Round 7 review: Div 1 & 2

Round 7 review: Div 1 & 2

Postby Zola » February 4th, 2019, 7:07 pm

Review for round 7. Hope you enjoy it.
Not sure I can make one for next round.
Thanks soc


4 wins with a 6 goal-difference in Division 1 was the most remarkable thing in round 7 together with a great debut day from a player resulting in 7 goals in 2 matches. This is the review of round 7.

Division 1
INSANITY vs Skins 6-0 (1-0)
Because of postponed matches INSANITY had only played 3 league games so far leading to a victory and 2 draws and clean sheets in all 3 matches. Sunday, they faced Skins and got the lead as aven scored after 2 mins. The only goal in the first half.
Second half was much richer on goals and the first one came after 3 minutes when zPooKy made it 2-0 with a really strong team goal with great passing. With 2 minutes left Skins tried to force a counter attack a bit too early and that led to an open goal which mev exploited and scored for 3-0. Mev also scored for 4-0 this time through a great finish after a pass from zPooKy. After the 4-0 goal Skins got a melt down and conceded a further 2 goals. First zPooKy could score after RL9 did a good job blocking Wiaz in goal and seconds later zPooKy got his hattrick after another good team goal. 6-0 victory to INSANITY who continue their great run without conceding. Clean sheet to SAYKO.

Trailer Park Penguins vs FEAR 9-3 (2-1)
Last match FEAR mentally never entered the second half going from being down 0-1 to 0-8. Facing Trailer Park Penguins with great offensive players a strong mindset was needed to avoid another collective melt down. 4 minutes in it was the penguins that got the best start. Necro took advantage of a bad clearance from GirlontaR and scored. FEAR got back in the game a minute later as wroz made an unlucky own goal. A shot from Ender deflected on him and goalkeeper Nocke couldn’t save it. FEAR didn’t have time for celebration as Necro scored again only seconds later. This time through a great finisher after an excellent pass from xSha. 2-1 lead to Trailer Park Penguins at halftime.
If anyone thought FEAR would come out to second half differently than last match they were wrong. After 20 seconds xSha scored a nice goal after a good pass from Necro. Not much to do for goalkeeper mads as he was left alone against 2 players. A minute in it was 4-1 after an own goal from GirlontaR. After 2 minutes FEAR scored a great goal after Voyager beat Nocke in goal. It didn’t help much as they conceded 9 seconds later as Necro scored another goal after a great pass from xSha. The 2 players from Trailer Park Penguins really had an excellent chemistry this match. The penguins started to play a bit sloppy in attack not paying attention to the striker of FEAR. That gave Voyager an easy goal as he had most of the pitch for himself and an empty goal to shoot at. 8th goal of the match but we weren’t done yet. With 2 minutes left subbed on goalkeeper flaviu made an owngoal and seconds later Necro scored to 7-3 with his fourth goal of the match. xSha also wanted to get in on the action and he finished FEAR of with 2 goals in last 30 seconds securing him a hattrick and Trailer Park Penguins a 9-3 victory.

Gladiators vs Blue Panthers 6-0 (3-0)
Blue Panthers have taken some rough beatings in the league and it wasn’t much different when they faced Gladiators. Misaj gave Gladiators the lead halfway through as he caught KaLaJaN1 off guard. William made it 2-0 after a duel against Pero que that gave the ball more power making it hard to save. It also got to 3-0 before halftime as Misaj scored again with 30 seconds left. A comfortable lead for Gladiators.
In second half Gladiators continued scoring. First by a shot from Misaj ping ponging on 3 Blue Panthers players before the ball was in the net. A couple of minutes later Misaj was on it again and this time there was no doubt that he was the one scoring securing him a hattrick. He cleverly bounced the ball on KaLaJaN1 giving him a chance to score in an empty goal where he didn’t miss. Misaj wanted to impress his new team even more and he surely did with 2 minutes left where he scored an absolute stunner. He used the wall to juke an opponent before shooting the ball between 2 players leaving KaLaJaN1 without any chance in goal. A 6-0 win to Gladiators who from the looks of it made a dream signing as Misaj joined the team before Sunday’s games. Clean sheet to Baffo.

