(Day 3) - Division 1 - Possession stats

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(Day 3) - Division 1 - Possession stats

Postby Raves » January 21st, 2019, 7:21 pm

Hello guys,

Day 3, 4 matches this time, as someone requested me I wanted to make the "Dangerous action" and count them, but I would I spend twice the time. Another one asked me to do for Div 2, I am sorry I can't do that as well, If some people want to help me for div 2 maybe is it possible (I want someone fair)

Well here are the stats of day 3

Day 3 stats (I found a better image host :) :

Match 1 :


Match 2 :

Match 3 :

Match 4 :


Match 5 :

Not played yet

Match 6 :

Not played yet

If there is a match that I didn't put, feel free to remind me :)
By the way, I am planning on doing a kind of "Olympic Haxball" event with many "sport" "Soccer/Futsal/8man/Race etc... " with 20 different challenge. Just "teasing" but you have time won't be soon (Maybe the end of the season midseason)

Thanks for watching guys, see you next match:)!
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