FMI: Episode 9 (feat. Yawn)

FMI: Episode 9 (feat. Yawn)

Postby WillYouReallyBeatME » November 18th, 2017, 12:52 am

Hello amigos!
Here we are with a brand new episode of our interview series! This time one of our less swedish stars and captain of IFK Systembolagetlaget, called Yawn, had the pleasure to answer my questions. After signing to Ajhax in start of season 13 he is quite constantly playing here what makes him a perfect candidate!
We had a nice evening and I got to know many things I didn’t know after playing together and knowing him for 1-2 years. Until now he managed to score 52 goals and made 25 assists for 9 different teams, while on the other side he is also leading own goal statistic with 5 goals in the current season. For sure his performances in YeS AllStars and his current team are outstanding and it will be interesting to see if he and his team can hold this high level next season in Division 1 too. When you want to know if you have chances to get signed soon, finding out about his plans (with his team), getting an interesting view from a successful captain and much more then better read!

Fact sheet

Real name: Tobias
Age: 20
Living in: Gothenburg, Sweden
Playing haxball since: Summer 2015
Current teams: IFK Systembolagetlaget / Flame Hawks
Former (important) teams: YeS AllStars
Working as: Some shitty industry during my gap year
Studying: Will most likely either begin the medical program or computer engineering September 2018
Favourite food: Seafood...
Prefered music style: I don't really have a favorite, I like all kind of music

Hello my swedish amigo, Yawn! Everything fine?

I’m GREAT! And hello :)

Good to hear. So before we start with the interview can you just tell us something about you as person behind the player?

Hmm, I'm a 20 year old swede from Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. I guess some know me as 'Tobias' which is my real name (obviously). On my spare time I like to play Haxball... That's about it I guess, I'm not that interesting to be honest.

Hmm okay how sad... So you said you are playing Haxball since 2015, but do you also remember how you find out about it and your first impressions? And how long it took you until you came to leagues?

Basically I begun my haxball career around april 2015 If I remember it correctly, but it took a few month of pub grinding before I entered leagues. I used to play a fotballmanager game called 'Mangerzone' where I browsed their forum and somewhat I came across a link redirecting me to I started playing it alot, a few hours everyday in public until I stumbled across Twigg that essentially brought me into his newly formed team in Premierhax (UK 3v3 league). Due to the fact that the swedish haxball community is really small (almost non-existential) I quickly gained good players to play with from Sweden (mostly naho), and therefore I could improve pretty quickly.
My first impression of hax was obviously really positive, in the end of the day it's a really entertaining game. There's also a charm with it because of the small community, therefore you're pretty dependent on your reputation. If you're unknown it's really hard to find a suitable team.


"Yawn showing his class with Ajhax in his first FM-team"

That's really interesting already! And except Haxball, which other games you play or played?

I've been playing alot of games in my days, I used to play alot of CoD4, MW2 and Battlefield3/4 on xbox360. I've also been playing loaaads of Tribalwars and WoW. I've tried so many games in my days, but these are the ones that I've spen the most time on (+ Hax).

Tribalwars?? I’m also a tribal wars master! :D Renatoo too :D But lets come back to Haxball. Do you remember how your nickname ‘Yawn‘ was created? And ever thought about changing it?

Yes, it's the best game ever, to bad you can't ever sleep if you wanna become the best at it haha... Hmm, I was never good at coming up with names for my different game characters, I usually just pick some retarded bullshit and stick with it, eventually everyone (including myself) get used to it anyways, and it becomes natural.

Haha okay so sadly no interesting story behind it... And when you play Haxball how would you describe your playstyle and what are important things where you keep focus when you play?

I'm struggling to describe my exact playstyle, hard to put words onto it. I usually just try to adapt to the opponents, and try to read their players as good as possible.

Ok no problem, it is hard for most people I guess. I recognized last time you are playing most times as goalkeeper, is it currently your favourite position? And you also have one which you don't like at all?

Yea I started enjoying GK recently, it's nice for a change. I wouldn't say it's my favorite position, but it depends a lot on the teammates I'm playing with. For example, I'd never play GK with a DM that doesn't cover properly, which most doesn't sadly... I like all positions, but the one I adore the least is DM for sure. It's mostly because I'm a bit to slow with the ball in attack, I can't compete with the best DM's on that note, so therefore I rather not play it. :P

Ah cool, to be honest I also find it intersting to play as GK sometimes. By the way did you from beginning of your career play on more positions or did it come from time to time?

