Season 27 • Division 1 Highlights

Season 27 • Division 1 Highlights

Postby El Drago » May 19th, 2020, 12:23 am

Finally I managed to do this video. I want to thank SuarezN7 for the photo editing and ^aMp^ for some recs that he provided.
I also wanted to say 7:45 accidentally wrote Season 28 instead of Season 27, happens.
From the lack of time I couldn`t do the research myself and ended up only highlighting the top scorers/top assisters/most clean sheet of the div/ not the teams in particular.

Some brief summary of the last season DIV1: (including cup scores)

Division 1 Winner : Smokin Aces

Top Scorer : Necro 47 goals
Top Assister : Misaj 25 assists
Most Clean Sheets : vegeta 14 cleansheets

Goal Of The Season : Ihattaren

GK of the season : vegeta
DM of the season : Misaj
AM of the season : ESPierre
ST of the season : Ihattaren


Best Offense : Slappers (103 goals)
Best Defense : Smokin Aces (10 conceded)
Team Disbands : Excellents, Rogue
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Re: Season 27 - Division 1 Highlights

Postby Yeye » May 19th, 2020, 12:38 pm

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