Season 21 Division 1 Preview

Season 21 Division 1 Preview

Postby Soul » January 14th, 2018, 5:58 pm

The new FM season is about to start, on sunday evening things getting serious again.
Will 4R be able to defend their Div1 title? Can The Greys, BLACKOUT & Klub Emeryta challenge them this time, or maybe Mighty Ducks?
Who have fear for relegation and who hope for promotion?

They surprised the haxballistic world after winning the title. With a great start to the season and the unexpected signing of Aguero10, they were able to create a solid team in both defense and attack to win their first league title. Now, with the loss of some of their best players, they have signed jasko and have kept Rosemary, who was one of the key players in the conquest of the title. Will they manage to maintain their level and fight for important things with this smaller group?
Interview with muris9:
Hello Muris, well congrats for winning the title in last season, which was the secret, everyone under rated you.
Hello Soul, thank you ^^ yeah we were very underrated at the begin, people predicted 4R to be around place 8/9 more or less.. guess the key was our activity and focus in the matches. We played only to win and we showed that, with a 11-0-0 ratio in the 2nd leg of the season. We had very good additions to our main squad, such as Gilbert in the first leg and aguero10 in the second, who surely helped us winning our first team title.
You are aiming to the top again like in the last season since you did few changes to your squad?
Tbh I hate losing and I always try to get to the top, finally my team won the 1st division and we won't give up on trying to repeat the great season. Of course if it was difficult the first time, I'm sure it will be a hell of a ride this one too, even more difficult probably, but we are adding some good players to our roster and guess we could get at least in top4 again if we keep playing well, even if the 1st division is probably harder than ever in this season.
Who you see to be the main rivals of 4R this season in the title fight?
Well, it's quite difficult to say.. there are 6/7 teams that can all get into top4, or even win it. Probably BO will rock this season with their AB line-up, or GL/KE/IFK/TG with their new players.. so it's really hard to choose just a few of them, since all are very strong teams. Of course we won't just look at them winning matches after matches without doing anything, we're almost done fixing the roster and we'll be ready to face them all!

After a very strange season for them, in which they were one of the teams that made the most signings during the season, they appear as one of the candidates to succeed the 4R as league champion. The team has made very good signings, with the base of the Turkish Angry Bulls, current champion of the HCL, so if they remain firm and solid, they would have great chances of getting the title. So, will they be able to keep a high level until the end?
Interview with Mullewa:
Sa knk. First of all, I want to ask you, how did you got to a agree with TIAGO to join here with all your Angry Bulls players?
We talked with tiago and he said us , he said he wanna see angry bulls players in blackout and i talked with angry bulls players , so we are here in blackout now.
Well, nice to see a turkey team in fm division1. Is your team going to play serious and trying to win division 1?
We won preseason with angry bulls players , now we gonna trying to win feed-me. angry bulls playing for the win ALWAYS.
Which are the main opponents at the title fight?
We don't care about opponents. For us , all teams its a same.
Uuu. Nice, so thank you for answering and good luck into the new season!
Thanks :)

In their first season in the 1st division they reached a deserved third position, and they could even get the second after the final decline of The Greys although they did not know how to take advantage of the opportunity. Once again, Gio was the star player of the team, although we must also say that both Per and Yannex were up to the task, achieving good defensive numbers. For this new season they have hardly been strengthened, and with the loss of some of their best players, will the team be able to start the season performing at its best?
Interview with gio:
Well, first of all, hello gio. How are you?
Hello bro, i'm really fine, thank you.
So, after failing to win first division last season, what do you think, are you prepared for this new season?
I think that last season we were better than this one that's coming, because we lost a lot of key-players but we will try to win it. We have the players for do it, we just need to get the right chemistry then we could try to do it.
Well pointed, just wanted to ask you. What happened with Williams? Of course if you can explain to us.
We just had a bad discussion and he decided that was better to left the team for some time, but never say never.
Oh, ok. I see it. Well it looks like you got a nice replacement player, ROCKYBALBOA, is he the key-player for this season in your team? And of course, if you can tell us, your main line-up.
We don't have a real key-player, I think anyone is important at the same level of other. Just look our key-player of last season, Per. Who would have ever thought it? Talking about lineup, the only thing sure is that in def will play Per GK and me DM. Talking about attack, we have a lot of choices, there aren't real main players in this position cause they are all good.
One more question. Who you see as most competitive team out of all teams and which will be the final top 3 at the end of season?
The best team I think is The Greys, a bit better than BLACKOUT and Klub Emeryta.. but of course there are a lot of good teams that will steal them some points that could be important for winning the championship.
Well, thank you for your answers and good luck in the new season ^^!
Thank you to you!

