional league as this one.
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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Mish » September 22nd, 2016, 8:21 pm

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Re: Season 17 New Team Applications

Postby Wayne » September 22nd, 2016, 9:44 pm


[Ole] Image


Image Wayne (C) (HOST)
Image Pogba (Co-C)
Image papier
Image Falk9
Image Malcom
Image Niykee
Image GQKU
Image Piko (VPS HOST)

Since HBC League has been inactive and are about to be closed, we would really like to have an opportunity to play for a league like FM.
We have some really motivated players that wants to win here and do their best to achieve it, hosts will also not be a problem since we own a server host
but also has some decent hosts by ourselves.

I am the captain of this team because i have been the general of this team for 3 years in HBC, i am a respectable team captain and can handle problems that might occur
during off and on games if for example my teammates get upset, something gets under their skin, and that they need to let off some steam and just vent. I am
there to help them get motivated when it is needed. We are like a family and we want to grow alot more with new players that wants to have fun with us and achieve our goals together!!

Thank you for your time and we will be happy to take part in this league.
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