Season 23, Matchday 12/22
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
77mm ANY ANY 30th Sep 2018 sometimes better sometimes worse
Chesko ANY GK 12th Oct 2018 just wanna play >
Eronuovodelposto ANY ANY 18th Sep 2018
Ross Barkley ANY ANY 14th Sep 2018
Rundstedt ANY ANY 28th Sep 2018 I'm active and adult player. I am looking clu …
Voyager ANY ANY 30th Sep 2018 Friendly and active.
DonLokko GK GK 19th Sep 2018 active gk, friendly and I accept good advice
Haxpis GK ST 25th Sep 2018
Jacpos GK AM 30th Sep 2018
kolkass GK DM 15th Oct 2018 :)
PArker GK AM 27th Sep 2018 just strong
Pingvi GK DM 11th Oct 2018
poooq GK ANY 13th Oct 2018 I am looking for a team where I can learn somethin …
Rizzoli GK DM 1st Sep 2018
S p i r i t GK GK 15th Sep 2018
schwell GK GK 30th Sep 2018
Sergio Ramos 4 GK GK 22nd Sep 2018 i'm active player
Sero07 GK GK 16th Oct 2018 I got the ego of a LeBron James and the skills of …
Sorensen GK ANY 2nd Oct 2018
Xey GK GK 2nd Sep 2018 :)
Yair GK ANY 1st Sep 2018 No info added.
zeG GK AM 5th Oct 2018 take me :)
apasnhyI0 DM DM 25th Sep 2018
Bullass DM DM 20th Sep 2018 dmdmmdm
Falcao9 DM AM 10th Sep 2018
Falk DM AM 14th Oct 2018 I am not second, but i am top 2.
Fritz DM DM 15th Oct 2018
Karos DM AM 9th Oct 2018 Hi there,
my IGN is: Karos i from israel
im good …
Lexal DM ST 5th Oct 2018
https …
Ninfang DM AM 3rd Sep 2018 ;)
Pele DM ANY 18th Sep 2018 german Élep
Smurf2 DM DM 15th Oct 2018 DM
dimartin AM ANY 3rd Oct 2018 Very experienced player in Portugal
Emenike10 AM DM 2nd Sep 2018 :v
MANIAK AM DM 5th Sep 2018 I'm a solid player. I play a few years
+ lar …
Modrić AM DM 13th Oct 2018
ogre AM ANY 2nd Sep 2018
Rak AM ST 16th Oct 2018
themce88 AM ANY 2nd Sep 2018 yes
tt11 AM DM 30th Sep 2018 Ive been playing haxball for a while now and I …
Wenell AM ANY 24th Sep 2018 jewsalem
yummy AM ST 2nd Sep 2018 highest quality player, dont be afraid to test my …
belly ST ANY 16th Sep 2018 make love, not war <3 !
Drake ST AM 1st Oct 2018
joji ST ANY 16th Oct 2018
kamilll ST GK 11th Oct 2018
kAT ST AM 25th Sep 2018 Check me - Only Div. 1
Lee ST GK 17th Oct 2018 Mixed Bag
mrsc ST ANY 3rd Sep 2018
Nexon ST AM 17th Oct 2018
POP ST ST 3rd Sep 2018
Shake ST AM 18th Sep 2018 div1 or 2 and active