[MEH-SPECIAL] Interview with jovetic aka Nana8

Re: [MEH-SPECIAL] Interview with jovetic aka Nana8

Postby WillYouReallyBeatME » July 20th, 2018, 9:12 am

Jappo wrote:
WillYouReallyBeatME wrote:I request most interesting people in fm!

maybe I got it wrong or I interpret too much in there. if yes, sorry... otherwise:

Jove is here at fm since 2013, playing hax since 2012. he ist the founder of MS. hax-team since 2015.
He is currently a captain of an 1st div. team, and his team made it better so far, as all people thought it before.
enough reasons to be interesting too? or is it only interesting if you play in top teams or won the championship?

but ofc, there are many other guys, who are interesting too....

but Doink not...

Was for sure no attack on anyone =) Just an easy advice by Barca & its suuuper great to see that this series continues ofc!
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