Season 20, Matchday 12/13
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
stub ANY ANY 15th Oct 2017 The active player I play for 6 years and I'm looki …
Beninho GK ST 8th Oct 2017
BlackRose GK ST 24th Sep 2017
Dell1 GK ST 12th Oct 2017 ACTIVE PLAYER
Flu GK GK 10th Oct 2017 pm me in ts or skype: arturiux36
moti GK ST 7th Sep 2017 lets play
Soul GK ST 27th Sep 2017 active and good team pls
TaKa GK DM 26th Sep 2017 Old GK from Spain.
tim GK ST 15th Oct 2017 Looking for a serious team
Yair GK DM 7th Oct 2017 ACTIVE
Dinamo DM AM 8th Sep 2017
Lupoide DM GK 8th Oct 2017
oscarrr DM GK 7th Sep 2017
Smurf2 DM ST 29th Sep 2017
Adekyz AM ST 15th Oct 2017
Logitech AM ST 6th Oct 2017 logi
Lokizzh AM ST 12th Oct 2017
Aszy ST AM 3rd Oct 2017 Looking for a team in FM :)
Boyd7 ST AM 12th Sep 2017
champion ST ANY 6th Sep 2017 THE BEAST is looking for serious and active team.
Conan ST ANY 16th Oct 2017 gio > terror
Doctor ST ST 16th Oct 2017
Emenike10 ST AM 6th Sep 2017 looking for active and srs team
FAF ST AM 15th Oct 2017
Juan Agudelo ST AM 18th Oct 2017 Played in German YES-League for 3 years then quit …
Lee ST ST 15th Oct 2017 Can make league games on Sundays and be active in …
Lloyd Banks ST AM 24th Sep 2017 Club tied until midway through season
Luffy ST ST 28th Sep 2017 .
Maddude ST ANY 7th Sep 2017 Let me ST, will bench. Can only make Thursdays.
I …
MedekiNHO ST ST 9th Sep 2017
NaNi ST DM 9th Sep 2017 Activity is important.
rylan is high ST ANY 12th Sep 2017 hi, i played in the SPHB league in United States. …