Klub Emeryta:
It was probably the team that most disappointed all us last season. After the break of Pringles and the transfer of ANDREÀ, the team didn't achieve great results, which led to having to let go during the season and hold on in a noble position. Now, with the return of the two previously mentioned players, and great news like the return of aguero10 and Fritz, who is said to have not achieved a great condition yet, they should be able to fight for both titles, as long as they are a team similar to what they were 2 seasons ago.
Interview with Pringles:
Hello Pringles, thank you for being agree to answer to my few questions. Well first of all, guess everyone would like to hear, if you are going to be more active than you have been in the last season.
Yes, i'm going to be more active than last season since i have more time now and other personal objetives, too.
Well this is good to know for fantasy since if I'm not wrong, you have the record of clean sheets in a season. A really impressive number of 16 cleen sheets. What's the secret of being a top gk and riscing sometimes, but aswell safe in same time?
I guess that the secret is to find a balance between both parts (being agressive or not), when i feel like rushing i usually don't hesitate in doing it, otherwise i know it will end badly for me/us, and it happens the same while being a passive gk, also being unpredictable is the key. And to be honest the most important part is to trust in your teammates to help you out.
Yes, this is true, but most of time teammates are raging at you even if you are just doing your job and trying to keep the ball in front.. Anyway, at what are you expecting for this season? Maybe 1 more title? Last season your team couldn't manage to win the title without you in most of games.
Yes, this season we pretend to give our best i expect the title for us.
Well, can you tell us a bit more about the main squad of this season? Saw that Fritz is back in game, signed Johnny Dee (sorry to him, but I really don't know who he is) and ANDREA with aguero10.
Well, we have basically the same squad that we had in season19, expect Fritz, which was one of our last signings. It's a squad with 2 types of players and in my opinion it's a really good one, able to do many things.
So, your first match tonight is against IFK, what do you think about the winners of division 2 in season 20?
They are obviously a good team with many known players and many of them are friends with us. They are also going for the title, I guess.
How the table will look like at the end of season 21? Who you see to be in top 3?
Well, the top will be hard to say since there are like 4 or 5 teams who are going to fight for the title, but i guess that it will be between KE, TG and GL.
Ok, so I want to say thank you for helping me to finish this and replacing kojo at the interview, welcome back and good luck into the new season, let's see more than 16 clean sheets!
Thanks and good luck too!

Meh Squirrel:
Possibly the revelation in the last days of league, getting 13 points on 21 possible, and avoiding the relegation to 2nd division. Despite this, they were a very irregular team during most of the season, and a miracle made them keep the category. Now, after having made good signings in the Free Agency, they should be able to aspire to something else, as long as the team is focused on maintaining a good level. Will they be able to surprise in the coming season and achieve their goals?
Interview with Jese:
Yo Jese, ready for the new season?
Hey soul, yes i am ready for the new season and so is my team!
Nice to have motivated teams! What's your aim for this season? Maybe a top position at the end of season or winning the cup? What can you tell to us?
It would be nice if we can win the cup, and i think a position around 3rd/4th place is okay for us. It will be a hard season with some good teams, I think the season will be great.
Oh I understand, well good luck in the FM Cup and getting in the top 4 at the end of season! Thank you for being here and sharing to us few thinks about your team and your aims. Cya!
No Problem bye!

