Season 22 Weekly Interviews #3

Season 22 Weekly Interviews #3

Postby Vidalo » May 20th, 2018, 5:06 pm

Good evening guys :cheers: Here we go for the third Weekly Interview ! We're here to talk with a turkish man, a really good KE player, no no not Whitee ladies and gentlemen, another one...

Vidalo: "Hello ANDREA, how are you and are you ready for the cup tonight ? :D"

ANDRÈA: "Hi Vidal, I'm fine thanks! I'm ready as usual!"

Vidalo: "Good to know, and I just saw you're not playing tonight, you got freepass to the next round ! Damn I'm noob... Anyway, we saw you did a great begin in the league with 2 wins, I guess the title is the target this season ?"

ANDRÈA: "Oh, thanks god defwins/free passes are my favorite things on haxball... Yea ofc the title is our only goal on fm!"

Vidalo: "Ahah, on a personnal view, what can we expect from you this season ? Lot of goals/assists ? What pos will you play the most ?"

ANDRÈA: "I'ts pretty confused for now.. I was gonna play DM for this season but our line up changed, so time will show everything.."

Vidalo: "Yea the KE line-up seems pretty much confused, do you know what role will have your 3 new people Fritz/Meyer/Rosemary ?"

ANDRÈA: " I think Fritz/Rosemary DM, Meyer Am/ST"

Vidalo: "I mean... Are they gonna be active ? We saw, for example, Fritz played some games recently but he wasn't often here..."

ANDRÈA: "Well Meyer has army so I don't think he's gonna be active much, but Fritz and Rose will be active ( I hope! )"

Vidalo: "Let's hope too ! You reached Round of 16 with KE in HCL, you're going to face Nomadic Corvine, who is more or less Chimera line-up, how do you see that game ?"

ANDRÈA: " It won't be easy, but I trust my team since there will be 2 games like in UCL (Away/Home). It's gonna be fun!"

Vidalo: "Yea, what do you think about this new system by the way ?"

ANDRÈA: "Well the first time I heard that it sound pretty stupid, but now I think it will be more excited than old hcl games!"

Vidalo: "Okok, we will continue with some quickly short questions/answers ok ? :D"

ANDRÈA: "Okkii"

Vidalo: "Who will win the World Cup according to you ?"

ANDRÈA: "I'd say Turkey but since we're out of cup my 2nd Fav team is Germany."

Vidalo: "Who's your favorite football player ?"

ANDRÈA: "Steven Gerrard! I was calling myself Gerrard when I had ball in the street xd"

Vidalo: "Who's your favorite haxball player ?"

ANDRÈA: "Well there are good players, but I don't really have a favorite one."

Vidalo: "Tell me the best and the worst player you ever played with !"

ANDRÈA: "Haha the best player I've ever played with was Tino, and the worst is Whitee..."

Vidalo: ":D Tell me, according to you, an overrated and underrated player in Division 1 and 2."

ANDRÈA: "Oh it's hard to find, can't I just say 1 overrated... I'd say ROCKY BALBOA but he isn't in league"

Vidalo: "I wasn't expecting that answer ahah"

ANDRÈA: "Hmm, then let me think someone else, I don't wanna fight with him again! Can u advice someone xdd Really no one comes my mind"

Vidalo: "Ahah I can't say someone for you :P "

ANDRÈA: "Yea but tell me whos overrated for you, so I copy if I think the same ;D"

Vidalo: "Amk I'm being the interviewed man... Hm... I'd say overrated player in Div1 and 2: Styl and Ter, underrated player in Div1 and 2: huub and Alekos."

ANDRÈA: "Wa Styl ? Strange answer I mean he isn't bad but not good either imo. Ok let's do it like... I Don't think there is an overrated player. Underrated div1; xSha,Knap. Underrated div2; selet "

Vidalo: "Now same question for managers ahah"

ANDRÈA: "Div1 Overrated managers; Whitee,Tornatter. Div1 underratted managers; Pat. Div2 overrated managers; Yawn. And no underrated in div2 xd"

Vidalo: "Okok, maybe one last question, where does your nickname come from ? Are you a girl ? :x"

ANDRÈA: "Oh my god.. I used to hear this question everyday... My nickname comes from ANDREA PIRLO... STOP PMING ME E-BOYS XD"

Vidalo: "Damn I never thought about it like this ahah... Thanks for your time and good luck for the next !"

ANDRÈA: "Thanks Vidal take care, it was funny !"
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Re: Season 22 Weekly Interviews #3

Postby salamini » May 20th, 2018, 8:15 pm

Hey. I think it is very nice that you are putting your efforts into the community by interviewing people, but I think in the future you should try keep journalistic objectivity. Even though we are small community the somewhat official interviewer of the league (I don't know if this is the case) should not downplay any individual players or teams.

Even though journalistic objectivity is in my opinion somewhat a joke, there is a reason for one to thrive for that.
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Re: Season 22 Weekly Interviews #3

Postby socrates » May 20th, 2018, 8:21 pm

I kind of agree that asking for overrated players isn't great. Just a way to troll people and spread negativity.
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Re: Season 22 Weekly Interviews #3

Postby Whitee » May 20th, 2018, 9:39 pm

ban this ANDRÈA asap pls :suspect:
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Re: Season 22 Weekly Interviews #3

Postby ANDRÈA » May 21st, 2018, 5:30 am

mb mb mb mb mb
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Re: Season 22 Weekly Interviews #3

Postby Vak » May 21st, 2018, 7:55 pm

bit of a boring interview ngl
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Re: Season 22 Weekly Interviews #3

Postby VENOM i7 » May 26th, 2018, 10:20 am

Vak wrote:bit of a boring interview ngl

enit stop talkin bout hax an maybe suin interesting for the interview :thumbup:
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