Season 23, Matchday 20/22
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
77mm ANY ANY 30th Sep 2018 sometimes better sometimes worse
DAN10 ANY ANY 3rd Nov 2018 Active player !
DrG ANY ANY 30th Oct 2018
Krzysiu ANY ANY 14th Nov 2018
LAUNCH ANY ANY 3rd Nov 2018 efebullas
Ross Barkley ANY ANY 14th Sep 2018
shiban pedal ANY ANY 27th Oct 2018 I AM THE BEST HAXBALL PLAYERS !!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT …
undead44 ANY ANY 25th Oct 2018
Unique ANY ANY 18th Oct 2018 QS IS REALLY BAD
Voyager ANY ANY 30th Sep 2018 Friendly and active.
ZaraHax ANY ANY 13th Nov 2018
11Lill11 GK AM 27th Oct 2018 ? m very good GK Search team until nxt ssn
Haxpis GK ST 27th Oct 2018 can be sub :)
iMas GK GK 25th Oct 2018 try me im a good gk :P
Jamaica GK ST 7th Nov 2018 Jamaica TV
JArker GK ST 13th Nov 2018
JC7 GK ST 29th Oct 2018 gk
Kuroko GK GK 24th Oct 2018 I'm active player and i think i'm a fast
lajz GK GK 14th Nov 2018 hi
LiadTheStar GK ST 10th Nov 2018 ExT
Mish GK ANY 15th Nov 2018 Ello boys im again free :)
PArker GK ST 10th Nov 2018 ST|GK
Per GK GK 12th Nov 2018 g
S p i r i t GK GK 20th Oct 2018
Shockboy2 GK ANY 12th Nov 2018 Part of the scotland team who won the first ever h …
vegeta GK GK 2nd Nov 2018
Xey GK GK 2nd Sep 2018 :)
Yair GK ANY 1st Sep 2018 No info added.
_JG_ DM ANY 31st Oct 2018
Emily DM AM 29th Oct 2018
Falcao9 DM AM 10th Sep 2018
gado DM AM 23rd Oct 2018 i aint gkin just sayin, unless u pay me a salary
Guy Incognito DM AM 7th Nov 2018 Active and friendly Czech player
Hulk DM DM 12th Nov 2018 Inactive
Karos DM AM 9th Oct 2018 Hi there,
my IGN is: Karos i from israel
im good …
LEXAL DM ST 5th Oct 2018
https …
Pele DM ANY 18th Sep 2018 german Élep
Saviour DM ST 4th Nov 2018
Smurf2 DM DM 22nd Oct 2018
aprendiz AM ANY 22nd Oct 2018 active
BolvaN AM ANY 28th Oct 2018 Not too active but still a beast
Castillo AM DM 31st Oct 2018
Cyrus AM GK 20th Oct 2018
Emenike10 AM DM 2nd Sep 2018 :v
Hilmylenkov AM ST 9th Nov 2018 ..
Modrić AM DM 13th Oct 2018
Mozy Enyste AM ANY 14th Nov 2018
Mozy9 AM ST 4th Nov 2018
Ramsey AM DM 24th Oct 2018
Rundstedt AM GK 28th Oct 2018 Active and adult player.
Don't need full ti …
shAh AM DM 11th Nov 2018 Hi

Im coming from those 24/7 public servers but …
yallslumpin AM GK 27th Oct 2018 I've been playing for about 5 years but not a …
yummy AM ST 2nd Sep 2018 highest quality player, dont be afraid to test my …
belly ST AM 5th Nov 2018 make love , not war !
CHAMPION ST ANY 14th Nov 2018 THE BEAST is looking for serious and active team.
Drake ST AM 15th Nov 2018
kAT ST AM 25th Sep 2018 Check me - Only Div. 1
Kivi ST ANY 13th Nov 2018 only put myself in here cuz of hulk
KOKENL ST AM 12th Nov 2018 Koke for free!? WoW!
mrsc ST ANY 5th Nov 2018
Notek ST DM 8th Nov 2018 back!
POP ST ST 27th Oct 2018
Reszka18 ST AM 15th Nov 2018 Hi, I am looking for a club in 3v3 and 4v4. I play …
SalvinHo ST AM 22nd Oct 2018
Wolgast ST ST 14th Nov 2018