Angry Bulls vs Slappers 6-0 (3-0)
This match was only 20 seconds old before we got the first goal when Angry Bulls faced Slappers. Goalkeeper Entony88 didn’t manage to clear the ball properly and after loosing a spam duel against ESPierre he shot the ball in to his own net. A bad start for Slappers that only got worse after a minute where Müllérsh made it 2-0. Slappers almost scored themselves, but the shot hit post and instead Angry Bulls took advantage of the situation and scored on a 2vs1 situation. Müllérsh also made it 3-0 this time after a great attack from Angry Bulls securing them a halftime lead of 3-0.
In the second half Angry Bulls continued the domination and got another goal from Müllérsh. Slappers really had a hard time in defence trying to stop the strong attacks of Angry Bulls but didn’t manage to. The strong attacks resulted in further 2 goals, one from ESPierre and another from Müllérsh, giving Angry Bulls a 6-0 victory. Clean Sheet to Teddie.

Division 2
Storm Wolves vs Bronze4Life 1-3 (0-1)
Storm Wolves had a difficult task facing top ranked Bronze4Life. The only goal in the first half was from Shinji Kagawa that scored after intercepting a clearance from goalkeeper Lisbon. A nice goal resulting in some not so nice Portuguese glossaries from the defensive midfielder of Storm Wolves that weren’t happy with his goalkeeper in the situation.
After 20 seconds we got the first goal of the second half from Bronze4Life again. A nice pass from Muris 9 was out of reach for the Storm Wolves players leaving Shinji Kagawa free to score an easy goal. It was a lively start of the half as k0z scored only 15 seconds later after a pass from Bot88. Storm Wolves tried to equalize after their goal but didn’t manage to and instead it was Bronze4Life that got the last goal after Muris 9 was left alone after a clearance from Shinji Kagawa. 3-1 victory to Bronze4Life that continue their dominance in the Division 2.

H2K vs Disneylanders 3-1 (0-0)
First half didn’t give us any goals in the match between H2k and Disneylanders. Both teams are ranked in the top part of the table, so a close match was expected.
First goal of the match came a minute into second half where Pjanić, subbed in at halftime, scored. The ball ended at FearMe and miscommunication between the Disneylanders defence resulted in both goalkeeper Duke and defender Tuca chasing the ball. FearMe took advantage of that and with a precise pass he found Pjanić that could easily score as the goalkeeper was away from his goal. Not many seconds later it was 2-0 and again it was Pjanić after a pass from FearMe. Nice chemistry from them resulting in a 2-0 lead. Half way through the half Disneylanders got back in the match after a great team goal. Some quick passes before TIAGO was able to shoot the ball behind Rizzoli in goal. Pjanić proved it was a good idea subbing him on and the end of the match as he got his hattrick. His goal was the last of the match as H2K ended with a 3-1 victory.

Balls Be Flyin' vs The Chosen ONE 0-5 (0-3)
Streamed match of the round gave us plenty of goals as Balls Be Flyin' faced The Chosen ONE. Only 18 seconds in CHE scored after an assist from Witsel. The 2 players found each other again after 4 minutes resulting in a nice goal again from CHE. CHE passed to Witsel who passed back and TotalPlayer couldn’t do much in goal. It got worse for Balls Be Flyin' as they conceded another goal only seconds later. This time after a spam goal where MartYK got the last touch on the ball.
In second half The Chosen ONE continued their aggressive play and it led to another goal from MartYK after a spam duel. Spam duels seemed to be in favour of The Chosen ONE as they scored another after one of those as Witsel made it 5-0. An overall very strong performance from The Chosen ONE with a 5-0 win and a clean sheet to Vidal who has now made 3 in the Division 2.

