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Postby dooms » November 12th, 2013, 7:00 pm

This is not officially the streamed games but it's to give people an idea of what it'll probably be. It'll change throughout the season.

Div 1 streamed games - 21:00 GMT (22:00 CET)
Div 2 streamed games - 20:30 GMT (21:30 CET)

14th Nov 1 #DEJA vs Yellow Wolves
14th Nov 1 Overdose vs Pablo Haxobar
14th Nov 1 Starlights vs h0bA
14th Nov 1 TI SPARTA! vs IKEA Deutschland
14th Nov 1 ACDP vs Seedstitch
14th Nov 1 Game of Thrones vs Ajhax
14th Nov 1 Mighty Ducks vs HC Pizza
14th Nov 1 Oreo HC vs The Real RocknRolla

17th Nov 2 IKEA Deutschland vs h0bA
17th Nov 2 Overdose vs TI SPARTA!
17th Nov 2 Pablo Haxobar vs #DEJA
17th Nov 2 Yellow Wolves vs Starlights
17th Nov 2 Ajhax vs Seedstitch
17th Nov 2 HC Pizza vs Oreo HC
17th Nov 2 Mighty Ducks vs Game of Thrones
17th Nov 2 The Real RocknRolla vs ACDP

21st Nov 3 #DEJA vs TI SPARTA!
21st Nov 3 h0bA vs Overdose
21st Nov 3 Starlights vs IKEA Deutschland
21st Nov 3 Yellow Wolves vs Pablo Haxobar
21st Nov 3 ACDP vs Ajhax
21st Nov 3 Oreo HC vs Game of Thrones
21st Nov 3 Seedstitch vs Mighty Ducks
21st Nov 3 The Real RocknRolla vs HC Pizza

28th Nov 4 #DEJA vs h0bA
28th Nov 4 Overdose vs IKEA Deutschland
28th Nov 4 Pablo Haxobar vs Starlights
28th Nov 4 TI SPARTA! vs Yellow Wolves
28th Nov 4 Game of Thrones vs The Real RocknRolla
28th Nov 4 HC Pizza vs ACDP
28th Nov 4 Mighty Ducks vs Ajhax
28th Nov 4 Oreo HC vs Seedstitch

1st Dec 5 IKEA Deutschland vs #DEJA
1st Dec 5 Pablo Haxobar vs TI SPARTA!
1st Dec 5 Starlights vs Overdose
1st Dec 5 Yellow Wolves vs h0bA
1st Dec 5 ACDP vs Mighty Ducks
1st Dec 5 Ajhax vs Oreo HC
1st Dec 5 HC Pizza vs Game of Thrones
1st Dec 5 The Real RocknRolla vs Seedstitch

5th Dec 6 #DEJA vs Overdose
5th Dec 6 h0bA vs Pablo Haxobar
5th Dec 6 TI SPARTA! vs Starlights
5th Dec 6 Yellow Wolves vs IKEA Deutschland
5th Dec 6 Game of Thrones vs ACDP
5th Dec 6 Oreo HC vs Mighty Ducks
5th Dec 6 Seedstitch vs HC Pizza
5th Dec 6 The Real RocknRolla vs Ajhax

8th Dec 7 Overdose vs Yellow Wolves
8th Dec 7 Pablo Haxobar vs IKEA Deutschland
8th Dec 7 Starlights vs #DEJA
8th Dec 7 TI SPARTA! vs h0bA
8th Dec 7 ACDP vs Oreo HC
8th Dec 7 Game of Thrones vs Seedstitch
8th Dec 7 HC Pizza vs Ajhax
8th Dec 7 Mighty Ducks vs The Real RocknRolla

12th Dec 8 h0bA vs Starlights
12th Dec 8 IKEA Deutschland vs TI SPARTA!
12th Dec 8 Pablo Haxobar vs Overdose
12th Dec 8 Yellow Wolves vs #DEJA
12th Dec 8 Ajhax vs Game of Thrones
12th Dec 8 HC Pizza vs Mighty Ducks
12th Dec 8 Seedstitch vs ACDP
12th Dec 8 The Real RocknRolla vs Oreo HC

15th Dec 9 #DEJA vs Pablo Haxobar
15th Dec 9 h0bA vs IKEA Deutschland
15th Dec 9 Starlights vs Yellow Wolves
15th Dec 9 TI SPARTA! vs Overdose
15th Dec 9 ACDP vs The Real RocknRolla
15th Dec 9 Game of Thrones vs Mighty Ducks
15th Dec 9 Oreo HC vs HC Pizza
15th Dec 9 Seedstitch vs Ajhax
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