My main position was always AM, sometimes I would play ST aswell, but for 9/10 games it would be AM. It was just recently, the last couple of months where I began my GK career. So yea, I can play 3/4 positions, which is a good thing especially when being a captain. Then I can rotate a bit how I feel like, and adapt my team more to the opponents.

That's for sure a great tactic and can help a lot. So you are in the Haxball universum "only" for around 2 years, but do you already kinda miss any players, teams or leagues?

I miss YeS obviously, it was a great team stacked with good players. But except for the YeS AllStars players I also miss CRonaldo and his teams. He was one of few that always managed to put up a great side that always were, in my head at least, a dominant team (If we exclude his last captain session in L1 where AL failed hard). I also hope Fritz will return, there were few player on his level when I started hax. Would also be cool to see Cacca back, so we finally could have a GK that can compete with Pringles.

So let’s get even more into Haxball. What is your motivation to play here in Feed Me?

It's the best league currently, it holds the best EU players (with a few missing like Hulk etc), so obviously it's in FM where I want to compete.


"Yawn playing for Daredevils during Season 16"

I also miss Hulk here, but I heard probably he will be unbanned next season. So with IFK Systembolagetlaget you have your own team now, but how did the idea to create a new team in Feed Me come? And did you want to be the captain or you more had to do it because others didn’t want?

I wanted to be captain, it's hard to motivate yourself to the fullest when you play for a team that isn't yours. Here I can form the team I want, and I at least have the oppertunity to implement my own playstyle and make the team adapt to it, even though it's quite hard in hax haha.

That's true, but there always is a way! Your team has with IFK Systembolagetlaget a quite uncommon name and I didn't google it by now. Has it any story why you and your team chose this name?

Yea, I actually explained it in this seasons div2 preview, i'll copy paste it: "Haha, It's a name that probably only I find funny, and you must be swedish to kinda understand it. I will explain with all the details covered!
IFK stands for ''Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna'' in swedish, which kinda translates to ''Sport Association Comrades/Friends''.
Moving on... ''Systembolaget'' is the government owned chain of liquor in Sweden. It is the only retail store allowed to sell alcoholic beverages that contain more than a few % in volume.
Lastly, ''Laget means ''The team'' or just ''team''."

Haha okay, it is really hard to understand as no swede. In the current season 16 league matches passed and we can say that there goes no way around that next season IFK Systembolagetlaget will play in the first Division of the best Haxball league in the world. I can guess your aim in this season is to be champion, but does it also count for next season to gain finishing as champion?

Surely! First of all we need to make sure we win the division this season. QS is a good and stable team, but we have it all in our own hands. I'd be really dissapointed if we didn't end up winning the division.
In division1 it will be much tougher undoubtedly, there is no ''elite'' team in div2, like there are in div1. The average level is just so much higher that it cannot even be compared. I think we're a really strong team aswell though (not biased xd) and I would expect us to come at least top4, I would be dissapointed otherwise. But there's most likely at least two months until the next season begins, a lot might happen, I'm sure many roosters (including my own teams) might look a lot different by that time.

And in this season, are you confident how it went? Were your expectations, if you had any, fullfied or something went worser or even better?

It went a bit worse than expected, not only did we drop points by playing horrible, but we also did begin loads of games really shitty, and had to make some crazy comebacks, we won't be able to pull those of in div1.
I'm still not dissatisfied though, as long as we win the league It doesn't matter too much if we make some bad games during the course of the season. Hopefully QS will drop some points, but it shouldn't matter. We have everything in our own hands and just need to grind a few more wins and we'll have the title.

So you said it was a bit worse than expected. Possibly new signings could help you! So lets assume that you could choose two players who immediately would be your new signings. Who would you choose?

That's another though question. There are many players I like, but if I would take two that would fit the team well (and currently play in FM) it would be shaxele and maybe Reus. The first one is maybe the most underrated player in hax and Reus might be the best offensive player, undoubtedly a player that any team would recruit if given the chance.

Well maybe after reading this it could come true one day! And in general what are the qualities you search to have chances for a signing? And do you plan to sign some more players or its fine like it is for next time?

