Round 3 review: Div 1 & 2

Round 3 review: Div 1 & 2

Postby Zola » January 21st, 2019, 2:25 pm

Review for round 3 and a couple of postponed games that has been played.
Thx Soc :)


3 own goals from the same team, great goals and a third clean sheet in a row from one of the teams was part of the action in the matches played Sunday. This is the review of round 3.

Division 1
Trailer Park Penguins vs archNemeses 2-3 (0-0)
The streamed match between Trailer Park Penguins and archNemeses brought us 2 teams that came from very different baselines. Trailer Park Penguins destroyed their opponents 11-1 in a goal orgy while archNemeses played 0-0. The match this Sunday looked like it would be a copy of archNemeses’ match as it was 0-0 at halftime. That changed in the second half.
30 seconds in Jasko finished of an archNemeses attack giving his team a 1-0 lead. Midway through second half he doubled the lead after another assist from Lakii. Nocke was away from his goal and wroz was forced to cover Lakii. That made enough space for jasko who cleverly shot the ball between Nocke and wroz. The 2-0 advantage didn’t stand for long as Trailer Park Penguins got themselves back into the match. A clever pass from wroz was not cleared by the defence and Dinx got it in behind Per in goal. Trailer Park Penguins tried their best to keep pressuring for a second goal their high aggression didn’t come without a risk. A failed attack left Lakii alone and he could put the ball in to an empty net and a 3-1 lead. With 30 seconds left xSha managed to score bringing a little hope back to his team. They didn’t get any closer and therefore archNemeses wins 3-2 in a great match.

FEAR vs Slappers 1-1 (1-0)
This match had a bit of controversy as Slappers were not satisfied with the opponents. Problems with ping and eventually a host change took some focus away from the game. The match was moved to a new host and here we had the first goal after only 27 seconds. aMp picked up a pass from GirlontaR and got it nicely behind shuz in goal. No further goals in first half.
Second half was 3 minutes old before we got another goal. This time it was Slappers who scored. FEAR failed to clear the ball leaving 3 players of Slappers in front of their goal. They took advantage of that through Canica who scored on goalkeeper mads. That was the last goal of the game giving both teams a single point.

Gladiators vs Angry Bulls 2-3 (1-1)
First match of the season for Angry Bulls who faced Gladiators that had 3 points after 2 games. It was the Angry Bulls that came of with the best start as they got the lead. Baffo in goal was unable to find a spot to clear and after a duel the ball got in to the net. With 2 minutes left Styl brought balance into the game with his equalizer. That was the last goal of the half.
In second half Angry Bulls got the lead again after a great assist from Müllérsh. A nice patient move from him made sure Baffo had no chance in goal preventing the shot from Schúrz. Not many seconds later Schúrz again passed Baffo and gave Angry Bulls a 3-1 lead. That lasted until the last 2 minutes where Gladiators converted a 2vs1 situation to a goal. Styl passed to gio who found the net through the post with a nice shot. Last goal of the match securing Angry Bulls a nice start of the season with a 3-2 victory.

INSANITY vs Guns N’ Moses 1-0 (1-0)
With 2 0-0s in a row INSANITY opened their campaign in a very interesting way. This time they should try to hold their clean sheet and get on the score line for the first time against Guns N’ Moses who had 4 points after the first 2 games. After 5 minutes INSANITY showed that they are also capable of scoring. Goalkeeper LaggerMet was supporting his team’s defence but that led to an opening in goal when mev managed to find NAZ. With a hard shot from NAZ, LaggerMet did not have enough time to get back in goal and could therefore see the ball going into the net.
With no further goals in first half we started second with a few changes in line up from Guns N’ Moses. Saky went from DM to AM position while Vak was subbed and replaced by P4ER who covered DM. Guns N’ Moses had a very hard time trying to break down the defence of INSANITY that at this point of season looks rock solid. They didn’t manage to and as INSANITY didn’t score any further it ended with a 1-0 win to the Polish side that at the moment leads Division 1 with 5 points and a goal difference of 1-0. A clean sheet to SAYKO in goal.

