Season 20 Division 1 Preview

Season 20 Division 1 Preview

Postby Hannes » September 9th, 2017, 9:44 pm

The new FM season is about to start, on sunday evening things getting serious again.
Will Klub Emeryta be able to defend their Div1 title? Can The Greys challenge them this time, or maybe someone else?
Who have fear for relegation and who hope for promotion?
We got Herna to ask the team captains about their opinions and Whitee to state his prediction for the teams, who could be better to predict final standings than the 4 time winner of predictions?

Klub Emeryta:
Pringles and the KE defence probably set a defencive record for eternity, only 3 goals conceeded in the whole season, with 16 clean sheets for Pringles.
The squad mostly keeps the same, but KE top scorer Andrea leaving towards new team IFK, he probably gets replaced by Grose.
It won't be easy to repeat such a great season, but surely they're a hot contender again.

Interview with kojo:
Your team dominated last season without a loss, conceding only 3 goals in 22 matches. What were the keys for this success?
well, like i said in last interview, we just focus not only in attack. Our aim was score goals as many as we can, without conceding. We ended season with same lineup as we started, it was really helpfull to reach our aim.
You dont have many changes in your team, how will your team look like and what are your new aims? Can it even be better?
Of course it can be better. In last season we didnt reach FM's cup, we lost it against MD too early. Our goals for next season is win FM's cup and save league title. We'll try improve our stats also.
Rumors are spread your player Whitee is manipulating matches, does your team pay opponents not to score against you?
No, he doesn't pay to our opponents for score.

The Greys:
The strongest attack of Season19 was of The Greys, still they werent able to score vs. champion KE and lost both matches.
Falk's aim again will be to win the league, can new signings Freas or Unique be the missing key to complete the squad around Falk, Misaj, shaxlele and Spammer Fou?

Whitee's View: The Greys won't be as good as they were in season19 since they lost their main striker MARBLE, but i still expect them to be in top4 so my prediction goes for 3rd or 4th place

Interview with Falk:
You were one of the favourites for the title past season, but only got 2nd in the end, especially because of the losses in the direct matches against KE. Was it all in all a disappointing season?
To be honest it wasn't really a dissapointing season for us at all. Sure winning the league was also our number one priority and we were pretty close to winning it aswell but i blame that on myself and my poor decisions as a captain which led for us to finish second. We still enjoyed and had lots of fun playing together.
In last seasons preview you talked a lot of chemistry and a certain way you would like to play. Do you feel like your team made the step in development to get the title next season? What will the impact of the new players in your line-up be?
I believe we did accomplish it since i have never had so much fun before playing the way i've always wanted to play. This time it's even far better with new players that i believe will make a breakthrough this season and they have already got used to playing with me as the their DM, so it can't get any better now for me :p. We are ready to make a show!
Which teams are in your opinion the favourites for winning the title?
I feel like Klub Emeyta will defenitely try to defend their title this season and i'm pretty confident that this time my team will blow the league away with our attacking power and not making the same mistakes we did before. There's also really good teams that have chances to win it such as Gladiators, Mighty ducks but defenitely Meh Squirrel who got their shit together and had a good run last season aswell. No doubt this season will be alot harder this time for every team. It will be exciting and im looking forward to it!
The Greys Academy wasnt accepted to FM, will the project still go on?
Well there's not really anything to work/gain from it anymore since it was planned to breed new unexperienced players from the academy with the intention of helping them improve and later on either promote them to the main team or find another team in the league. Therefore the project is useless now, because being part of the league is one of the core things to help them gain experience from official matches.

