Season 22, Matchday 14/24
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
Bastsore ANY ANY 20th Jun 2018 ?f you want to very good gk look ? am here
stublagod1 ANY ANY 7th Jun 2018
Unique ANY ANY 13th Jun 2018 zzz
Wenell ANY ANY 1st May 2018 DER
Alcazar GK GK 27th May 2018
castro GK DM 7th Jun 2018
Celes GK GK 7th May 2018
DonLokko GK AM 24th May 2018 active gk, friendly and competitive
Floke GK GK 6th Jun 2018 coldplay
Heldéns GK ST 28th May 2018 I've been playing for 8 years.
Kantelinio GK GK 25th May 2018
Kendrick GK GK 18th Jun 2018
KnotFCP GK GK 5th Jun 2018
kot GK ANY 18th Jun 2018 TOP1 GK PL EU WR
Morja stefchov GK ANY 25th May 2018 I am Morja from sofia ,
Platão GK AM 16th May 2018
prodigy GK ANY 17th Jun 2018
Shady GK ST 6th Jun 2018 play with mind
Timo GK GK 10th Jun 2018
vegecik GK GK 16th Jun 2018 I am from Poland, I play on the Polish forum haxba …
Voyager GK ST 18th Jun 2018 Friendly player ^_^
Xey GK ST 4th Jun 2018
Craig DM AM 26th May 2018 exp: serveral seasons in past on yes or french lea …
Dzeko DM AM 30th May 2018 can play any postion
Knap DM AM 14th May 2018
Phami DM GK 19th Jun 2018 Playing since 2014, DM \ GK
Sega DM AM 21st May 2018 I dont mind not playing officials, just want to pl …
ImpeCabLe AM ST 5th Jun 2018 Active and searching for challenges.
LaggerMet AM ANY 17th May 2018
NEMS AM ST 22nd May 2018
sam AM ST 19th Jun 2018 ACTIVE PLAYER
Tortogol AM ST 24th May 2018 back baby
alexis7 ST GK 29th May 2018 i am active player !
ander ST AM 13th May 2018
Batshuayi ST GK 19th May 2018 Active and I'm good
belly ST DM 3rd Jun 2018 lets play
Boyd7 ST DM 13th Jun 2018
bruma jaa ST AM 2nd May 2018 helloo
Deftones1 ST AM 1st May 2018 active
FAF ST AM 9th Jun 2018 hi sign me
Grose ST ST 3rd May 2018
hero ST AM 16th Jun 2018 This is TeamRocket !
Karanga ST ANY 25th May 2018 I am active player :) !
KILLY ST AM 18th Jun 2018 top1
Kivi ST ANY 13th May 2018 boi
KOKENL ST ANY 19th Jun 2018 Active
Kyohei ST GK 6th May 2018
luky9250 ST AM 2nd Jun 2018 Hi I am from Slovakia and I prefer but I'm wi …
Lyvio ST AM 19th May 2018 active (TR)
moti ST DM 2nd May 2018 lets play
Multi ST ANY 25th May 2018 Active :D
Muris 9 ST ST 17th Jun 2018
NaNi ST DM 15th Jun 2018 nothing to say
REBEL 7 ST GK 7th Jun 2018 Active, Friendly
Reneyo ST ANY 19th Jun 2018 Offer me hu
Reus ST ANY 31st May 2018 active
SalvinHo ST AM 12th Jun 2018
Wehrmacht ST GK 12th Jun 2018
Wytt ST AM 25th May 2018