Season 19, Matchday 11/24
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
Deftones1 ANY ANY 17th Jun 2017
dox ANY ANY 18th Jun 2017 hey sign me will play anything
eWa1 ANY ANY 5th Jun 2017
jalapeno ANY GK 12th Jun 2017 i can match days 8 9 10 15 16 19 21 22
KEANU ANY ANY 16th Jun 2017 o.o
TheGoal99 ANY ANY 9th Jun 2017 here
Zerothree03 ANY ANY 21st Jun 2017
Browning GK GK 19th May 2017
celzi GK GK 3rd Jun 2017
Conan GK AM 21st May 2017
DoInK GK GK 6th Jun 2017 My name is Stefan and I am from Romania. I used to …
Gimenez20 GK GK 12th Jun 2017
Gocciolavikinga GK DM 11th Jun 2017 VIKING
Inigo_Montoya GK GK 5th Jun 2017 active player looking for a team
JC01 GK ANY 16th May 2017
KissBerry GK GK 22nd Jun 2017
Lilith GK AM 16th May 2017
Norbii GK GK 18th Jun 2017
Okarin9 GK GK 21st May 2017 Hello.
Prof MARKUS GK ST 18th Jun 2017 gogo
ZeroRullz GK GK 22nd Jun 2017 Active Player with experience in this league
_JG_ DM ANY 21st Jun 2017
aMp DM ST 16th Jun 2017 Dm with some experient
FalcaoTT DM AM 8th Jun 2017

DM …
jocko DM ANY 12th Jun 2017
se7ent DM AM 21st May 2017
Smurf2 DM ST 15th Jun 2017
Strew28 DM ST 31st May 2017 I'm a decent player
wrozbita DM AM 22nd May 2017 ayy
DeanW AM ST 11th Jun 2017
feno AM ST 20th Jun 2017 AM / ST
Fluffypuppy123 AM ST 11th Jun 2017 logitech
James Rodriguez AM ST 9th Jun 2017
machine AM ST 22nd May 2017 Latvia national team haxball player looking for cl …
Rautovic AM ANY 23rd May 2017 Reserve Player. I am here to have some fun after w …
Rozenberg AM DM 5th Jun 2017
AKR ST AM 22nd Jun 2017
aven ST ST 10th Jun 2017
bruma jaa ST AM 24th May 2017 im active and everday here
Bugra ST ST 8th Jun 2017
champion ST DM 18th Jun 2017 THE BEAST
Cordoba ST ANY 5th Jun 2017
cvq 10 ST GK 14th Jun 2017 I can AM to
jelly ST AM 30th May 2017 very active, experienced player
jeż ST AM 26th May 2017
Kokolol ST AM 18th Jun 2017 Kokolol
MedekiNHO ST AM 18th May 2017
moti ST GK 22nd Jun 2017 im here to say suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
NaNi ST ANY 17th Jun 2017 New pc is there!
Smithyo ST AM 19th Jun 2017
Sun Diego ST ST 15th Jun 2017
Vargé ST AM 17th Jun 2017