Division 2
Pablo Haxobar vs Ajhax 1-0 (1-0)
Jds took over captaincy in season 4 and has been managing the team ever since. MrP took over captaincy in Power Puff Men in the same season before bringing in his German team in season 5. 2 remarkable players captaining their teams for over 20 seasons each in Feed Me. Very impressive what these 2 have done for the community since their arrival! Both took places on the stands Sunday when Ajhax faced Pablo Haxobar. MrP could watch his team get the best start as Herna gave Pablo Haxobar the lead. A very nice goal where the team combined well before Herna could score past Hektor in goal.
Ajhax tried their best to come back and had the most possession in the second half. Unfortunately for them Sero07 had set his mind on a second clean sheet in a row for Pablo Haxobar. With help from Herna and Hannes in defence he avoided conceding. Ajhax did have to take some risks in the end but Pablo Haxobar didn’t manage to score any further. It ended with a 1-0 win for Pablo Haxobar and a clean sheet for Sero07. Pablo Haxobar is now on 6 points after the first 3 rounds where Ajhax is on 3.

Elite69 vs Bronze4Life 2-2 (1-2)
After 2 wins Bronze4Life had confidence before their match against Elite69. It was also the team of Muris 9 who started best. A random spamduel ended with a dangerous shot towards goalkeeper forsbi. Eventually the ball ended at the feet of Muris 9 who could easily tap the ball in for a 1-0 lead. 30 seconds later he doubled the lead. Elite69 was in attack but a shot from doupi in corner ended going up to Muris 9. With a nice juke he tricked forsbi and was able to shoot and score in an empty goal. Right before halftime Elite69 did get back into the game. A very nice pass from Ferry going in between Hexucho and Rosemaryy found doupi who could easily score and give his team a chance for an easier comeback in second half.
Popi and Bonaparte came on as substitutions in the second half for Elite69. A good decision from team captain doupi as both players came on and played well. With 2 minutes left Bonaparte made a nice assist to Ferry. A very well combined attack starting with defensive midfielder aeRo. Bronze4Life weren’t able to get the ball pass Popi, so the match ended 2-2. A very nice comeback from Elite69 being down 0-2 against one of the favourites for the Division 2 title.

H2K vs Storm Wolves 1-1 (0-1)
With a loss in first round and a wildcard in second H2K was still without points before Sunday’s meeting against Storm Wolves. The match had chances at both ends and especially H2K was close to scoring a few times. Instead it was Storm Wolves that got the lead in the last 20 seconds. A nice shot from Bot88 ended at irvi who beat Rizzoli in goal.
No changes for second half where H2K pressured for a goal. They got that after 3 minutes with a great goal from ramsey. Goalkeeper Impaciente tried to block the counter but ramsey cleverly got the ball around him, showed great technique with a simple pass to the wall and then shot the ball into an empty goal. A very nice goal from the H2K striker which is a candidate as best goal of the round. We didn’t get another goal, so the match ended 1-1 with H2K getting their first point of the season. Storm Wolves are on 4 points after 3 matches.

Invincible vs Super Kickers 2018 3-1 (1-0)
SuarezN7 was in great shape before this match as he managed to score twice in both earlier matches. On Sunday his team faced Super Kickers 2018 who haven’t had the best start of the season. SuarezN7 continued his good form when he gave Invincible the lead after a minute. No further goals in first half.
After 2 minutes of second half Nikolazio doubled the lead. A spamduel in front of goal ended towards his favour and he could easily score. A minute later Super Kickers 2018 got back in the game. A nice laser from Progamer and CR70 was impossible to save from Kissberry in goal. Last goal of the match yet again came from SuarezN7 who continues his double goal scorer run. His second goal securing him a season total of 6 and Invincible a 3-1 win. Super Kickers 2018 is still without points in their campaign.

The Chosen ONE vs Disneylanders 2-2 (0-1)
Coming from 2 wins The Chosen ONE were in top shape before the match against Disneylanders who had a win and a loss in the first 2 rounds. The Chosen ONE started with a new striker for the third match in a row. This time it was Hawk, the Division 1 top goal scorer of all time. Sunday, he had to prove that he could score in Division 2 as well. It was the opponents who started best. Taziek gave Disneylanders the lead after 2 minutes. Vidalo in goal tried to keep the ball out but couldn’t in the end. A halftime lead to Disneylanders.
Captain Mish was confident in his line up, so he made no changes for second half. Bart on the other hand made 3 changes so only goalkeeper Duke continued from first half. Halfway through the second half we got the first goal. In 2 attempts Hawk got the ball in for an equalizer. It looked like a 1-1 draw but with 30 seconds left Masa found the net after a pass from Taziek. A well-placed shot just out of reach for Vidalo. The Chosen ONE didn’t gave up yet and with 6 seconds left on the clock that paid off. CHE did well to block Duke in goal and that gave Hawk enough space and time to shoot the ball in at nearest post. A thrilling ending in a very exiting match securing a draw. It was the second time of the season that The Chosen ONE scored an important goal in the last seconds of the match.

