Division 2 Preview Season 24

Division 2 Preview Season 24

Postby Lyreco » January 13th, 2019, 6:29 pm

Special thanks to xSha and Dinx for helping me out!


Captain: Jds
Predicted Lineup: Hektor/DEVS_VVLT-Loomani-jerix/Browning-Lyreco/ShimShon

Jds signed some new players: jerix, Ekstore, Lyreco and shAh.
jerix, Lyreco and Ekstor played for ajhax before and shAh never did.
jerix is going to be an AM for Ajhax. Lyreco disbanded his Feed Me Team to join Ajhax.
Ekstor gave captaincy away to Gimenez because of his inactivity. Also, Hektor got signed back and
he will play GK/DM for Ajhax this season. Loomani is a skilled and good passing DM.


Balls Be Flyin'

Captain: Total
Predicted Lineup: Total-nightmare-kAT-Striker Eureka

BBF, a team that had a rough last ssn (finishing 7th), they have made a lot of changes!
You can see there are a lot of changes! Total will remain main gk, being the captain of bbf.
Grünersämt is also the captain of bbf, together with total. Players like Renato, Striker Eureka and
Tsubasa are players who have been in this team for a long time/ multiple times. They will certainly
be a big factor of bbf. Players like nightmare and kAT will make their debut to fm, lets see what they can do!



Captain: Muris 9
Predicted Lineup: Hexúcho-Rosemary-Vranj-Muris 9

This is a brand new team application from Muris!
Muris and Rosemary won Feed Me Division 1 in Season 20 with their team 4R with 56 points!
Now they are back with some other players like Hexucho, a GK who played for Chimera.
Vrank is going to be their AM. Vrank played for Klub Emertya and TPP. Some big teams.
Muris scored 140 FM goals in total! He's in the top 10 scorers of FM.



Captain: JLingz
Predicted Lineup: SupertugA-masa-Taziek-KROL

Disneylanders, also a brand new team application. Disneylanders made it into the preseason final.
With a close game against aN, they lost overtime with 3-2 score. Masa is one of the best polish DMs you can get.
He keeps good possesion and if you are defending against him, it won't be easy to clear the ball. Taziek played for
TPP last season, and he won the Cup. KROL is also a decent ST and had his moments last season, with Chimera.
I believe Supertuga played for Nighthawks in its shine season.



Captain: doupi
Predicted Lineup: Forsbi-aeRo-Ferry-doupi

Last season might have been dissapointing for Doupi and his crew, finish the season on a mere 7th place. Doupi didn't make many changes to his team. He signed aeRo as DM. The British playmaker played for Resurgence last season, being one of the best AMs in Division 2A.
I suppose that either Forsbi or Popi will fulfill the GK role and Bonaparte and doupi will play AM and ST respectively. It looks like a solid team.
Could Elite69 re-experience their top performance from season 16? (Although, I hope for them that they don't lose the championship by 1 goal again)



Captain: Rizzoli
Predicted Lineup: Rizzoli-Ramsey-Fear-LEXAL

And here we have yet another new team in Feed Me's Division 2: H2K.

After a few attemps, Rizzoli and his crew have finally succeeded in joining the league.
With the signing of LEXAL, Rizzoli has possibly caught a huge fish. Despite only joining
Resurgence on the last day before midseason started, LEXAL scored a total of 13 goals in Division 2A.
Very impressive numbers if you ask me. I'm looking forward to see how he performs this season.
A very reliable source told me that Ramsey and Fear will play DM and AM respectively.
Both players lack experience in Feed Me for the extra advantage over their opponents,
so I'm curious to see how Ramsey and Fear will fulfull their duties.
The rest of the team exists of Dutchies Tia and Multi, Portuguese ST ander and SEF
(although, the same reliable source told me that SEF won't play throughout the season).
Looking at the predictions of the Feed Me community, most people think H2K will finish
this season under the mid-table. Speaking from personal experience, I think this is a
team that has some potential in it. It could surely grow out to one of the better teams in Division 2
So will H2K prove everyone wrong and finish higher up? You never can to know!



Captain: SuarezN7
Predicted Lineup: Mantas-RicoyS-Nikolazio-SuarezN7

Again a brand new team apply. This time from the one of the few bulgarians in this
community, SuarezN7! This is a solid team with valuable players.
SuarezN7 played for Mighty Ducks and they disbanded last season.
Mantas is an allrounder but mainly plays GK. Nikolazio, Romanian player and is decent.


Pablo Haxobar

Captain: MrP
Predicted Lineup: Sero07-Hannes-socrates-Herna

Obviously, we all who they are! Herna came to the team and i'm guessing he will be playing ST.
TuT and PH have merged and they will have nice matches! Sero07 decent GK and will get some cleansheets.
socrates might be their best attacker in my opinion. After ATuntija leaving, Herna will be their ST.
Herna switching from DM to ST, was it a good decision or not? We will have to see.


Storm Wolves

Captain: Bot
Predicted Lineup: Impaciente-Berg-Lisbon/irvi-Bot

New team in FM. Bot is their captain and their attacking key.
Bot was top scorer of Division 2A last season and ST of the season.
Most of their players haven't played FM before and even so, they have a good level of skill.
Berg played for Blue Panthers previous season. Irvi has played for nice teams like
The Greys, OMERTA and archNemeses.


Super Kickers 2018

Captain: Progamer
Predicted Lineup: TemplleGoku/Nagato-Eme-Nicinho-Progamer

Superkickers finished 7th place last season. Progamer hasn't made much changes.
He signed TemplleGoku, a portugese GK who played for many seasons in Ajhax.
I am guessing he will be sharing official games with Nagato, the co captain.
Eme could do some amazing things in the DM position.


The Chosen ONE

Captain: Mish
Predicted Lineup: vidalo/Witsel-MartYK-CHE/KEANU-Hawk/Mish/ATuntija

Another new team on FM. This is one of the solids one. Vidalo played two seasons in Pablo Haxobar, with CHE.
KEANU has played in OMERTA and QS, where Mish was captain but he gave captaincy to Isco.
Hawk is one of the top striker of FM. 150 goals and 76 assists in total.
ATuntija left Pablo Haxobar after playing there for 11/12 seasons. MartYK solid DM.


White Walkers

Captain: STriker
Predicted Lineup: Asus-STriker-Wenell-hyo1/cede

White walkers, a team that is new to FM, but all the players aren’t new to the league.
STriker was first signed by Dagoes, but Lyreco disbanded his team so STriker had to find his luck elsewhere.
And so he did, he created his own team and got accepted. STriker will be playing at the DM position,
what you could’ve guessed by his name. Asus was a GK at Dagoes aswell, but he also decided to follow STrikers’ path.
Vizman, the gk with a decent amount of experience and skills, will be the gk together with Asus.
Wenell, who played at BBF last season, will be the AM of the team. He is a very quick attacker,
and he can surprise us this season, for sure. Cede will be the ST of the team. He played at Suavemente last ssn,
who finished 3rd in div 2 last season. Hyo will also be the ST of the team, they will spread the playtime.
Soul will be backup probably. Will they show their skill?
Soul and hyo will probably be backup. White walkers surely can accomplish something, we’ll see
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