Mighty Ducks:
Maybe it hasn't been the best season of their lives, but they have managed to stay at a good level and put teams in trouble struggling for the title. As always, it seems that they will keep almost all their players, but after the out of Hexucho, they have had to go out to the Free Agency to sign Smithyo. Will they be able to keep motivation and try to fight to do great things?
Interview with Rooney1878:
Hello Rooney1878, how are you?
Yeah I'm fine thanks and you?
Well fine aswell, thank you for asking. After you had a pretty decent season last season, of course looking at the team squads and at the favourites teams to win the league, I see you didn't changed so many thinks, only the GK. What happened with Hexucho?
Well, considering we've been kinda inactive last season the outcome has been decent but not quiet what we were hoping for. During the festive period we couldnt start playing more active which is the main reason hexucho left us. Despite not having any offers when he left he wanted to try something new. As he was way more active than our whole squad i can understand him and wish him all the best for the future.
Oh, I understand. Are you expecting for a better season now? Can you reach a higher place than last season?
Honestly in our current state of mind I'd say no ^^ but i know we have potential and if we get our shit together and start playing more we can finish in the top 4 again. We won the league with almost the same line-up a few seasons ago, so we know theres more in us even tho it feels like the FM competiton has grown stronger again.
Well, I can say that you are such a nice captain and a sincerely one. Congrats for this. Good luck into your adventure to the title and thank you for answering!
Thank you. Always nice to see these season previews so I'll always be available for an interview. Good luck to your team aswell. Have a nice day.

Pablo Haxobar:
We could say that this has been one of his worst participations in recent seasons. With the return of Hawk it was expected a slightly more aggressive team, able to take advantage of the minimum opportunities that were offered, but it exhausted until the end the salvation, with enough problems in the last days. They have not changed their line-up either, but from them we expect a greater defensive solidity, like the one they showed some seasons ago.
Interview with MrP:
Hello MrP, how are you mate?
Ty fine, u too?
Yea, everything is fine. Well I would like from you like Herna did, to tell us a bit more about Pablo Haxobar, a short story, would be interesting for everyone to read it. Can you?
We are playing with this teeam since 2012 and moved to FM back in season 4. After our main league (hbbl) decided to move to a small ball gameplay. As u know we are lazy admins, hannes and me we are also lazy players. thats probably the reson why we never changed our team and always stayed in Pablo.
Wow, didn't know anything about hbbl until now, discovered something new, nice. Well I can't say that you are lazy admins, most of time you get everything done at day. And for the moment you have the strongest league ever. (I mean European league) Well, nice that you have the same players for some seasons. Any secret to keep the team up to division 1 against this monsters?
Tbh, idk why we are still playing in div1. I mean we have always a very consitent team with loyal and nice players. We nearly never rage, never give up and always try to get some points, that all.
Well yea, this is true, never saw your team raging and always being a pleasure for me to play fs with/against you! Can you tell us at what are you expecting from your team for this season?
I will answer u as I answered the last 10 seasons. i think we are favorit #1 for the relegation and every position in the table that is better would be a huge suprise for me. At the end I want to thank all users and guys that support us for their help and making fm to such a nice league. Good luck to every team and player AND remember: play fair always.
Hahaha, such an optimist captain! Joking. Well yea, good luck to every team, play fair always and cya bro!
Cya and ty.

The Greys:
Once again they were the best attack of the league although it didn't help them to get the title. After the loss of key players like Misaj, top scorer of the season, they have managed to build a great team with the signings of Yannex and Vak, so it seems that one more season they will be candidate to win everything, as long as they are focused in winning the title.
Interview with Falk:[/u]
Hello Falk, how are you?
Oh no, not this again, but I'm here. Hi Soul! I'm fine, thank you.
So, as I see, you completely changed your squad, what went wrong in general?
Well I had to change the squad due to no reliability or no commitment to the goals The Greys wants to accomplish.
Now your team is looking to be the favourite at the title of season 21, what do you think? Who will be your mainly opponent to title? Or opponents.
Well The Greys have always been one of the favorites to win it all. It's just we haven't really managed to stay consistent and have like clear objectives in the end. This time around i feel like we do really have everything we need, such as reliability, flexibility, good communication, balanced roles but most of all effective processes. Uhh, there's alot of good teams now comming into this season, but I feel like the main opponents are the usual Klub emeryta and Gladiators.
Wow, I've been waiting for an answer like "Clearly 4R or BLACKOUT". Nice to see someone who isn't seeing them as the main opponents.
Well i can't really tell, since i haven't seen them or atleast BLACKOUT(Angry bulls) perform in leagues before. We don't know if they are consistent like Stiff wind or not. Obviously they are one of the best teams in Europe at the moment, so if they will take this league serious then they are defenitely the main opponent for us. I just said KE and GL because they are also teams to be aware of because they are consistent and that's what you have to need if you wanna win this league.
Ok, thank you for your explanation! Good luck into the new season and hopefully for you, this time you will win! Cya man
Thank you so much! Bye. =)

