Season 22 Weekly Interviews #5

Season 22 Weekly Interviews #5

Postby Vidalo » June 3rd, 2018, 6:35 pm

Hello guys welcome to another Weekly Interview :thumbup: grünersamt: is the hero of the day ! BBF captain and his team did a great start in the league, able to be 2nd in both league 3v3 and 4v4 ! He gave some of his opinions about his team and the season overall.

Vidalo: "How are you today and how you feel your tonight's matches ?"

grünersamt: "Hi Vidalo, I'm feeling good as always :) About tonight it's something different because unfortunatley one of our current key players decided to leave the team last night."

Vidalo: "Yea I saw ogre left your team, do you have any information about it ?"

grünersamt: "He just hadn't much fun in fs lately so he saw no point in keep playing with us. Of course it's sad both for the team and for him since he played an official match for us and isn't allowed to play for another team until midseason (if he continue playing haxball, idk about that). Anyway we can understand his decision and wish him the best for his future haxball carreer and his personal life."

Vidalo: "Okok I understand... You did a great start in both 3v3 and 4v4 league being 2nd everywhere. What are your aims in this season ?"

grünersamt: "In 3v3 our aim is that all the players get some playtime who didn't play in 4v4. Tbh I'm a bit impressed that we made such a good start there. In 4v4 on the other hand our aim is as I already told in season preview the promotion into first division."

Vidalo: "Will you change your mind and put your best players for 3v3 if you think you're able to finish on the podium at the end of the season for example ?"

grünersamt: "Hehe, I guess this idea could appear, but nah, every one shall have a oppurtunity to play. Btw do you know if feemde has 3v3 hcl slots?"

Vidalo: "Yes it does, even last season because 4 FM teams are in 3v3 hcl at the moment: The Greys, Pablo Haxobar, Galaxity and Flames."

grünersamt: "Oh nice, i didnt know that. Are our teams still in the tournament?"

Vidalo: "Since it's only group stage right now yes I guess your new aim is to reach next 3v3 hcl then ? Ahah"

grünersamt: "Haha, would be awesome tho! But who knows, maybe it will happen, no aim is too high as u never can get too high 8)"

Vidalo: "I almost forgot you're a weed addict... Do you know which player could replace ogre in your line-up now ?"

grünersamt: "Not addicted, just in love with. Uhm we will see what happens."

Vidalo: "Maybe he left because of the weed :o Can you tell us a possible line-up for tonight against TuT ?"

grünersamt: "We play vs Blue Panthers, not vs TuT tonight. A possible line up is: Bro - shimi - grüner/Stringer - Striker Eureka/Total."

Vidalo: "Oops :D Italian accent on your basically german team, what changed during this "nationality transition" ?"

grünersamt: "Uhm tough question. I think the spirit of the team didn't change at all, having fun while playing a game with some friends. What did change is our playstyle and our strength on the pitch."

Vidalo: "Without spoiling all your tactics can you tell us more about your playstyle ?"

grünersamt: "Its just about basic things, more or less the positioning in defense and offense. How to handle a corner situation etc"

Vidalo: "We can saw you let your teammates play instead of yourself, will you retake a pos in the first line-up of your team ?"

grünersamt: "Uhm I'm not sure yet about it. We just try to put the strongest line up we have for officials, but also the factor of activity has to be considered. I guess we/ I will decide from matchday to matchday, which line up will be the succesfull one. So to answer your question, if I think I can help the team I'll play, if someone can help more than me I won't hesitate to bench myself."

Vidalo: "That's perfectly answer to my question :P Who do you think will be Top 3 in Div 1 and Div 2 this season ?"

grünersamt: "Hm, another tough question. In our division, 2nd div, I'm gonna pick TuT, aN and ofc BBF In first division im gonna say KE, Greys and QS. But this is just my personal view I just had after viewing the boards, any team can surprise us I think."

Vidalo: "Yea, predictions are sometimes very hard to do ! I think we can go to quick question/answer :D Ready ?"

grünersamt: "Aight!"

Vidalo: "Smoking or drinking (alcohol ofc) ?"

grünersamt: "I'll pick alcohol even if I surprise you know."

Vidalo: ":D Junk food or Healthy food ?"

grünersamt: "Healthy. Expect I had some no tobacco smoke, then obviously junk food xd"

Vidalo: " Real Madrid or Liverpool ?(even if I'm one week late)"

grünersamt: "Liverpool! I like the trainer, he was some years the coach of my favorite team, Borussia Dortmund."

Vidalo: "Winter or summer ?"

grünersamt: "Summer"

Vidalo: "IRL Football or Fifa ?"

grünersamt: "Ah, ehm both makes fun and im clearly better in fifa than in real life, but I prefer the real life version eventho I didn't played for months (or even years!?)."

Vidalo: "Ahah, well we need a good weather for the IRL football :P Tell me 1 underrated player in Div 1 and Div 2"

grünersamt: "Shimizu and Jappo"

Vidalo: "Tell me the funniest and the weirdest player you ever played with, in term of personnality or in the field ahah"

grünersamt: "In field Kaya, in personality barendrecht."

Vidalo: "Last question, who will win the World Cup this year ? :D"

grünersamt: "France"

Vidalo: "That would be great :D Thanks for your time and gl tonight and rest of the season !"

grünersamt: "Thanks, ah ye I can give you a small update about tonight, we postponed the match ^^ Thank you for your effort aswell, these interviews are really great work! Keep goin'! :D"
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