Season 22, Matchday 21/25
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
abacus ANY ANY 17th Jul 2018 blud do i need 2 sm? na g im wikid pick me n u gua …
Bastsore ANY ANY 20th Jun 2018 ?f you want to very good gk look ? am here
orp ANY ANY 11th Jul 2018 I'm orp
POP ANY ANY 7th Jul 2018
Yeter3 ANY ANY 5th Jul 2018
Alcazar GK GK 27th May 2018
Browning GK GK 8th Jul 2018 alo
castro GK ANY 9th Jul 2018
César GK ST 10th Jul 2018
Dakeshi GK AM 30th Jun 2018 old and active
dangyyy GK DM 22nd Jun 2018 I have only just signed up to this website, I have …
frozenkiller1 GK GK 26th Jun 2018 Im a new player, decent at gk. I still suck at pas …
Infinite GK ST 3rd Jul 2018 active gk every day
Isaac GK GK 27th Jun 2018
Kantelinio GK GK 25th May 2018
Kendrick GK GK 25th Jun 2018
KnotFCP GK GK 5th Jun 2018
Ottokar v Braunstein GK DM 7th Jul 2018 I am Big-O... I already played in the legendary an …
Platão GK AM 16th May 2018
SC30 GK AM 24th Jun 2018
schwell GK GK 13th Jul 2018
Shawn8 GK DM 24th Jun 2018 mainly gk can fit dm too
vegeta GK GK 16th Jun 2018 I am from Poland, I play on the Polish forum haxba …
Weedsmoker GK DM 9th Jul 2018 I don't have a stable style but when i play m …
Xey GK ST 4th Jun 2018
Yair GK GK 1st Jul 2018
ZeroRullz GK DM 2nd Jul 2018 Active player with experience
Eddie DM ST 24th Jun 2018
Elgendy DM AM 25th Jun 2018 After nearly 1 year quitting haxball i am back hop …
ForlaN DM ST 20th Jul 2018
Fritz DM DM 23rd Jun 2018
Lexal DM ST 26th Jun 2018
https …
LukaModric DM GK 16th Jul 2018 Active haxball player for 4-5 years. Able to play …
Modrić DM AM 8th Jul 2018 I'm a Portuguese Haxball Player, i've be …
niko DM ST 11th Jul 2018
RoY DM GK 17th Jul 2018 I want to teach how to play dmc
I have a potent …
STriker DM ST 4th Jul 2018 The best word i can say to describe this is: BOOM
Ceru AM AM 28th Jun 2018
DonLokko AM AM 30th Jun 2018 active am, friendly and competitive
Hilmylenkov AM ST 8th Jul 2018 new tino
ImpeCabLe AM ST 5th Jun 2018 Active and searching for challenges.
Kamenitza AM ST 5th Jul 2018 (active) without retard team.
LaggerMet AM ANY 17th May 2018
Lukas AM GK 27th Jun 2018 hihi, it's me again
Rak AM ST 10th Jul 2018
sam AM ST 19th Jun 2018 ACTIVE PLAYER
T90 AM DM 8th Jul 2018 Former sphb player, been playing for far too long …
belly ST DM 3rd Jun 2018 lets play
Boyd7 ST DM 13th Jun 2018
bruma jaa ST AM 2nd May 2018 helloo
Canica ST AM 5th Jul 2018 want to be important of something nice and big!
Darkwaave ST ANY 13th Jul 2018 Former team Latvia national player , since 2014
h …
ENERGIA ST ST 1st Jul 2018
hero ST AM 16th Jun 2018 This is TeamRocket !
KILLY ST AM 18th Jun 2018 top1
Kivi ST ANY 13th May 2018 boi
KOKENL ST AM 8th Jul 2018
luky9250 ST AM 2nd Jun 2018 Hi I am from Slovakia and I prefer but I'm wi …
Lyvio ST AM 19th May 2018 active (TR)
mrsc ST ANY 7th Jul 2018
Multi ST ANY 25th May 2018 Active :D
Müconinho ST AM 29th Jun 2018
NaNi ST DM 24th Jun 2018 nothing to say
nbn ST AM 17th Jul 2018
Nexon ST AM 9th Jul 2018 :)
Qusat ST ST 14th Jul 2018
REBEL 7 ST GK 7th Jun 2018 Active, Friendly
Reneyo ST AM 2nd Jul 2018 Hey
Romário ST AM 11th Jul 2018 Active forward....
Rust ST GK 15th Jul 2018 I played the Haxball Champions League for PP-Manag …
SalvinHo ST AM 12th Jun 2018
Voyager ST ST 17th Jul 2018 Friendly and active ^_^, and I can play other posi …
Warg1 ST DM 10th Jul 2018 I like girls!
Wiaz ST GK 11th Jul 2018 Always active and experience