After having promoted to 1st division last season, they have managed to maintain the category with acceptable numbers. It seems that his line-up isn't going to change with respect to the last season, so it is expected a almost equal playstyle. Will they be able to fight for more than salvation?
[i]Interview with Herna:

Hello Herna, new season, new adventure for TuT, same guys. How can you explain this? Your squad looks the same for seasons. What's the secret?
Hi. Since TuT's creation it was the core aim of the team to find players who will be loyal to the team, as it was always our aim to build something up thats bigger than just the sum of each players individual skill. In our first seasons this principles made us struggle a lot with activity in times, because its always hard to find players who fit perfect, in other times we went off our principles and noticed fast that it's the wrong way. Since like a half year we have found a core of players who fit everything we need and have next to their great personality and loyality also the potential to be really great together. We are getting better used to each other every season, even if there are annoying days or days where not everyone is happy with each other, in the end we are all always friends again and hug each other. The players who arent part of the starting four in the league matches contribute heavily to the good atmosphere in the team and a feeling that makes the team feel like more than just a group of people getting together to play Haxball.
Wow, such a nice history. If there is something more you want to tell us would be nice for everyone to hear because your team can be called a legendary team in FeedMe.
If there's one thing i would like people to know it's just how much fun it is to take the challenges in this game as a player and captain. You don't have to permanently aim for playing in the best team that offers you to play in it, you shouldn't be unhappy when your team isn't as good as you would wish it to be one time, because the real challenge in a team game is to learn how to get the best out of every person on the pitch and do something together the people wouldnt expect you to do, all with people who you could call your friends even if it wouldn't be about Haxball.
In the last season everyone predicted us last and we got 7th, this season everyone predicts us last again and if there's one thing im sure about it's that we will do even better than last season.
Wow, such a great story here! Nice to hear all of this about your team mate. Well, so I guess you don't aim so high, right? I mean not to finish on a top position.
Of course we do, the only fun in the game is to try to become better and better all the time, else we could play public. We aim to do as good as it is possible, to improve permanently, and one day get on a top position. I don't know if we will be strong enough this season already, I fully believe that we have the potential to do it though. Everyone of our players worked hard over christmas to bring himself in perfect physical and mental change for the start of the season, when I look into our players eyes at every training I see full commitment and trust into our abilities. We had the chance last season already to become top 5 at least, but we missed a lot of stability, were wasting too many matches without having a reason for it, but, except of Pablo Haxobar, there was no team we wouldn't have been able to beat. Everyone of us knows better and better every match though what is needed to do to win the matches with our team, what our strength are and how we have to use them. Our GK Sero07 is a wall, unique in this league in his abilities, if he is chilled enough theres nearly nothing the opponent attackers can do. Our AM Wiiii is a player with so much experience and knowledge about this game, a free mind who finds a solution for everything. His creativity is what enables us to keep our head up in the hard times of the matches, because we know any time he will come up with something. Our striker Flash is the one who gives us the trust that even if we have to deffend a full match we can score at any time, his intelligence in movement together with his pure focus on making us score a goal are what makes him so valuable for us. salamini, Ayla and Twigg are those who help us dealing with our emotions when it doesn't work perfectly. I know at any time no matter what i will do in the haxball match, afterwards i can hug all three of them and i will be happy again. Iron is the best FS-helper in the game and Nivi aka QuickCrew is the one who makes us feel like being part of something really cool and important whenever he decides to visit us. The main man of our squad though is Spike, a legend of the team we all deeply respect. We hope that on the day we get this respect by winning the league he will honor us with his presence again, acknowleding our hard work and just saying "Das habt ihr gut gemacht". That's the one thing I fight for.
(Thx for sharing all of this mate and for doing my job easier xD)