Meh Squirrel:
They surprised everyone a bit and finished 3rd place, only 1 point behind The Greys. The star is the team. Can Jesé and his team accomplish the same again, or will they maybe be able to look up to the top even?
Transfer Window have been calm for them, no new faces so far.
Possible Lineup: Enyalos-Loken-Badass-Luffy

Whitee's View: MS had a good season after they signed Loken and Luffy, if they keep same lineup they can surprise us again, my prediction is 4th or 5th place

Interview with Jesé:
Your team played a surprising good season, getting 3rd in the end with 15 wins. How do you explain it?
I think I made some good signings, with B4D as our keyplayer.With Loken as dm we had a nice def.
You didnt lose many important players, what are your aims next season and how will your team look like?
I want to end at least in the top 3 and try to be champion this season. I dont know how my team will look like, everything is open and maybe there will be some changes
Which teams are in your opinion the favourites for winning the title?
Klub Emeryta and Gladiators

Mighty Ducks:
They have been very stable last season, being champion in Season18, MD havent been able to compete for the title last season. They were lacking a bit of activity at the end of it, they have to get it back up again a bit. The Squad havent really changed for quite a long period now, Coon only been a short guest. Will Rooney's guys have to eye up or down the table?

Whitee's View: MD had some problems with activity in season19, if it happens also in new ssn i don't think they will be able to win fm again, so my prediction is 5th or 6th place

Interview with Rooney1878:
After winning the title, you only came 4th this season. Was it still a good season considering the line-up problems you had through the season?
Exactly, considering we were missing our only DM for about 2 months over the course of the season, coming in 4th place and also playing a very close cup semifinal has been pretty decent.
What will be better next season, will the main lineup stay like it was? Are you ready to attack the top again?
Well the foundation will stay the same as we didnt lose any of our main players and we hope to be more active next season and without line-up troubles i am sure we can attack the top next season. We're also looking for 1-2 more players that fit into our team to have a bit more depth in our squad which could give us a boost.
Which teams are in your opinion the favourites for winning the title?
Well i think KE and TG will be the absolute favourites next season. KE have a really strong line-up and they didnt make too many changes so i dont see many teams able to compete them over the course of a full season. Im quiet sure falk will surround himself with some pro players and form a team that can compete for the title even tho they had some players leaving the team. Of course there are some teams with outsider chances like MS, which had a great previous season. Maybe newly promote div2 champs Gladiators can make and impact and hopefully my boys and I can be a threat for the favourites.

The team formerly known as Morelucks. Not as many transfers in the team as they had in past season breaks, more to come?
If they can build some good team chemistry, and Muris can stay away of his lags it could be a succesfull season for them. But the line to the bottom of the league can get thin quickly.

Whitee's View: i expect 4R to become full italian team, idk who will muris sign more for new season but i expect them to finish season in 8th-10th place

Interview with Muris
You changed nearly the complete line-up again last season, what went wrong in general?
Well most of us had the same problem again.. inactivity. That forced us to add some new players to finish the season since we lost that early activity and fs-ing almost every day. Finally after a long break my old italian team "4R" decided to come back on the game so I mixed them with some of my players from last season lineup, hoping this time it will work out better.
Your team now is a mix from italian and turkish players and german GK Formiga. What will your line-up in league look like and what can this team reach next season?
The ingame line-up will probably be different from last season's one. We are still not sure about the starting 4 names.. we thought about our old ILH roster, with steiner-nuccio-Thomas Muller/Bitti-muris, but we can't ignore some great last season players like Formiga as you mentioned, or Rosemary/Gilbert/Vanessa, so it might be a mix of them.. I'm also positive about Essence.'s return on the game, whose comeback would be a very good sign as well. Also Striker Eureka is back after some net problems, so we will be ready in every position. My personal aim is the first half of the ranking,so the top6 I would say, but I'm pretty sure we can still show some good haxball and achieve something better.
Which teams are in your opinion the favourites for winning the title?
It's a pretty competitive division but I guess KE will win the title again, maybe followed by Gladiators and Greys, that have op line-ups aswell. Of course this is all a joke because 4R will win no matter who their opponent is (or at least we dream so)!
You changed the team's name and logo another time. Do you even remember all names your team had in FM? What does the new name mean?
Yeah, not much of a news :D 4R was my old team in Italian League and I played with them for some years. I could say that my "FM adventure" started with Wild Wolves (former Rodney Knoxville's and BrooK's YeS team, with whom I had a great time on this game), then it evolved into Night's Watch when I signed Arsenio,Edi,Kabir,Terror.. then again STFU, Morelucks and now 4R.. step back in time :D The reason is that I don't like a single team name if the team is mine, but as long as we play with old 4R players, the team name won't change!! 4R is ready #CamperIsTheWay !!

