Season 23, Matchday 20/22
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Division 1
QuickSwans vs Angry Bulls
WolfGang vs Trailer Park Penguins
Mighty Ducks vs Chimera
archNemeses vs Nightly Artists
OMERTÀ vs Klub Emeryta
Division 2
Skins vs KINGS
Suavemente vs Meh Squirrel
Super Kickers 2018 vs Gladiators
Resurgence vs Dagoes
Balls Be Flyin' vs Uzvara
Elite69 vs FEAR
Excellents vs Ajhax
FLAMES vs Pablo Haxobar
Blue Panthers vs Guns N’ Moses
Lucky Strike vs Fossils
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  • 1 Point if you predict the correct Team to win (example: Predicted 4:0 and Result 2:1)
  • 2 Points if you predict the correct Team to win and also got the right goal difference (example: Predicted 2:0 and Result 3-1)
  • 3 Points if you predicted a draw correctly but with the wrong scoreline (example: Predicted 1-1 and Result 2-2)
  • 4 Points for the correct Prediction