This team probably showed more lack when fighting for the promotion, although it showed a great defensive solidity that led him to get the 3rd position. As always we have been used to, they are a small group of 6-7 players that doesn't change with the over time, and that could give the surprise in this new season. Will they get into trouble with the leading teams and fight for the title?
Interview with iks:
Hello iks, thank you for coming on teamspeak to answer to my few questions.First of all, congratulation for promoting to division 1. You took "the last place in the train" last season. I see that you didn't changed anything to your line-up. What are you expecting for this "new start"? Is your team ready for this road?
Thanks. We're generally a hermetic team and we rarely do transfers, but last season changed many aspects in our game. We can't wait for new season and i hope we will win on first matchday.
Well of course winning the first matchday could be a very strong moment for each team in new season. If I'm not wrong, your playing with this squad for long time and you reached some nice placements in different leagues and in HCL aswell. Are you expecting to finish in top 5 this season? Who you see to be the winner for this new adventure?
We know each other many years that is the main strength of GoodFellas. Top 5 is quite realistic goal, but also i wouldn't be disappointed to end league in the middle of the league table. There're many teams that can win league like IFK, 4R, Klub Emeryta, Gladiators and even BLACKOUT who did very good transfers. It's very hard to point future champion.
Ok, thank you for your answers, good luck into the new season! Goodbye!
You're welcome, bye!

IFK Systembolagetlaget:
One of the rookies of the category and that has experienced players got the promotion after a season in which they showed to be 1st division level. Now, with the signing of ANDREÀ to the rival team, Klub Emeryta, the loss of Schnuppel and the recent inactivity of Ekstör have decided to strengthen the defense with the signings of Barca and B4D 4SS and are expected to fight for the positions that give access to the HCL, and why not, for the title. What goals will they achieve in their first stage as a 1st Division team?
Interview with Yawn:
Hello Yawn. How are you bro?
I'm good, what about you?
Fine. Well congrats for promoting into division 1 with a insane team and great striker ANDREA, what are you expecting now from division 1? Can you do the same and win it aswell?
This seasons division 1 is really stacked, most likely more than it has ever been. There are 4 teams that I for sure consider to be better than us at the moment. I personally think we can compete with any team in any game, but over the course of a season I don't think we have what it takes to stay on top for one simple reason; we won't be able to grind out the ''easy'' wins the same way the best teams can.
Can you tell us which are the 4 teams you see to be better than your? And what's your prediction, how will the top 3 look like?
I'm not claiming only four teams are better than us, or even the fact that there are better teams, but those teams I consider to be really strong is: The Greys, KE, Angry Bulls (before they lose one game and rq) and Gladiators. It's so hard to predict this seasons top3, especially due to the fact that 3/4 of those teams might implode any matchday because of some of their players. If I had to guess I'd put KE 1st, TG 2nd and Gla 3rd, but AB might aswell go win and win every game.
Well nice to see that you don't put your team in top and you are fair-play not like the others! I'm thankfull for answering to my questions and good luck into your new adventure in division 1!
Yes, we are fairplay unlike KE!

Another promoted team that also has extensive experience in this league managed to put some difficulties to IFK after a second hand of scandal, although they finally finished in 2nd place. They have managed to keep the base of the previous season, but they have also brought good players like Alekos, so if they manage to maintain the level shown above they can fight among the top 5 classifieds.
Interview with Mish:
Yo Mish, congrats for promoting into division 1, you had great moments in last season and your team succeded. What's the secret?
We just wanted QS to go back to div1 and <19:42:45> "Anddy": add "anddy and pelé not playing the season was a blessing".
Hahahaha. For what are you expecting from this season?
I want the title, but cool if we stay in division 1 :D.
Does your team have any key-player? If yes, who is that one?
Ofc Mish.
Well thank you for your funny answers and good luck!
Yeah thx, for you too big luck.

Thank you to FeedMe Staff & to Aitor for helping me! Good luck to everyone into the new season!
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Re: Season 21 Division 1 Preview

Postby Herna » January 14th, 2018, 6:00 pm

have to laugh so hard, i hope noone reads what i wrote...
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Re: Season 21 Division 1 Preview

Postby Soul » January 14th, 2018, 6:04 pm

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Re: Season 21 Division 1 Preview

Postby socrates » January 14th, 2018, 6:15 pm

Another nice preview :thumbup:
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Re: Season 21 Division 1 Preview

Postby Soul » January 14th, 2018, 6:21 pm

Thank you so much!
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