Season 22, Matchday 27/26
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
Jenzo ANY ANY 10th Aug 2018 active team
kot ANY ANY 14th Aug 2018
NeteroEZ ANY ANY 20th Aug 2018 div1 only i'm the best
StringerBell ANY ANY 12th Aug 2018 hi
Styl ANY ANY 20th Aug 2018
Unique ANY ANY 9th Aug 2018 FREE LIKE A BIRD
11Lill11 GK AM 22nd Jul 2018 5 years htr and hxl captains played Cannucks and B …
Alcazar GK GK 27th May 2018
ASAP Ferg GK AM 24th Jul 2018
Browning GK DM 17th Aug 2018
castro GK ANY 9th Jul 2018
Cyrus GK ST 9th Aug 2018 confirm
César GK GK 12th Aug 2018
DonLokko GK AM 10th Aug 2018 active gk, friendly and I accept good advice
Isaac GK GK 27th Jun 2018
KissBerry GK GK 12th Aug 2018
LiadTheStar GK GK 19th Aug 2018 back
MarioGomez25 GK DM 24th Jul 2018 i will accept any team who offers me i play haxba …
S p i r i t GK GK 12th Aug 2018
schwell GK GK 13th Jul 2018
Sero07 GK GK 19th Aug 2018 I sell my soul.
Shawn8 GK DM 17th Aug 2018 Lozano -
Timo GK GK 12th Aug 2018 active th and sh player
Xey GK GK 17th Aug 2018 :)
Yair GK ANY 12th Aug 2018
ZeroRullz GK DM 12th Aug 2018 Active player with experience
Eies DM AM 18th Aug 2018 6 years of experience in 3vs3, played mainly in Po …
ForlaN DM ST 10th Aug 2018 top 1
iNoob7 DM ST 20th Aug 2018
Lexal DM ST 26th Jun 2018
https …
MartYK DM ST 12th Aug 2018 :P
Modrić DM AM 8th Jul 2018 I'm a Portuguese Haxball Player, i've be …
Rizzoli DM AM 20th Aug 2018
STriker DM ST 4th Jul 2018 The best word i can say to describe this is: BOOM
TehBeast DM GK 18th Aug 2018
wassup DM AM 10th Aug 2018 Portugal AA player, CL QF w/ FSK
DannyV AM DM 16th Aug 2018 beng
Emenike10 AM ST 20th Aug 2018 :v
Jiminy Cricket AM ST 20th Aug 2018 Actually going to play now. Looking for a friendly …
joji AM ANY 12th Aug 2018
KEANU AM DM 10th Aug 2018
Kuupz AM ST 11th Aug 2018
LaggerMet AM ANY 17th May 2018
Lukas AM GK 27th Jun 2018 hihi, it's me again
lukyno AM ST 20th Aug 2018 yo
Meyer1 AM AM 11th Aug 2018 HCL Winner, Div 1 Winner,
NodeJS AM ST 11th Aug 2018 I play since 2011 but i'm noob.
ReusPL AM ST 15th Aug 2018
Tsubasa AM ANY 16th Aug 2018 you know me... or not
Wes AM DM 13th Aug 2018 Been playing for 6 years in the french league but …
aven ST ANY 26th Jul 2018 I looking for a stable team
Bot88 ST ANY 10th Aug 2018
bruma jaa ST AM 2nd May 2018 helloo
Bugra ST ST 15th Aug 2018 search search search
CHAMPION ST ANY 25th Jul 2018 THE BEAST is looking for serious and active team.
CristiαnoRonαldo⑦ - ST GK 23rd Jul 2018 Playing since 2011 with some pauses
Eronuovodelposto ST GK 10th Aug 2018 3vs3
FAF ST AM 11th Aug 2018 back again
Ferg ST AM 20th Aug 2018
Grose ST AM 20th Aug 2018
hero ST ST 11th Aug 2018
Kivi ST ANY 13th May 2018 boi
KOKENL ST DM 18th Aug 2018 FREE
Lyvio ST AM 19th May 2018 active (TR)
Müconinho ST AM 29th Jun 2018
NaNi ST DM 15th Aug 2018 im back bitches
POP ST ANY 12th Aug 2018
Qusat ST ST 14th Jul 2018
Rust ST GK 15th Jul 2018 I played the Haxball Champions League for PP-Manag …
SalvinHo ST AM 12th Jun 2018
ShimShon ST ST 10th Aug 2018
Sonic De Souza ST GK 17th Aug 2018 Hello
Voyager ST ST 17th Jul 2018 Friendly and active ^_^, and I can play other posi …
Wiaz ST GK 11th Jul 2018 Always active and experience