Season 14 Announcements

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Season 14 Announcements

Postby MrP » November 9th, 2015, 11:38 pm

Season 14 will start on the 12th November (Cup 1st Round)

League System
Stadium - Big
Time Limit - 7 minutes per half
Halves - 2
Days - Thursday / Sunday
Time - 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET) (streamed games 20:45gmt for div2 and 21:15gmt for div1(21:45cet and 22:15cet)
Relegations - Bottom 2 in div 1 go to div 2, top 2 in div 2 will be promoted (playoffs for promotion will be decided near the end of the season) - The amount of teams that get promoted is up to the (possible) expansion in season 15.

Stadium - Big
Format - 1st Round - Round of 16 - Quarter Finals - Semi Finals - Final
Time Limit - 7 minute per half (10 min for final)
Overtime goallimit: 1 and changing sides
Halves - 2
Days - Thursday / Sunday
Time - 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET), semifinals + final 20:30 GMT (21:30 CET) (streamed games depends)

Cup 1st Round
Drawing will be announced soon in a separate thread

The following teams have been accepted to be in FM for season 14:
Division 1 -
YeS AllStars
Watch & Learn
Aston Birra
Los Santos
Dream Destroyers
Night's Watch
Pablo Haxobar/ Meh Squirrel

Playoff Match -
Pablo Haxobar - Meh Squirrel
Winner will play Division1, Loser will play Division 2
12th of November - 20:30 GMT (21:30 CET)
2x7 mins + possible overtime (golden goal, no time limit)

Division 2 -
Pablo Haxobar/ Meh Squirrel
archNemeses (new)
Devil's Dozen (new)
Fisherman's Friends (new)
Game of Thrones (new)
Hots Shots (new)
Second to None²²º (new)
Sensation (new)


Signings / Transfer Window
- The transfer window will close on the 12th November (before the season) (players will not be able to switch teams)
- The transfer window will reopen on the 20th December after League Matches (Mid Season break)
- The transfer window will close on the 3rd January before the League Matches (players that have played for a team during the season cannot play for any other team) (players that have not played yet during the season can still play until free agency closes)
- Free agency will close on the the 24th January before League Matches (players not allowed to sign up for Free Agency any more)

Staff / Jobs
Goal of the Week: Rautovic
Checking Results: Tuntija/Hernández/Rautovic
Betting Odds:
Fantasy Haxball: MrP
Previews: MrP
Stream Orga: Hernández

Contact Hannes if you want to help

New Rules
New rules will be announced soon
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Re: Season 14 Announcements

Postby fr1 » November 9th, 2015, 11:42 pm

thanks guys,

good luck to all other new teams too.. should be a fun season!
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