Season 19, Matchday 26/25
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
filsan ANY ST 30th Jun 2017
Aitor GK ST 19th Aug 2017 looking for a serious team
BlackRose GK ST 6th Aug 2017
Browning GK GK 18th Aug 2017 new alfas
celzi GK GK 25th Jun 2017 Epic Saves
Conan GK ANY 18th Aug 2017
Corn GK DM 18th Aug 2017 hi
donatee GK GK 15th Jul 2017
EdinsonCavani GK ANY 21st Aug 2017 MrP is beast
eWa1 GK DM 6th Aug 2017
Infinite GK ST 8th Jul 2017 GK N1
JC01 GK GK 27th Jul 2017
juliano GK GK 19th Jul 2017
Khyeniq GK AM 20th Aug 2017 winner last season of 2div pt
OusMane GK DM 4th Aug 2017 Amazing gk
perseu GK GK 19th Aug 2017 i m good
Skadoodle GK GK 10th Jul 2017 I played haxball since dec 2012 . I`m available ev …
Smithyo GK ST 7th Aug 2017 I love weed
Soul GK ST 9th Jul 2017 active and good team pls
Yair GK DM 18th Jul 2017 ACTIVE
jocko DM AM 12th Jul 2017
Nocke DM DM 21st Aug 2017
RicoyS DM ANY 20th Jul 2017 yo
Silv3r DM GK 22nd Aug 2017 I play for FSK in HBPT. 6 years experience of haxb …
Smurf2 DM ST 10th Jul 2017 looking for a team
wassup DM AM 21st Aug 2017 Portugal AA player, CL QF w/ FSK
Kamenitza AM DM 18th Aug 2017 Kamenitza AM,ST
Rafsdias AM ANY 28th Jul 2017 Portuguese player (won DIV1 in Portugal some time …
Rautovic AM ANY 23rd May 2017 Reserve Player. I am here to have some fun after w …
Shimizu AM ST 23rd Jul 2017 best player ever
Squibidi AM GK 31st Jul 2017 Portuguese Player, won the 1st div PT twice
aeRo ST AM 29th Jul 2017 league tied till season 20
Andréy ST DM 19th Aug 2017 looking for a good team
Bugra ST ST 19th Aug 2017 :)
champion ST DM 18th Jun 2017 THE BEAST
Kappa ST DM 25th Jul 2017 zlDsa;da;sdsadD:asd;asd'asD'
;sldaa';d'as;'Dk'sad …
Lyreco ST GK 6th Jul 2017

http://haxrec.c …
moti ST GK 22nd Jun 2017 im here to say suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
NaNi ST DM 19th Aug 2017 .fell free to give offer
Reneyo ST AM 27th Jul 2017 ladies and gentlemans , be careful
rylan is high ST AM 4th Aug 2017 hi, i played in the SPHB league in United States. …