aN couldnt get any consistency in season19, good matches were followed by bad losses and the other way round.
Now Tsubasa looking for some changes. Splat and Tornatter joining to replace leavings like (mostly inactive) Schnuppel, Skinny and JG

Whitee's View: aN had some problems with DM position in season19, they signed Splat for new season which is good move by aN, if they start league good, they can finish in nice position, so my prediction goes for 6th or 7th place

Interview with vidal:
How do you rate your teams performance last season? Are you happy you didnt relegate, or disappointed it wasnt a better season?
very disappointed of the position but we did some good matches against good teams like KE or ET, if we want to be part of the top 5 we have to win against teams supposed to be worse than us, not like last season. And yes I guess we're happy about the last match and result but not about the whole season.
You havent changed the team too much, do you think you can do better next season anyway? What will your line-up probably look like?
We cut some inactive and who don't fit with our teamplay and signed Splat who will be a main player and Tornatter a friend of us as back-up. Atomik is our main GK, Sonido and Splat will share DM position, same for Alekos and hyo1 in AM and ST can be play by jasko or Tsubasa if he finally wants to play
Which teams are in your opinion the favourites for winning the title?
KE still seems to be the favorite to win the title, nevertheless I heard Pringles could retire so it can change their strong defense. ET and GL should fight for 2nd and 3rd place imo

Flying high or crash down? After a very good start into Div1 last season they had a period of 8 matches without winning in a row. At the end they only were 5 points above the relegation spots.
Does Tiago now making the right conclusions? Blackout made few transfers.
in: Taziek, Yos, Chicoz, rg23
out: irvi, Lied, Tortogol

Whitee's View: BO lost their good players after season end, about their new signs idk much about them, my prediction will be 9th place

Interview with Tiago:
Your teams last season wasnt that successful, what were the reasons?
We changed the whole team, because some key players left us and we put Turkish players here, i though they play serious but i was wrong, they realy dont care to much about Feed Me honestly.They play very good, no doubts here, but only in Turkish league and in Nations Cup. But in the last matches we add again Portuguese players and we win a few games to try to stay in 1st division and we did it! But yes, was a very bad season for BLACKOUT.
Now your team mainly consists of portuguese players again. How will your line-up look like and what are your teams aims?
Now i wanna play with my friends and chill, for fun. Our line-up is good, SupertugA is a great goalkeeper, Yos to. Terror is one of the bests DM's in Portugal. Taziek is a very skilled player that can play in all positions. Juan Mata for me is the best portuguese AM. And for ST we have me, rg and zendak. Our objective for this season is finish in top 4 to take the HCL slot again.
Which teams are in your opinion the favourites for winning the title?
Klub Emeryta, Gladiators and The Greys. But i bet on BLACKOUT for winning the title! Joking, o think Klub Emeryta will win again.

Pablo Haxobar:
Pablo only could avoid relegation by a single point over Husaria.
Zola and Rodwell (re)joined the team, will they be an instant help? Long serving saviola, backbone and perhaps most important player, probably won't be available for most of the season. so there have to be some movement in the lineups.