Ajhax vs Super Kickers 2018 4-0 (1-0)
The 2 lowest ranked teams met this Sunday so much was at stake as an Ajhax-win would make the team go past Super Kickers 2018 in the table. Halfway through Lyreco gave Ajhax a great start with an excellent finish. He received the ball from Loomani and with power and precision he left TemplleGoku without any chance in goal. A great goal leading to recognition from teammate Hektor and captain Jds.
A minute in to second half Ajhax got a 2-0 advantage. The defence of Super Kickers 2018 rushed forward resulting in a 2vs1 situation where Lyreco passed to ShimShon who scored. The defence of Super Kickers 2018 didn’t do much to help their goalkeeper Nagato as he was left alone against 2 players from Ajhax. Nagato managed to make a good interception at first but his defenders were still not back so Lyreco and ShimShon got a second chance. This time resulting in a goal from ShimShon. Another 2vs1 situation for Lyreco and ShimShon also gave Ajhax a fourth goal this time with Lyreco as goal scorer. A very nice win for Ajhax but also with very poor defending from Super Kickers 2018 who is now at the bottom of the table. Clean sheet for Hektor.

White Walkers vs Invincible 0-0 (0-0)
A match between 2 teams that both scores and concede quite a lot so lots of goals was expected as White Walkers met Invincible. Both teams had chances to score but good goalkeeping performances from Asus5 and Kissberry resulted in a goalless first half.
Also in second half we saw chances to both teams but yet again the goals failed to appear. It all ended with a 0-0 and a clean sheet to both Asus5 and Kissberry.

Pablo Haxobar vs Elite69 0-2 (0-1)
Elite69 got their first win in last round and had the keep up their upward shape against Pablo Haxobar who is on a poor run. doupi gave his team the lead halfway through as a series of random shots from both Pablo Haxobar and Elite69 players in front of the goal resulted in the ball going in behind Sero07. The only goal of the first half.
Second half seemed to be goalless but in the last seconds Doupi got his second goal of the match. Pablo Haxobar was forced forward trying to get the equalizer and after a failed pass aeRo could make an easy pass to Doupi who was all alone and could score an empty goal. A deserved win to Elite69 against Pablo Haxobar who is now on a minor point crisis as they have lost 3 in a row. Clean sheet to Popi.

Matches from previous rounds
Angry Bulls vs INSANITY 2-1 (1-1)
A very exciting match where Angry Bulls, one of the leagues highest scoring teams, had to find a way to get through the great defence of INSANITY that hadn’t conceded a single goal before this match in the league. That changed in the first half where Angry Bulls managed to score past INSANITY, but it was with the help from an opponent as mev put the ball pass his own goalkeeper. INSANITY replied with 30 seconds left of the half where the ball ended at aven after a spam duel between Splat and mev. Aven shot quickly and secured his team a better starting point for the second half.
Second half began with a change from INSANITY as goal scorer aven was subbed for RL9. Angry Bulls continued with the same line up and like in the first half they got the first goal resulting in a 2-1 lead. Yet again an own goal was needed to pass SAYKO. Splat tried a shot and it deflected on zPooKy and was out of reach for SAKYO in goal. INSANITY tried to equalize but didn’t manage to which means Angry Bulls got 3 points and a 2-1 victory.

Skins vs Gladiators 1-3 (0-0)
Captain Gio had an ace up his sleeve when his team had to play a postponed match from round 6. Only hours before kick-off he signed Turkish player Misaj to help beating his countrymen from Skins. First half resulted in chances to both teams but none of them good enough to beat the goalkeepers.
Second half started without changes in line up and that decision turned out to work best for Gladiators. A minute in they got the first goal after a spam duel in front of Skins’ goal. Eventually gio hit the ball and it went in after a deflection on Vanessa. Only seconds after the goal Gladiators got another one. This time it was the new player Misaj who scored after an assist from gio. Misaj wasn’t done yet and got his second goal as he was first on the ball after a spam duel between William and hootlatte. Skins responded back quickly and got a goal by Jose Fernandão but didn’t get any closer. A 3-1 win to Gladiators and a great debut day from Misaj resulting in 7 goals scored in 2 matches.
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Re: Round 7 review: Div 1 & 2

Postby Hannes » February 4th, 2019, 9:02 pm

So, INSANITYs run without conceeding came to an end now.
In Div2 Bronze4Life will be very hard to beat i guess.
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Re: Round 7 review: Div 1 & 2

Postby socrates » February 4th, 2019, 9:08 pm

Sadly Blue Panthers only team without any points yet :(

I will support you now - good luck! :thumbup:
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