Season 21, Matchday 2/11
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Date Matchday Home Team Away Team
14th Jan 1 Ajhax 2 - 0 Husaria
14th Jan 1 Chimera 5 - 2 Nightly Artists
14th Jan 1 FLAMES 1 - 0 Bullets
14th Jan 1 Galaxity 4 - 0 Trailer Park Penguins
14th Jan 1 MeMe 0 - 0 Balls Be Flyin'
14th Jan 1 Saints 1 - 1 FATALITY!
18th Jan 2 Balls Be Flyin' vs Chimera
18th Jan 2 Bullets vs Saints
18th Jan 2 FATALITY! vs MeMe
18th Jan 2 Husaria vs Galaxity
18th Jan 2 Nightly Artists vs Ajhax
18th Jan 2 Trailer Park Penguins vs FLAMES
21st Jan 3 Ajhax vs Balls Be Flyin'
21st Jan 3 Chimera vs FATALITY!
21st Jan 3 Galaxity vs FLAMES
21st Jan 3 Husaria vs Nightly Artists
21st Jan 3 MeMe vs Bullets
21st Jan 3 Saints vs Trailer Park Penguins
25th Jan 4 Balls Be Flyin' vs Husaria
25th Jan 4 Bullets vs Chimera
25th Jan 4 FATALITY! vs Ajhax
25th Jan 4 FLAMES vs Saints
25th Jan 4 Nightly Artists vs Galaxity
25th Jan 4 Trailer Park Penguins vs MeMe
1st Feb 5 Ajhax vs Bullets
1st Feb 5 Chimera vs Trailer Park Penguins
1st Feb 5 Galaxity vs Saints
1st Feb 5 Husaria vs FATALITY!
1st Feb 5 MeMe vs FLAMES
1st Feb 5 Nightly Artists vs Balls Be Flyin'
4th Feb 6 Balls Be Flyin' vs Galaxity
4th Feb 6 Bullets vs Husaria
4th Feb 6 FATALITY! vs Nightly Artists
4th Feb 6 FLAMES vs Chimera
4th Feb 6 Saints vs MeMe
4th Feb 6 Trailer Park Penguins vs Ajhax
8th Feb 7 Ajhax vs FLAMES
8th Feb 7 Balls Be Flyin' vs FATALITY!
8th Feb 7 Chimera vs Saints
8th Feb 7 Galaxity vs MeMe
8th Feb 7 Husaria vs Trailer Park Penguins
8th Feb 7 Nightly Artists vs Bullets
11th Feb 8 Bullets vs Balls Be Flyin'
11th Feb 8 FATALITY! vs Galaxity
11th Feb 8 FLAMES vs Husaria
11th Feb 8 MeMe vs Chimera
11th Feb 8 Saints vs Ajhax
11th Feb 8 Trailer Park Penguins vs Nightly Artists
18th Feb 9 Ajhax vs MeMe
18th Feb 9 Balls Be Flyin' vs Trailer Park Penguins
18th Feb 9 FATALITY! vs Bullets
18th Feb 9 Galaxity vs Chimera
18th Feb 9 Husaria vs Saints
18th Feb 9 Nightly Artists vs FLAMES
22nd Feb 10 Chimera vs Ajhax
22nd Feb 10 FLAMES vs Balls Be Flyin'
22nd Feb 10 Galaxity vs Bullets
22nd Feb 10 MeMe vs Husaria
22nd Feb 10 Saints vs Nightly Artists
22nd Feb 10 Trailer Park Penguins vs FATALITY!
25th Feb 11 Ajhax vs Galaxity
25th Feb 11 Balls Be Flyin' vs Saints
25th Feb 11 Bullets vs Trailer Park Penguins
25th Feb 11 FATALITY! vs FLAMES
25th Feb 11 Husaria vs Chimera
25th Feb 11 Nightly Artists vs MeMe