Whitee's View: PH will have hard season without their main gk saviola, they signed back their old player zola as gk and rodwell as st, my prediction is 8th-10th place

Interview with MrP:
Last season you were really close to relegating. What went wrong?
nothing went wrong, we played on top of our limit. we played a absolutly decent season and there werent alot of points i would moan about. OFC we had some stupid losses but every team has these moments
Your team didnt really change. Why will it be better next season, and what are your aims?
It wont be better next season bcz i have to play AM alot. Savi (the best GK Eu) takes a break and we have to pick a new gk. We will probably sign one more player but idk yet who or on which position. Our team aim is ofc to have fun. Thats also the reason why we play haxball. My personal aim is that iam not own goal king after this season.
Which teams are in your opinion the favourites for winning the title?
thats a boring last question bcz Ke and TG are the strongest teams and one of them will win the league, iam sure. the hcl run will be way closer and more interesting imo. Teams like MS, Gl, 4R BO, aN and MD will battle about these spots. this brings us to my top favorits for the relegation with TuT, RA, MeMe and ofc Pablo that i predict on spot #12. ty, gl and what is most important hf to every team in this Community. Be fair to each other and always remember: dont hate the player, hate the game :D

Gladiators been the best Div2 team last season, winning the league by 11 points, also scored the most goals and conceeded the fewest. Are they capable of competing in Division1 aswell?
Even after this succesfull season there are some changes in the squad. Important players of last season like Maldo, Müllersh, Edgajo or Altidore left the team. Maybe most important signing is Yannex, also Perseus, Rijar and Bullass joined.

Whitee's View: Gladiators did pretty well in div2 last season, they lost their important player Altidore but they replaced him with Yannex, so its not a big deal, if they protect their lineup somehow they will have a good position in standings, my prediction is 1st-3rd place

Interview with gio:
Your team dominated division 2 quite hard last season. Was it as easy as it seemed to be?
To be honest it wasn't easy because we were a new team with new people, just me, William and Owned played together and not Edgar, Sven Bender, Terquila, NaNi and Altidore. It's been our first season together and after a perfect end on mid season, we lost a lot player like Owned or William for holidays but we did our best with all players and we won it
How good do you think will your team do in 1st division? How will your line-up look like?
I think we have a great chance for try to win it because i think we have a strong lineup: Per - gio - William - Yannex but of course it will be hard because of teams like Klub Emeryta or The Greys, but if we get the right chemistry in attack with Yannex, i think we will do a good season.
You see those three teams as favourites for winning the title?
Yes i think Klub Emeryta has the best defence in 1st division but we have too and The Greys with best attack ahd then there are Gladiators, a mixed of those teams for my opinion so yeah, i think there will be a fight between those 3 teams

The Turnips are back in 1st Division, its already the 4th time TuT promoted from Div2.
After a very bad start into last season, Sero came back to TuT and they start a strong series of not losing 8 matches in a row which helped them to reach a top spot.
The team has to rely much on their team cohesion to survive Div1, are they able to?

Whitee's View: TuT had nice win streak in last season after Sero07 rejoined them, but i don't think TuT will stay in div1 :/ my prediction is 10th - 12th place

Interview with Herna:
After having quite a bad start your team climbed the table up to the 2nd place. What changed?
We found the stability we were missing the time before, which make it really hard to beat us. In addition to that we got that feeling over some matches that no matter against which opponent we will score earlier or later, which made us a lot more calm and bringing in a lot of wins. The foundation is there now what is enough for division 2, but we still have to develop our game a lot, especially being able to score against a bussing def when we are losing needs a lot of chemistry in the team and i hope we can become better in that matter.
Your team didn't change at all. Will the line-up look like last season? How good do you think you can do?
At the moment it seems as if we will go into the new season with the same line-up as last season, which was mostly Sero07 - Herna - Wiiii - Flash. We might consider to sign one more midfield player so we can react to all situations and dont have to postpone matches! How good we do depends on ourselves, motivation and activity. I think if we play stable we will be really hard to beat and we are always dangerous in attack anyway, our goalkeeper Sero07 is a bit underrated as he is probably one of the most stable ones, our striker Flash is much better than people think of him aswell, just because he has the ability to score in every match and he has a lot of potential to become even better, which would make our attack even stronger. Our midfield is experienced and creative anyway, so yes. But if we go into this with the wrong attitude we will probably relegate, we have to be humble and accept this new challenge!
Which teams are in your opinion the favourites for winning the title?
Pablo Haxobar and TuT are the only ones i can see winning the league.
Why are you interviewing yourself? Are you shizophrenic?
Hannes said i would be able to do it, so i do it. :)

In their second season in FM MeMe succeded to win promotion. But Div1 will be a different challenge for Buffon and his team.
GBale and Edinson left, two important players of season. We probably will see some more transfer action by the team since they only have a squad of 5 players at the moment.

