World CUP betting

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World CUP betting

Postby Progamer » June 11th, 2018, 8:07 pm

Hello Community,

as u know the World Cup will gonna start at Thursday which is why I would like to start a online football betting game.

The Betting Site will be kicktipp. I think many of you already know this website at all.

The 1st place will get a Reward.

How to participate in this competetition ?

1st Step: create an account on
2nd Step: log in
3rd Step: click on the left side on „Search for a prediction community“
4th Step: fill in into that case our shortcut called fmwm2k18
5th Step: pick the same name from our forum to known
6th Step: bet the Games and dont forget to bet the bonus

If you get any Question feel free and ask me on Teamspeak:

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