Smart players that you can reason with a bit are always nice to have. One thing I dislike is egoistic players who puts himself above the team. I don't really have any fix/set requirements but I'd like a humble, quick and smart player that sees hax as what it is - a team game.
I don't have any plans to sign someone before the end of this season unless some incident occurs that forces me to get a replacement.

When was your first performance in Team Sweden? And what is your balance sheet for the moment? Do you like to play there and is it good that nowadays we have more tournaments again, as we also had years with just one?

My first performance was some NC in december 2015 I think it was vs Russia. We drew the game and it was fun, back then I had no clue how to play on Big Easy. I ran around a bit like a headless chicken. I enjoy playing with Sweden even though we never really performed very good in any competetion. I hope we'll play the next tournament available. At the moment we have lack of motivation I'd say.

Can you shortly sum up which titles you won in your haxball career? And which of them is your greatest victory and why?

I've won Premhax 3 times, FM 1 time and the FM cup (was kinda carried though). Then I also won haxtrick twice. That's basically it, alot of pre ssn's, funcups etc aswell but they don't really matter. My greatest title was probably the first haxtrick one, because I managed to win both top scorer and top assister that season (If i remember it correctly). So from my POV, it was my greatest achivement I guess.


"Yawn while his time as DM for Husaria in Season 19"

When you think about your best and most thrilled Haxball match(es) you had over the years… Which come in your mind and can you shortly explain why them?

Probably a HCL game from the 10th edition, back when I was playing with YeS. It was a ro16 game vs an Italian team. We took the lead quite early, but then somewhat we managed to concede 3 goals. I remember how I thought to myself ''It's over now'' when they scored their 3-1, because they had a good bus def. Somehow we managed the comeback though and eventually went on to win 6-3. That game is for sure my most memorable game at least. -> CLICK

That perfectly fits to my next question. What was your furthest performance in Haxball Champions League, probably as player and substitute when its not same?

Quarterfinals as a startplayer and final as a subsitute (only played the groups + Ro16 that edition). Hopefully that will change this season.

I hope so of course! Do you have any more aims in Haxball what you want to achieve, probably being winner of HCL one day or winning a national tournament?

Hmm both yes and no. Like most, I just play hax on my spare time for fun. I'm competetive by nature though, and HCL is probably the best tournament you can win in Haxball. So I'd say my aim is to win HCL. Winning some Country Championship would be cool too, but I feel like the level is higher in HCL, at least the quantity.

Are you proud of the way you as player did? And do you regret something based on Haxball sometimes? Probably to have signed somewhere or cut someone of one of your teams?

I don't have any regrets what Im aware of at the moment. I'm not necessarily proud of something I did either though. We will see, when I finally decide to retire from this game ill make sure to summarize my career and actually decide whether I'm proud or not of my choices

Haha okay, what is currently your top starting 4 line-up? (when you don’t choose yourself create 2, and on 3def ofc)
Pringles - Falk - aguero10 - Reus vs Donate - Misaj - ROCKY - Catrice
This could be an interesting game...

What would you say changed in Haxball over the years you are playing it? And what you hope will change (soon)?

Nothing really changed since I began playing, players will always come and go but the concept will always remain. A cool change would be more exposure for hax around the internet, which would attract more player and increase the activity. Hopefully HTML5 can contribute to this matter.


"Yawn scoring the winning goal for YeS AllStars in last second"

That would be really great indeed! Did you already make any plans of retiring one day, or what do you think from your current point of view how long will you stay active in the Haxball universum?

I will play as long as I have fun doing it. My activity might decrease heavily when I start University, but until then I think i'll be here as active as I'm right now.

Sounds great! To finalize it have you maybe funny stories happened in Haxball or your real life which you want to share with us?

Yea, me and my friends were out in Germany some years ago and some crazy shit went down, watch this video (until the end) and you will understand:

Haha I saw this video, but I didn’t know you was involved there too. Thank your for the great interview! Any last words or things you want to say?

Thanks for the interview, it was fun! I will save the rest for my ''thank you'' speech to the day I retire from this game.
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Re: FMI: Episode 9 (feat. Yawn)

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when is the next interview :bounce:
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Re: FMI: Episode 9 (feat. Yawn)

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i dont want to give wrong hopes, but I hope asap (candidate was chosen already)
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Re: FMI: Episode 9 (feat. Yawn)

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unplanned delays...
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<18:22:33> "Yawn1": barca is the nicest player EU to have in a team
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