Whitee's View: MeMe is another team that will relegate I think, my prediction is 10th - 12th place

Interview with Lokizzh:
Your team played a really good 2nd leg, that made you end up on the 3rd place. What went better than at the start of the season and the season before?
I think that the 2-2 match vs Gladiators has given us so much more motivation to play better and better every match. And ofc, the two players like NAZ and EdinsonCavani has helped us so much to improve our teamplay.
Your team lost the two core players EdinsonCavani and G. Bale. How will your team look like and how good do you think you can do?
Ye they are the two biggest lose we could have, but we've taken players like Clinical Striker or Suki, so they should be nice replacement. I think that we can do a nice season if we play 100% focused in each match, because all the opponents are strong but we're not less stronger then anybody :D
Which teams are in your opinion the favourites for winning the title?
I think that KE will win again, they're the strongest team and they will show it to everybody again.

Rising Above
RA had the 2nd best attack in Div2 last season, scoring 76 goals, only topped by Gladiators.
Now captain and topscorer Styl made some changes in the squad to face Division1.
Altidore, vranj, Zerothree, TehBeast and ocho all joined the team.

Whitee's View: as i see Rising Above changed abit, they signed some good players like TehBeast as gk, Altidore as dm and Zerothree & vranjes as am they can do surpise in league, my prediction is 5th or 6th place

Interview with Styl:
After doing really good in first leg last season, your team had problems in 2nd leg and only became 4th in the end. What went wrong?
I think the main thing which caused that to happen is FAF going on vacation, so I had to change up my main line-up. Pain and FAF had a really good chemistry together so after FAF going inactive our defence got worse, so we started making more mistakes and lost some valuable points in the 2nd leg.
Do you think you found the right players to do it better again now in first division? What will a possible line-up look like?
Yeah definitely, I'm glad some of my own countries veteran players like Teh & Zerothree, and Turkish friends from some of my past teams like Vranjes & Altidore (ex-member of Grim Reapers, my team in Season 18 when i first joined as a captain) joined the team, ready to play and win matches. Our line-up will consist of those 4 players, and me at the ST position. They're the key players of my squad.
Which teams are in your opinion the favourites for winning the title?
In my opinion the strongest teams for this season gotta be Klub Emeryta, Gladiators & The Greys. And looking at the preseason cup results and how things are going lately, I think Rising Above & Mighty Ducks will push for the top as well.
You became Top Scorer and Assister in division 2. Can you do it in division 1 aswell?
When I won Top Scorer & Assister of division 2 in Season 13, the next season I won Top Scorer of division 1. So I'll try my best to make the past rewind for sure :P.

thanks Herna and Whitee
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Re: Season 20 Division 1 Preview

Postby socrates » September 10th, 2017, 8:01 am

Great preview, thanks :cheers:
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Re: Season 20 Division 1 Preview

Postby Vidalo » September 10th, 2017, 11:40 am

always nice to read :thumbup:
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Re: Season 20 Division 1 Preview

Postby Muris 9 » November 30th, 2017, 11:12 pm

Hannes wrote:


Interview with Muris
Which teams are in your opinion the favourites for winning the title?
It's a pretty competitive division but I guess KE will win the title again, maybe followed by Gladiators and Greys, that have op line-ups aswell. Of course this is all a joke because 4R will win no matter who their opponent is

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Re: Season 20 Division 1 Preview

Postby socrates » December 1st, 2017, 8:50 am

Congrats 4R - well deserved :thumbup:
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Re: Season 20 Division 1 Preview

Postby Whitee » December 1st, 2017, 10:40 am

damn, i lost my prediction skills :(
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Re: Season 20 Division 1 Preview

Postby Pringles » December 1st, 2017, 11:31 am

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