Season 21, Matchday 13/24
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
Baffo ANY ANY 22nd Feb 2018 Meh
Flaqh ANY ANY 5th Feb 2018

Unique ANY ANY 19th Feb 2018
Wenell ANY ANY 13th Feb 2018 i love birds
Xey ANY ANY 14th Jan 2018 bokochawens eeeeeeee
-diamond GK AM 17th Feb 2018 Im great Gk, i play since 2011
and i search team …
bamox GK DM 4th Feb 2018 very active
Darth Vader GK DM 9th Feb 2018 I play Haxball since 2011 and this is my first exp …
eWa1 GK ANY 29th Jan 2018 ###
Flaviu GK ST 8th Feb 2018
juliano GK GK 22nd Feb 2018
moti GK ST 8th Jan 2018
ptichka GK GK 27th Jan 2018 GK
Rijar GK DM 24th Feb 2018 1DIVI
SC30 GK AM 18th Feb 2018
_JG_ DM ST 20th Jan 2018
aMp DM DM 19th Feb 2018 ^^
Gilbert DM AM 1st Feb 2018 marsupilamiyim moruk
kAoS DM GK 11th Jan 2018
LaggerMet DM AM 18th Jan 2018
Rizzoli DM AM 20th Jan 2018
Sega DM AM 11th Jan 2018
playing several years. i lik …
Smurf2 DM ST 11th Jan 2018
te][o DM ST 7th Feb 2018 madskillzzz
VENOM i7 DM ANY 19th Jan 2018 ilphe sexy returns
Drogbeni AM ST 11th Feb 2018 ..
Elysion AM ST 9th Feb 2018
jarvis AM ST 12th Feb 2018
the special1 AM AM 29th Jan 2018 thespecial1
Tortogol AM ST 22nd Feb 2018 back baby
Witsel AM ANY 26th Jan 2018 Witsel is back make everygame
Bugra ST ST 21st Feb 2018
Deftones1 ST AM 29th Jan 2018
DICTUM ST ST 26th Jan 2018 lord of hattricks with an insanely high goal/match …
Famasek ST AM 15th Jan 2018 Playing since 2011. Some promos here:
https://www …
HAIviRa ST ANY 6th Feb 2018 Experience in HCL 3v3 / 4v4 for the old champions …
Kivi ST ANY 7th Jan 2018 haHAA
Lyreco ST ST 19th Feb 2018
Maddude ST ANY 8th Jan 2018 Let me ST, will bench. Can only make Thursdays.
I …
mrsc ST ANY 20th Jan 2018
NaNi ST DM 17th Feb 2018 I am back bitches
Saky ST AM 4th Feb 2018
VeRona ST AM 22nd Feb 2018