White Walkers vs Balls Be Flyin' 0-2 (0-0)
After 2 wildcards Balls Be Flyin' started their season against White Walkers. A pretty even first half gave us no goals. White Walkers where closest but TotalPlayer did a good job in goal preventing all shots from going in to his net.
White Walkers made no substitutions for second half. Neither did Balls Be Flyin', but they made a tactical change as kAT and Milanista switched positions. Now Milanista took the role as AM with kAT continuing as ST. Whether or not it was because of the tactical change is uncertain but Balls Be Flyin' managed to find the net in second half. First by Milanista who scored after a shot from kAT hit the post. A minute later kAT was in the goal scoring role himself. He decided to shoot early and that tricked Asus5 in goal. White Walkers didn’t manage to respond to the goals so Balls Be Flyin' started their campaign with a 2-0 victory with a clean sheet to TotalPlayer.

Matches from previous rounds
White Walkers vs Elite69 4-0 (3-0)
After an impressive draw against one of the league favourites in their regular match of this Sunday, Elite69 didn’t follow up against White Walkers who lost their first 2 matches. STrikers team got the lead after 2 minutes where forsbi put the ball into his own net. Second match in a row for the unlucky goalkeeper. After the goal Elite69 tried to come back but they lacked the final percentages and couldn’t manage to score. Instead it was Wenell who scored and doubled the lead for White Walkers. It could have been the last goal of the half if it wasn’t for a stunner from Cede. A double shot from his own half leaving forsbi without a chance.
Both teams made changes in halftime. Popi and Ferry came on for Elite69 where Unai and Soul entered the pitch for White Walkers. Soul quickly got in focus as he violated the 3 Def Rule according to Elite69. It didn’t look too good from Souls side as he blocked the way of aeRo and prevented him from getting control of the ball in an illegal position. Better did it look for Soul towards the end of the match. He captured the ball at midfield and with nice control he quickly shot it in an empty net before Popi could interfere. 4-0 to White Walkers and clean sheet to Asus5 in goal.

Angry Bulls vs Seeders 0-6 (0-2)
After being involved in 3 wildcarded matches Seeders finally started their season Sunday when they faced Angry Bulls in a postponed match. Seeders came off with a great start showing they are ready to fight for the season title. Halfway through first half Seeders got the lead after an own goal from Schúrz reacting to a failed clearance from teammate Splat. Not a minute later we had another own goal from Angry Bulls. This time it was goalkeeper Kyrai who lost a spamduel to Yannex and unfortunately the ball ended in his team’s own net.
No changes in line up to second half where Seeders kept controlling game. That led to a very well combined goal after 2 minutes where Aguero10 after some passing around found Yannex who didn’t miss his shot. We hadn’t seen the last own goal yet as another spamduel between Kyrai and Yannex led to a goal. Yannex won the duel and Kyrai shot the ball into his own net when trying to clear it. A minute later Seeders managed to score by themselves again when Aguero10 found Yannex who with a precise shot gave his team a 5-0 lead. Seeders weren’t done yet as Yannex in the very last seconds got his hattrick. 3 goals from him all assisted by Aguero10. A comfortable win with a clean sheet to Pringles in first match of the season from Seeders.

Ajhax vs Balls Be Flyin' 2-5 (1-3)
Both teams played their second match of the day where Balls Be Flyin' could walk into this match with most confidence as they won their earlier game where Ajhax lost. It was Ajhax that got the best start and the lead when ShimShon did a great job getting the ball past TotalPlayer in goal. Later in first half ShimShon was involved in an unlucky situation for his team as he made an owngoal trying to help his teammate Hektor in defence. The equalizer gave Balls Be Flyin' the momentum and they quickly took advantage of that. In the last minute of first half they scored twice giving them a 3-1 lead at halftime. First by a well-placed goal from Milanista and then kAT after a 2vs1 situation.
Second half was 1 minute old when Milanista extended the lead giving Ajhax little chance to come back into the game. Ajhax tried and with another goal from ShimShon they brought some excitement back to the game. That was killed when kAT sealed the game and secured a 5-2 win to Balls Be Flyin' in the last part of the game.
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Re: Round 3 review: Div 1 & 2

Postby Hannes » January 21st, 2019, 4:38 pm

again good work Zola :cheers:

INSANITY still didnt conceed :)
Impressive start of Seeders into the season.
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Re: Round 3 review: Div 1 & 2

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Hannes wrote:INSANITY still didnt conceed :)

Insanity def

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