Season 20, Matchday 26/25
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Free Agents
Player Primary Pos Secondary Pos Signed Up Info
Baffo ANY ANY 10th Dec 2017 DIV1
ozo jaa ANY ANY 27th Oct 2017 bench player - only for fs there
Suarez09 ANY ANY 3rd Nov 2017 HEYYY
-diamond GK AM 2nd Nov 2017 Hello , im Gk and AM

Talk to me :D
Beninho GK ST 8th Oct 2017
Castillo GK DM 19th Nov 2017 ACTIVE GK/DM PLAYER
Dell1 GK ST 12th Oct 2017 ACTIVE PLAYER
jerix GK AM 25th Nov 2017
moti GK ST 7th Sep 2017 lets play
rylan is high GK AM 26th Nov 2017 hey
Soul GK ST 27th Sep 2017 active and good team pls
The Legend Killer GK ST 15th Dec 2017 the nickname that i use now is Flaviu
tim GK ST 16th Nov 2017 for end of season ;)
TR1P GK GK 22nd Nov 2017 Playing for +- 1 year
Vidal27 GK ST 9th Dec 2017 free baguette ;)
Xey GK ST 12th Dec 2017
Žĕú GK ST 23rd Nov 2017 I am active player and bench player too :)
Eddie DM AM 23rd Nov 2017
oscarrr DM ST 5th Nov 2017
ReA DM AM 13th Dec 2017
Smurf2 DM ST 8th Dec 2017
chimie AM ANY 5th Nov 2017
Emenike10 AM ST 25th Nov 2017 Active :v
Giro AM ST 7th Dec 2017
Meyer1 AM DM 21st Nov 2017 hai
WillYouReallyBeatME AM DM 6th Dec 2017 easy going attitude will come from alone
μTo AM ANY 6th Dec 2017 Active
Andréy ST AM 6th Dec 2017
Aszy ST AM 12th Dec 2017 Looking for a team in FM :)
CHAMPION ST ANY 10th Dec 2017 THE BEAST is looking for serious and active team.
Deftones1 ST AM 9th Dec 2017
jelly ST AM 11th Dec 2017
Kivi ST ANY 6th Dec 2017 haHAA
MARBLE7 ST AM 25th Nov 2017
NaNi ST DM 13th Dec 2017 I am back bitches
Rafsdias ST AM 30th Oct 2017
VENOM i7 ST ANY 25th Nov 2017 ilphe sexy returns
Whiplash ST ANY 10th Dec 2017