Season 21, Matchday 26/25
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
kot ANY ANY 13th Apr 2018
Unique ANY ANY 18th Apr 2018 zzz
Wenell ANY ANY 20th Apr 2018 DER
Xey ANY ANY 14th Jan 2018 bokochawens eeeeeeee
bamox GK AM 20th Mar 2018 very active
Booba GK ST 12th Apr 2018
DoInK GK ANY 15th Apr 2018 Do people actually read this thing? GK, active, fr …
Drix GK ST 29th Mar 2018
eWa1 GK ST 17th Apr 2018
Flaviu GK ST 8th Feb 2018
Formiga GK GK 13th Apr 2018 Legend
Ito GK ST 16th Apr 2018
MeteRespeito GK GK 20th Apr 2018 :)
NiseR GK ST 20th Mar 2018 Hello, i'm StaticEra. I'm a ex semi-pro washed up …
ptichka GK GK 30th Mar 2018 GK
Reinaa GK AM 17th Apr 2018 active and sexy
rylan is high GK AM 20th Mar 2018 :)
SC30 GK AM 16th Mar 2018
Shawn8 GK GK 22nd Apr 2018
_JG_ DM ST 20th Jan 2018
Jappo DM AM 12th Apr 2018 Im a noob
ni_ DM AM 20th Mar 2018
Rizzoli DM AM 20th Jan 2018
Smurf2 DM ST 20th Apr 2018
STriker DM ANY 19th Apr 2018
StringerBell DM DM 26th Feb 2018
VENOM i7 DM ANY 19th Jan 2018 ilphe sexy returns
Voyager DM ST 26th Mar 2018 Very active
wassup DM AM 18th Apr 2018 Portugal AA player, CL QF w/ FSK
CHE AM DM 17th Apr 2018 To live and die for
ImpeCabLe AM ST 15th Apr 2018 Hello, I'm willing to return into hax world so I'm …
irvi AM ST 17th Apr 2018 yoo!!
jasko AM GK 17th Apr 2018 hi
LaggerMet AM ANY 13th Apr 2018
Saky AM ST 21st Apr 2018
themce88 AM ST 22nd Apr 2018 :)
BlackRose ST GK 30th Mar 2018
CHAMPION ST ANY 28th Mar 2018 THE BEAST is looking for serious and active team.
Daaf ST DM 21st Apr 2018 emir
Fekir1 ST ST 7th Mar 2018 active player , ( dont cancers like buffon team ) …
fr1 ST ANY 13th Apr 2018 ello
Grose ST ST 23rd Apr 2018
jekky ST ANY 28th Mar 2018 everyday is a good day ! :)
Kivi ST ANY 7th Jan 2018 haHAA
moti ST DM 17th Apr 2018 lets play
mrsc ST ANY 20th Jan 2018
Muris 9 ST GK 17th Apr 2018
Pretty Flacko ST AM 15th Mar 2018
VeRona ST AM 25th Mar 2018 Free Player again, ST and AM