Season 22 Weekly Interviews #7

Season 22 Weekly Interviews #7

Postby Vidalo » June 24th, 2018, 8:29 pm

Good evening guys and welcome to another Weekly Interview. Sorry about last week I couldn't make it for lack of time and I can't do it for next week aswell, holidays you know 8) But here we go today with Lyreco, second dutch player interviewed in a row !

Vidalo: "Hi Lyreco you're the choosen one for the 7th Weekly Interview, how are you today ?"

Lyreco: "Yo Vidalo, I am fine today, how about you?"

Vidalo: "Great aswell, hype about World Cup and stuff ! Let's talk first about your team, how did you react when you knew you were choosen for the league ?"

Lyreco: "Honestly, I didn't expect to be accepted at all, because at the last moment I needed to make changes in my team apply, as the UKs decided to quit 4v4. It was a mess at the end but I am happy that the admins gave their trust to me and my team, and eventually accept me. SHOUTOUT to the admin team!"

Vidalo: "You live a hard debut as new team with only 1 win during first leg of the season in 4v4... What can you change to finish this season in a good way ?"

Lyreco: "Well, I already changed much this first leg, but now I have my lineup where I can pull out some wins with. I signed Dinx, Koekie and Pizzi, Dinx as a dm, Koekie as a st and Pizzi as gk. They are both good players and I am sure we will win games with them. At the moment I have a full dutch lineup (main lineup). Me and Koekie will share the striker position and I am pretty sure we will have a good comeback in the second leg."

Vidalo: "Nice mentality ! Well you more or less anwsered to my next question ahah I can see you play very different position in fs so will you stay 1 pos on future ?"

Lyreco: "I think of changing my position to DM in the future, but I am still training on it, not ready to DM in Feed Me yet (tried it at the beggining of the ssn). I will keep being a striker this season and maybe somewhere near season 23/24 I will change my position to DM. ST is really fun aswell so I am not gonna complain about that haha."

Vidalo: "Do you have personal aim for this season ? Achieve a number of goals for example ?"

Lyreco: "My main goal personal is to grow in exp and playing, but if I should make one it would be 46 (10) goals. (TIMON GANG GANG)"

Vidalo: "You seems to don't find solution in 3v3 as well unfortunatly, what's the problem Lyreco ??!!!! Attack or defense ? :D"

Lyreco: "I am not even searching a solution for 3v3 :D. And I am not trying to win 3v3, for me 3v3 is there for backups of the team and I let them play it."

Vidalo: "Who you think will promote for the first division and who impressed you the most in the first leg ?"

Lyreco: "I think BBF and aN will promote for sure, and idk about the 3rd place. For sure BBF impressed me this season, never expected them to do it this good, they have a good chem link and they are good friends, who knows their secret to achieve this kind of performence."

Vidalo: "Yeah WHO KNOWS ?! All the secret is about their name tag for sure..."

Lyreco: "HAHAHA yes !"

Vidalo: "Let's talk something else than haxball. Do you play other game ?"

Lyreco: "I do. I play Town of salem and Brawlhalla (sometimes). I have a shit computer so I don't have much games on the pc. I play PUBG Mobile aswell and played Fortnite for a bit. But Fortnite is already a rq game for me so I deleted it :D I played SWAT4 with Nocke (my dad) and xSha (my mum) aswell, an old game but for sure a good game."

Vidalo: "Good to know you have a good family ahah But you have to download the best game at the moment... TrackMania !"

Lyreco: " I am pretty sure my pc can't handle it... As I said you can't have a more shit pc then me."

Vidalo: "Idk... Are you ready for short quickly questions/answers ?"

Lyreco: "Let's go !"

Vidalo: "Who's your World Cup fav ?"

Lyreco: "It was Morocco but theyre out, so Mexico!"

Vidalo: "Good choice I like them too ! Pizza or Burger ?"

Lyreco: "Pizzi! LOOL "

Vidalo: "Your sexuality, your choice. Sun or Rain ?"

Lyreco: "Sun"

Vidalo: "Big boobs or big ass ?"

Lyreco: "Big ASS !"

Vidalo: "I'm surprised you didn't say B4D 4SS !"

Lyreco: "MDR"

Vidalo: "Fast food or healthy food ?"

Lyreco: "Variation..."

Vidalo: "Tell me the best player you ever played with, the weirdest and the funniest !"

Lyreco: "Best Player: bkb best aggressive gk. Weirdest: Efecan (retard of netherlands). Funniest: Hulks cousin THERN (retarded aswell but funny)"

Vidalo: "Tell me an underrated and overrated player in Div1 and in Div2, in your opinion of course."

Lyreco: " Div1 underrated: xSha and Styl (some ppl call Styl overrated not true..) Div1 overrated: jappo. Div2 underrated: ogre. Div2 overrated: Sero07!!"

Vidalo: "Last question, who will win HCL ? The Greys, Klub Emeryta (2 teams of FeedMe) or Stiff Wind ?"

Lyreco: "The Greys will win because my dad (yes i have 2 dads) Hulk will carry The Greys to win"

Vidalo: "You think they will do a remontada in second lag of semi final ? (They lost 5-1 in the first leg against SW)"

Lyreco: "Yes, Turks win everything, this time its not gonna happen! (I hope)"

Vidalo: "Alright, thanks for your time and GL for the second leg tonight !"

Lyreco: "Ty and u2"

Thanks for support and feedbacks guys, I appreciate :sunny: ! No Weekly ITW next week because I'll be on holidays but see you later for sure !
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Re: Season 22 Weekly Interviews #7

Postby Lyreco » June 24th, 2018, 8:41 pm

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Re: Season 22 Weekly Interviews #7

Postby jelly » June 24th, 2018, 9:12 pm

Really impressed me, good player and friendly. I swear this guy has potential
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Re: Season 22 Weekly Interviews #7

Postby jovetic » June 24th, 2018, 9:28 pm

Vidalo: "Big boobs or big ass ?"
one of ur best questions ever
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Re: Season 22 Weekly Interviews #7

Postby VENOM i7 » June 29th, 2018, 6:42 pm

interview me who cares i dont play hax anymore im baree interesting fam
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